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XSim is a simple application that you can use to simulate different processes. For instance, you can use it to simulate tasks to be executed on a processor or industrial processes.
The software enables you to add different components to your process map and easily set connections between them. XSim is a cross-platform application, so it runs on any platform that provides Java support.


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XSim has three modes: basic, scripting, and application. In the basic mode you can create and simulate processes by just dragging and dropping components.
In the scripting mode you can run code lines inside the simulator. A code line is enclosed by a set of curly braces and it has to be inside the tag .
If your process requires more interactivity, you can use the application mode. It provides the ability to create and simulate processes that interact with the user. The application mode is the same as the scripting mode, except that a few more features are provided.

Can I run the program just in simulator mode? I only need to run/test components in my own computer, not in the real simulator.


Yes, you can run the simulator in single-user mode. You can start the simulator with the –single-user option:
/home/bob/Downloads/XSim/XSim-2.1.0.exe –single-user

The simulator will show up in the list of running processes and can be stopped with Ctrl-C in the terminal.


Using core audio player when user change zoom

We are trying to play a audio file inside map when user run the app. We tried to load the file by using the below code.
[self.audioPlayer prepareToPlay];
[self.audioPlayer play];

But when we change zoom using pinch, we are not able to play a audio file. We have tried the below code,
– (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated {
[self.audioPlayer play];

but it is also not working.
How can we deal with this,
Thank you


Try to use the following method:
[self.audioPlayer pause];


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XSim consists of 3 files: a console mode application, a Swing user interface and a Swing sample application. The console application allows you to define processes, connect different components of them and set simulated parameters. The Swing component displays the process definition. When the simulation is finished you can view its results.
XSim License: The XSim software is licensed under GPLv3. All copyrights belong to its author.
XSim Downloads:
For users that prefer to download the software in their operating system of choice, please see the section “XSim Downloads”.
XSim Tutorial:
For users that prefer to use the software by following a step by step tutorial, please see the section “XSim Tutorial”.
XSim Plugins:
The software comes with a number of pre-installed plugins, each providing a generic simulation of a different process. You can use these plugins to quickly define the processes you want to simulate.
XSim Features:
XSim consists of 3 main features that enable you to simulate:
Simulation Models – contains the process description.
Simulation Rules – contains the interaction rules.
Simulation View – shows simulation results.
XSim plugins enable you to define several processes according to the specifications provided in the plugins descriptors and save them in a folder. You can easily create the plugins using the process wizard.
These plugins are very versatile and can be used to simulate different processes, ranging from real-time industrial processes to human tasks to be executed on a desktop processor or a large scale distributed data center.
Once a plugin is saved in the plugins directory, you can use it to simulate several processes. To define the name of the process to be simulated, just click on the “Create Process” button to be shown in the Process Definition dialog box. In the process definition dialog, enter the name of the process and define the initialization conditions. In addition to define the process configuration, you can add components to the process definition and simulate the processes that use them.
Plugin Descriptors
XSim provides plugin descriptors for processors and software applications. With these descriptors you can define the characteristics of your processes.
Descriptors can contain different types of information, including:
Component Information – includes parameters that control the behavior of the component.
Composite Content – a description that can include images, animations and more.
Plugin Description – a description that describes a process, using a textual description and visual elements. The Plugin Description dialog box enables you to

What’s New in the?

The application displays a number of components. You can add any number of components to the process map.
The components automatically run, and you can monitor their result. As soon as a component is completed, the task is displayed on the XSim screen. The job result of all the components is displayed at the end of the simulation.
You can download the program from this link:

How to use the software:
Step 1: To start the application, navigate to the downloads page and click on the download file.
Step 2: Extract the files to a predefined destination. (The default location is C:\\Program Files\\SoftSim Software\\XSim 7.0\\bin\\win32.)
Step 3: Drag the XSim icon to the taskbar.
Step 4: To run a simulation, select a process map and click on the XSim icon.
You can download the software from this link:

How to use the software:
Step 1: To start the application, navigate to the downloads page and click on the download file.
Step 2: Extract the files to a predefined destination. (The default location is C:\\Program Files\\SoftSim Software\\XSim 7.0\\bin\\win32.)
Step 3: Drag the XSim icon to the taskbar.
Step 4: To run a simulation, select a process map and click on the XSim icon.

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