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Adobe Photoshop Elements actually has a parent company called Adobe which was originally a software company that has evolved and grown into a company that produces numerous programs under a variety of platforms. You may be familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite.

In this tutorial we’ll learn the Photoshop Basics with the best tools for beginners.

Before beginning, make sure that your graphics tablet or mouse is connected.

1) Open any image file that you’d like to work on.

2) Select the red rectangle tool. If you want to work on a new area of the image, click the Select Area tool (the same tool you used to make selections in the previous lesson). Click the tool and move the mouse. You’ll notice the area is selected. Choose one of the four tools that follow to work on the area.

3) Choose the Paths Selection tool.

Use the Paths Selection tool to select an area of the image.

4) When the path is selected, click the paintbrush icon to paint in the path.

5) Click in the image and drag the selection to continue drawing the path. The path will appear in the Paths palette.

6) Choose a tool from the Tools palette and click on the path to work on the area. Your new Paths Selection is ready to be edited.

5) Save the image as a new file, or you can save it in your image library.

As you work in Photoshop, you may be making some mistakes.

The most common errors that people make when learning Photoshop are:

• Not understanding what each tool does and not using them properly

• Not understanding the difference between layers

• Not liking the user interface

• Not understanding colors and contrast

• Trying to learn Photoshop fast

It is best to slow down and learn the tools by doing.

Learn the Photoshop Basics using the best tools for beginners.

For the graphics software, the best tool for beginners is the Eraser tool.

While the Brush tool is the best tool for fine art and close-up photos, the Eraser tool is best for removing unwanted objects from a photo.

Select the Eraser tool (Fig. 2).

This will select a large area.

Use the Eraser tool to remove the mass or the unwanted object.

Select the Eraser tool again to

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Dollars & Sense

Dollars & Sense was a Canadian radio and television music programme series hosted by Rick Buckler. It ran from 1976 to 1980 on CBC Radio One and TVOntario and later on CBC. In its early years, The program was broadcast as a live programme, but with time shifting to a taped edition.

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Marking an image in the background of a SKLabelNode

I was wondering how to go about marking an image as background in the SKSpriteNode. I am able to use the setBackgroundColor method on the SKLabelNode to mark an image as background but I am not able to select a specific area of an image as background.
Right now this is what I have.

Any help will be appreciated.


Maybe this can help you:
the from the ios 7 aditions, you can create an image with two mask and use it for the SKLabelNode like this:
//Create and add the image of the mask (somthing between shadow and ttf) to the view (this property must be 0)
[self.view.layer insertSublayer:self.viewMask.mask == 1? [self.viewMask.mask CGImage] : [self.viewMask.mask CGImage] atIndex:0];

// create the label
SKLabelNode *label = [[

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HTML form submission not working but works with internal link

I have a HTML form which submits to a page that looks like this,


And I redirect the URL to other page by setting $_GET[‘title’]. This works as intended, although the page that I send the form to does not have the name of that page.
However, if I use the value of the name of the page which I want to go to (in this case, the word “view”), this does not work. It is not redirected and instead I get error 404. I know the route exists because it works if I set the form’s action to localhost/path/to/route. I’ve tried using the name and id of the element, setting other hidden parameters to check for error or other errors, but I cannot get my form submission to work. What am I doing wrong?


Try this:




Will an app installed from an external SD card be reinstalled from a file on the SD Card, or will it be automatically deleted?

Android permits apps to be installed onto an external SD

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