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Most lengthy computer operations are followed by a detail screen enlisting all operation details, which is especially useful in case something goes wrong. A common file type for this is the LOG file, and you can use specialized applications like WinTailMulti in order to tail multiple log files together and eventually upload them to FTP.
Based on the popular Unix TAIL command
Once the application gets installed, and this only takes a little while, you can launch it and put it to the test. The interface is highly intuitive, mostly because it uses the popular Ribbon menu with which you’re most likely already familiar. As such, you can overview the set of features in a matter of seconds.
Things aren’t complicated at all with the application relying on the popular Unix TAIL command. What this means is that it’s capable of loading multiple log files and present them in a single, larger one so you don’t have to work with multiple items for the same purpose on the long run.
Send log files to FTP or mail
However, the application is capable of more than just tailing log files to keep your work organized. For instance, it’s fitted with FTP and mail support to have log files sent to destinations of interest once tailing is complete. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to manually trigger the process.
Needless to say that you can and need to set up outgoing sources. This means configuring mail, FTP, and WCF servers, with support for popular protocols. Once these details are filled in, files are automatically sent. You can also export your logs to other types of formats or simply send files to common computer locations.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that log files are of great importance in testing and analysis. As such, WinTailMulti provides an intuitive way to gather them all in a single file and send it either to your inbox or a particular FTP server.


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1. Tail multiple log files to a single log file
2. Send log files to FTP or email
3. Free
4. Customizable
5. Runs on Windows 10 and above
6. Upload log files to FTP servers
7. Tail files of any type
8. Log files in any format such as PDF, HTML and TXT

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WinTailMulti Activation Code With Keygen

This program is the updated version of the previous version of wintail. This program is different from the previous version by the ability to log your processes in the system into a file.
WinTailMulti Crack Features:
1. Different log files, and ability to save them in the local drive or any other location on the disk.
2. Ability to check for the log files and then open them.
3. Ability to log the files into other formats like TXT or TXT, CSV or the.txt format.
4. Export log file to FTP or mail server.
5. Display logs into multiple logs at a time.
6. Start or stop the logs automatically in the background.
7. Ability to log all internet activity.
8. Ability to keep logs in the system as time passes.
9. Ability to save logs into various formats.
10. Ability to remove log file or check logs and then delete them.
System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and newer
How To Install:
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WinTailMulti Activation Free Download PC/Windows

TailLogMulti is a Free full featured console multi log file tailer that supports the most popular log formats and allows you to tail your log files into one file, in a custom format. You can get immediate access to all your log files, without any administrator privileges or login required. TailLogMulti saves the log files from the standard output of the operating system, logs can be sent via FTP or email. TailLogMulti can export the logs to PDF, TIFF and XML.
TailLogMulti is a Free full featured console multi log file tailer that supports the most popular log formats and allows you to tail your log files into one file, in a custom format. You can get immediate access to all your log files, without any administrator privileges or login required. TailLogMulti saves the log files from the standard output of the operating system, logs can be sent via FTP or email. TailLogMulti can export the logs to PDF, TIFF and XML.Anchorage Police have arrested a man who they say jumped out of a moving car during a traffic stop.

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What’s New In?

WintailMulti is an application that lets you manage logs by tailing multiple log files, but also creating a single file with all log entries, even for multiple log files, and then exporting the created log file to FTP or email.

7. WintailMulti Review

Start generating log files for your projects

Log files are a vital tool for diagnosing and analyzing your code and programs. However, in most cases, it is not enough to keep track of the specific components and actions that happen when your code runs. It is much more convenient and easy to simply log all of the activity with the name of the component that is doing it and the time stamp as well.
With WintailMulti, you can quickly create a folder full of log files and any time when the application is launched, they will be instantly created in the corresponding folder. If you want to open these log files in a regular text editor, you can do so. If you want to file transfer them, you can simply launch a file manager and select the destination folder that will host them.
If you want to export the log files to FTP or email, you can easily find out the FTP or mail address in the interface and launch the action immediately, skipping all the tedious and time consuming configuration steps that are usually associated with it.
Log files are a crucial tool that you should have ready at your fingertips at all times when working with code. You should have a way to create them and send them to where you need them without leaving the interface for the task. WintailMulti is the application that you will need in order to accomplish all of that and more.

8. WintailMulti

Run multiple log files at once

WintailMulti is an application that you can use in order to tail multiple log files at once. You can either have it create a single file out of the whole lot or have it create a folder with the contents of all log files. You can customize the file name, the log file extension, and even the length of the log file. You can also send the log file to FTP or email and have it automatically created or received.

9. WintailMulti Free

Create log files for multiple projects

If you have multiple projects in your life, you are bound to end up with a lot of log files. Some log files may even be created automatically as the program runs. However, you may not want to pay for each log file that is created. Fortunately, you can generate a log file for each project at no cost.
With WintailMulti, you can have a folder with all of the log files and quickly create a new file for each project that you open. This way, you can create log files for your projects without having to pay for each one.

10. WintailMulti 4.2.1

Create logs and

System Requirements For WinTailMulti:

– 256MB RAM

– 16 GB of available space on the hard drive
– Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)
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