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A fundamentally simple way to keep your DNS up to date so you can easily connect to your computer or server regardless of the number of times your dynamic IP changes.
Get Ten Atoms DNS Updater and give it a try to see just how useful it can actually be wen it comes to connecting to your PC remotely when a static IP address is not available for you.









Ten Atoms DNS Updater Crack+ Free Download PC/Windows

Using this simple tool, it’s easy to keep your internet connection up to date and find out your current IP address. Its user-friendly GUI is easy to use in both, Windows and Linux operating systems.

– The most stable, fastest and with the best possible functionality tool available for you

– You are more than welcome to contact us via our official support email address.

– Although Ten Atoms DNS Updater does not need an active internet connection to function, it still supports a random, temporary network connection.

– Very simply, the concept is that if you have your connection up to date in DNS, Ten Atoms DNS Updater will be able to refresh your IP address without having to wait for the requested IP to load (as is the case when using the default Windows DNS resolvers).

– Ten Atoms DNS Updater supports both, IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.

– Ten Atoms DNS Updater was designed to be reliable. It automatically updates the IP address no matter if you’re connected to the internet or not.

– Ten Atoms DNS Updater will detect your current IP address when it’s been refreshed by the DNS servers.

– Please note that Ten Atoms DNS Updater doesn’t get the DNS information from any of the Windows operating systems DNS resolvers; this includes the Windows Search Service and the Windows Configuration Utility.

– In other words, Ten Atoms DNS Updater doesn’t get the DNS information from any of the Windows operating system’s built-in DNS resolvers.

– Ten Atoms DNS Updater needs to access the Internet to function. This might mean you need to activate the Internet connection.

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Ten Atoms DNS Updater Crack + [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

KeyMACRO is a versatile DNS updater that lets you specify the subdomain(s) you wish to update. You can then set a key string to the specified subdomain(s).
Next you enter the respective information for the specified subdomain(s), such as the IP Address (if available), the subdomain name, the port number (if applicable), and the key string.
Next simply click on the button “Update DNS”, wait a couple of seconds and the DNS update is completed.
To be able to use KeyMACRO DNS updater on both Windows and Linux, KeyMACRO works in a similar way to your Web browser – KeyMACRO will ask you to specify the DNS server you wish to use and enter the corresponding information.
KeyMACRO works well with DHCP, PPPoE and Static IP address.
Note: KeyMACRO DNS updater is not able to update all DNS zones; it updates the primary DNS server that is listed in your browser’s DNS settings.


July, 2014

Added more function to the “KeyMACRO – Click to Configure DNS” function.
Now, you can config DNS server, Default DNS server, and auto-restart of DNS to customize.The efficacy of a traditional versus electric toothbrush.
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Ten Atoms DNS Updater Crack

With Ten Atoms DNS Updater it’s easy to keep your DNS up to date
No matter what dynamic IP address you’re assigned, Ten Atoms DNS Updater
will keep your DNS settings up to date, automatically, so you can
easily connect to your computer or server, no matter what.

Ten Atoms DNS Updater Interface:

This program’s interface is very simple, easy to use. You will simply have to select
your internet service provider(ISP) and then enter your Ten Atoms DNS
Settings. It’s that easy!

Ten Atoms DNS Updater Features:

Simple to use, easy to use, Ten Atoms DNS Updater is easy to use
Ten Atoms DNS Updater features a nice, easy to use interface, that makes
the process of updating your Ten Atoms DNS settings really easy to do.
It’s easy to understand and operate, no prior technical knowledge is
required to use it.

Ten Atoms DNS Updater is very useful, it’s great for keeping your
Ten Atoms DNS settings up to date, so you can easily connect to your PC
or server, even when you’re assigned a dynamic IP address.

Ten Atoms DNS Updater Is Great For:

Home and office network users
People who are constantly assigned a dynamic IP address
People who want to keep their Ten Atoms DNS settings up to date
Even if your Ten Atoms DNS address changes, Ten Atoms DNS Updater
will keep your Ten Atoms DNS settings up to date.

How Ten Atoms DNS Updater Works:

If you haven’t used Ten Atoms DNS Updater before, this program
works like a normal DNS server. When you enter your Ten Atoms DNS
settings, Ten Atoms DNS Updater will ping your ISP’s DNS server to see
if it’s out of date. If it’s out of date, Ten Atoms DNS Updater will
update your Ten Atoms DNS settings, using the information from your
ISP’s DNS server.

Ten Atoms DNS Updater Free Updates

The developers of Ten Atoms DNS Updater made sure it always works
even when the ISP’s DNS server is out of date, and they’ve even made
sure it will always keep your Ten Atoms DNS settings up to date, no
matter how many

What’s New in the Ten Atoms DNS Updater?

Ten Atoms DNS Updater is a free utility that you can use to make sure that you are always using the correct DNS servers no matter what the number of times your dynamic IP address changes.

DNS Updater allows you to pick two different DNS servers and compares them against each other. It then automatically updates itself using the most recent DNS server.

This free DNS Updater will look for two different DNS servers on the internet for your computer and automatically update the DNS settings to make sure your computer and internet connections are always working.

If you are using a different DNS server for work and home and they have different IP addresses then this free DNS updater will give you the option to choose a DNS server based on your work IP address.

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Intellectual Property
Ten Atoms is a trademark of Ten Atoms Software, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

“What is DNS?”

The Domain Name System or DNS is a hierarchical distributed naming system that translates human-readable Web addresses (URL) like “www.website.com” into the numerical IP addresses (IP) like “” that computers use to route IP packets over the Internet. The DNS is the most important part of the TCP/IP protocol suite and is used in all Internet communication protocols, applications, and operating systems.

The DNS is a huge network of servers that are responsible for translating Web addresses to IP addresses. This network uses a hierarchical naming system that is stored on millions of computers called DNS servers. Every computer on the Internet, including your home computer, is connected to a DNS server that translates Web addresses to IP addresses. This is how the Internet is able to route data from your computer to a Web page on a server. The DNS server is also responsible for translating sub-domains like “www.website.com” to “”. This hierarchical naming system is also used for multiple other Internet services like IP address lookup and telephone number lookup.

An easier way to remember the DNS is DNS is “DNS and Dynamic IP Addresses”. Dynamic IP addresses are temporary IP addresses that change every time your computer accesses the Internet. The dynamic IP addresses are used because your computer’s IP address is usually assigned to your ISP. Your ISP will then assign a temporary dynamic IP address to you.

“Why are DNS so important?”

A website is not a website without DNS. DNS makes the Internet function. For example, when you type in a website address like “www.website.com” you are

System Requirements For Ten Atoms DNS Updater:

5.0 or higher
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac OS X 10.7 or later, Chromebook (Intel or ARM)
OS: Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Dual-core, 2.3 GHz or higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Apple iMac 5,1, Macbook Pro 7,2/8,1, Macbook Air 3,1, iPad2, iPhone 3GS/4/5/


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