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Tile Cover Calculation can help you create and calculate the tile coverage for a particular room. Tile Cover Calculation allows you to create a 3D model of a room on the given measures with needed door and window openings.
You can select a necessary tile from the catalog, plan design and lay the tile correctly in a bathroom, a toilet, a kitchen and other rooms. It can calculate the quantity of needed tiles not only for the whole room but also for a separate wall.
This program could be also used to demonstrate to your clients how one or another collection of ceramic tiles will look in a certain interior. It will be equally useful for both tile store staff and for people professionally engaged in interior design.


Download ->>> https://urloso.com/2na09s

Download ->>> https://urloso.com/2na09s






Tile Cover Calculation Crack+ Free Download 2022 [New]

is a practical tool to calculate the amount of tiles needed to cover a certain area of a room.


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Tile Cover Calculation Crack Free Download

One of the main features of Tile Cover Calculation is ability to use many types of tiles, including tile walls, and glass or porcelain tiles. The program allows you to build a room on the given measurements with needed door and window openings.
Next, the program calculates the quantity of needed tiles to create a wall, a floor and a finished wall.
The program can calculate the tile size for an entire floor.
It also allows you to select several materials of the completed wall in the material gallery. All the advantages of the program are given in the detailed help file.
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Tile Cover Calculation

This program is intended to automatically calculate the quantity of tiles needed for the floor covering and the walls of a room. It can, without the need for entering an individual room, allow you to automatically lay flooring material on a 3D model of the room.
Tile Cover Calculation in this mode has more advanced functionality and can be used to calculate the quantity of tiles for a particular wall. It can be used to properly set up the complete toilet wall and select appropriate tiles for a bathroom, a kitchen or other rooms, including offices.
Tile Cover Calculation will be very useful for those who want to lay large-scale flooring or to use any interior solutions in new project. With Tile Cover Calculation, you can select the needed tiles and plan design and lay them accurately on the model.
Tile Cover Calculation Features:
1. Select a tile from the catalog
2. Create a 3D model of a room with needed door and window openings
3. Locate all the surfaces of a room and choose colors
4. Calculate the tile coverage of a room
5. Manually enter measurement data
6. Change a room model by entering details
If you have any questions, please write us or contact us at +44(0)845 65 455 3.One of your friends has shared a page with you.You can click the link above to view this page.

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What’s New In Tile Cover Calculation?

1. Input Room(s) Specification(s)

▪ Enter room(s) specification(s) with tiles type, number, size, layout and dimensions.
2. Output of all tiles coordinates and coverage values for each tile.
3. Layout of the result: choose a precise number and size of the square.
4. Reset the calculation by simply pressing the “Reset tile size” button.
5. Create new rooms, choose “Copy from an existing room”. You can also copy the previous results and use them as a baseline.
6. Print results with size and coordinates.
7. Compute coverage and calculate needed quantity of the tiles.
8. Output results.
9. Add notes on each tile.


This is a free program I wrote to calculate the coverage area of a tile, the tile types and the inside dimensions of a room. You are allowed to print the number and size of the tiles needed.
It is a 32 bit Universal Windows App.
Download from

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