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Uniform Invoice Software Crack + For Windows

– “The uniform invoice builder. Load data from multiple tables. Expand groups, and export to PDF, XLS, CSV, EXCEL or ACCESS. Make what you need, when you need it. Customize your invoice anytime, anywhere.
– Export to PDF/XLS/CSV/EXCEL/ACCESS formats. Generate and publish invoices, statements, etc. Print ready. Customize colors, borders, fonts, add customers, attachments, extended information, credits, tax rules, send to any address, etc.
– Prior to printing a statement, expand data from multiple tables, right click for options, choose format and apply to as many columns as you need.
– Generate statement templates for your customers, you can customize as many columns as you need and also specify Invoice, credit, customer, employee and payment address.
– Print statements from your PC or network. Print statement from directly from Excel, CSV, XLS, or PDF. Easily control your printing settings, specify options for your printer, add logos, watermarks and much more.
– Use advanced database features. Quickly add invoice date and customer, record sales to date, enter date/time-based transactions. Transactional reports, basic income/revenue to date, group by customers/date and much more.
– Download or upload your own template. Save your own templates, or import or export your own template.
– Time tracking. Time tracking for all staff. You can create a work time log based on your invoice’s status and color. Time logging functions range from staff by day, to staff by week to staff by month, and even by month. Export to PDF, XLS, CSV, EXCEL or ACCESS.
– From the same invoice, you can add color-coded logs for your employees to be able to quickly and easily monitor how much time is spent on each customer/transaction.
– Compare all transactions to previous payments. How are the invoice’s payments to date compared to the previous one (same month, last month, last two months, etc.)?”

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Uniform Invoice Software Crack + [Win/Mac]

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Uniform Invoice Software Crack [2022]

What is it exactly?
Uniform Invoice Software is a professional solution for creating invoice templates and various business reports. It helps you keep track of all your transactions and customer information.
What is the difference between Uniform Invoice Software and Excel?
Due to their similarities, you will get an initial impression that Uniform Invoice Software and Excel are only complementary tools. After all, both applications can be used to issue invoices, but the difference is that the former is a more convenient and hassle-free solution.
Basically, the interface is more intuitive and simple to use. Unlike Excel, the application can be easily customized with all the features that you need to run your business. Moreover, Uniform Invoice Software is a standalone application that saves you a bunch of time.
The perfect tool if you need a customizable
template for your business’ invoices.
Who is it for?
The application is aimed to simplify the process of creating invoices, statement and various reports about the expenses that you incur for your services.
Who is it not for?
The utility is not suitable for beginner-level users.
Why use it?
Unlike many other applications, Uniform Invoice Software is a standalone solution that you can purchase as an add-on for your desktop spreadsheet. This way, you can get the premium version of the software for just $119.00.

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System Requirements For Uniform Invoice Software:

Minimum system requirements to run Keras/Theano/TensorFlow backend:
– OS: Windows 10, Windows 7
– CPU: Intel i3-3220 @ 3.3 GHz
– GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M
– Python: 3.6 or above
– JDK: version 1.8 or above
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Main Menu:
– Select from the following tabs:


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