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XLSForm is a compact tool that allows you to create XForms from processing the form layout from an Excel worksheet. The application can be used in command line mode in order to specify the Excel file that contains the form.
The output form is saved as an XML document in the application’s folder and is ready to be used with ODK tools.







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This is an open source free tool developed with Qt4 that reads an Excel file containing a form and automatically creates an XML form describing the layout.

The form can then be published to an MDAX form server using the XML form generated.
Install and usage
To install, download the zip archive and unzip to a folder of your choice.
# source folder
mkdir -p $1
cd $1

# Install Qt4 framework.
# On Fedora, yum install qt4
# On Debian, apt-get install qt4
# On other Linux distro, your favorite package manager
# On Windows, you may download and install a standalone copy of Qt 4
# from

# Remove any previously installed version of Qt4 if it exists.
# Otherwise it may break form building process.
# On Windows, you may follow the installation instructions from

# Build the application.
# Run’make’.

# Display the information from Qt4 about the build process:
# cd build/
# make

# Run the application to create the XML form.
# Run ‘./XLSForm’.

# See the XML form in the application folder.
# Check if the form is valid.
# Valid form may contain errors that prevent form from being submitted to the form server.
# Valid form may also contain some items that are not referenced in the Excel file.
# (e.g. Form items that are not linked to fields in Excel)
# To find out what’s wrong with the form, you may:
# – run ‘./XLSForm’ with correct inputs to the form as file parameters.
# – run’make xlsform’ and save the output form.
# – edit the existing XML form, locate the XML structure that describes form items and variables, then remove the reference to the Excel file.

# Publish the form to the ODK form server.
# Run ‘./XLSForm form_file.xls [ODK form_id]’.
# The optional ODK form_id is the identification of the form that will be published.
# If not provided, an ID will be generated automatically.

To use the application,

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– `excel_file`
– `excel_worksheet`: The Excel worksheet to use as a base
– `zip_dir`: Output directory for the ZIP archive

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What’s New In XLSForm?

XLSForm creates XForms from Microsoft Excel Worksheets.

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20 GB of available space
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