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Well Log Analysis Software Free Download


PetroLog, $495.
WellLogAnalyzer Lite, $200. Purchase full license for $300.
Indigo PetroLog, Free. Download as a trial.
PetroLog Platinum, $4895.

Features & capabilities of LOGIO and LIBRARIES of LOGIO
LOGIO is a proprietary software that can show well logs of many oil and gas reservoirs, for example:
Well logs
Well log curves
Radial basis functions
Reservoir image

Using LOGIO, properties of well logs are represented in form of curves, and properties of reservoir (such as porosity and electrical conductivity) are represented as images. There are more than 50 parameters that can be displayed.
In addition to showing the well logs, LOGIO can analyze the well logs and provide:
Absolute permeability
Conventional and permeability tensors
Geometry and production factors
Borehole effect in radial basis function
Scaling of the reservoir
Porosity, electrical conductivity, saturation and relative permeability

A wide range of reservoir parameters can be displayed in a general way:
Reservoir image and image of anisotropy (for example)
Porosity, saturation and relative permeability distribution

Graphics in LOGIO are represented in form of
Radial basis functions
Contour lines
Axial well trees

LOGIO is an interpretation software that analyzes well logs and their effect on the surrounding formation. LOGIO can be used on a laptop or can be used in a workstation on a mainframe computer or a mainframe computer simulator.

Well logs are the only way to determine the type of the reservoir and the conditions of the wellbore. However, well logs are not a complete picture of a reservoir.. Thus, interpretation software must be used to complete the picture.

A key feature of LOGIO is to show both conventional and unconventional properties in a general way. More than 50 parameters can be displayed. In addition to the interpretation software LOGIO can analyze well logs and provide:
Calculate theoretical relative permeabilities
Calculate shale resistivities and permeability coefficients
Calculate shale resistivity tensor
Calculate grain size distribution
Calculate porosity and hydrocarbon saturation

INDIO, A global provider of unmetered gas and oil, is one of the world’s leading providers of gas and oil well logging and analysis solutions http://www.momshuddle.com/upload/files/2022/06/NAWgcWCWyo3yhpZEhXIj_07_9e581a090d8c282f1541bb7bf0eae32f_file.pdf


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2. Description of the Prior Art
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