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Streamlabs is an interesting web app/service that provides its users with all the necessary means to create in-stream popup alerts, add labels to scenes for receiving donations from viewers.
As we are sure you will agree, working with web apps within a web browser might not only be distracting, but it can be a bit counterproductive, considering you usually have more than one pinned tab.
Efficient wrapper for the Streamlabs web app
This is where Streamlabs UNOFFICIAL comes into play by offering you the possibility to work with the web app without requiring the services of a web browser.
In just a few words, Streamlabs UNOFFICIAL is an Electron-based wrapper that brings the aforementioned web service directly to your computer's desktop, without compromising any of its functionality.
Simple installation and log in process
Getting started with this cross-platform utility does not require much effort on your behalf since it undergoes a typical installation process, subsequent to which it is automatically deployed and launched on your computer.
As expected, upon first launching the app, you are required to log in using your Streamlabs username and password. You will find that the interface is unchanged so if you have ever used the web app, it should be business as usual.
Displays the same user-friendly interface you already know from the web app           
The main interface element that stands out is the left-sided panel that offers you a well-organized list of features for managing the Dashboard, your donations, subscribers, wish list, donation goals and other.
You can also take advantage of the so-called Stream Widgets which can clearly help you better organize the information regarding donations, stream labels, alerts and events.
Create labels and on-screen popup alerts for Streamlabs.tv without the need of a web browser
Taking everything into consideration, Streamlabs UNOFFICIAL is a modern and useful piece of software that offers you the possibility to work with Streamlabs in a distraction-free environment, directly from the desktop.







Temp Cleaner Crack With Key

TempCleaner enables you to ensure that all file types that were created or modified recently are deleted as soon as you no longer need them. It allows you to specify exactly what types of data you want to remove, so you can easily get rid of miscellaneous temporary files.
The main window looks like a normal folder, but once you click the folder icon, you are brought to another screen, where you can select the date range to delete. To prevent this program from deleting a data file accidentally, you are also given the option to manually select files.
Another interesting feature is the ability to create smart folders, which are simply untitled files that are placed either in a certain date range or at a specific location. As a result, you can save temporary files only in certain areas or precisely on a specific date.
For instance, you can create a folder named ‘new files’ that you can use to save temporary files created over the last few days. Of course, you can also create folders named ‘documents’,’music’ or ‘video’.
Another smart feature provided by TempCleaner is the ability to modify the settings and to customize the program to your own needs. You can select the number of files to delete each time, change the file extension filter, set the earliest date that a file may appear in a folder, whether files that are older than the mentioned date should be removed or not, add or remove items from the Hot folder, view only/delete/keep a list of files to delete on completion of the operation, change the order of the items in the list and more.
Cool and useful application
TempCleaner is a neat and useful application that may come in handy for a person that is looking to get rid of unnecessary files. It is well-designed, easy to use, has a customizable interface, and is relatively easy to operate.
You might find the application’s default settings to be too simplistic and some of its features too obscure, but you can still choose to make changes and modify it according to your preferences.
If you are looking for an efficient and capable application that is able to clean up your system’s temp files, TempCleaner is worth checking out.

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Temp Cleaner Crack Free Download

Temp Cleaner For Windows 10 Crack is a small but powerful tool that offers an intuitive interface, a system tray icon and local/network lists, among other things.
Main Features:
The main window of Temp Cleaner offers two tabs: Clean and Manager. The Clean tab offers five functionalities.
– Startup Clean: It’s a simple application, but with a high usefulness. After launching it, the tool starts scanning the computer and registry for invalid or unused temporary files.
– Startup Clean Check: This same tool is able to check if one or more files of the same type have been left on the computer.
– Startup Clean Delete: It’s a handy feature that checks if a temporary file has been left, and it also lets you delete it.
– Startup Clean Rename: This function might sound simple, but the app’s capabilities are indeed very efficient. Just double-click the sought file or directory, and a context menu is presented with several options, one of them being to change the file name.
– Startup Clean Move: It’s a convenient feature which lets you easily move one or more temporarily files to another location.
The Manager tab offers five functionalities.
– Temporary Files: It’s the perfect tool to quickly locate those nasty temporary files that might block the computer’s performance.
– Temporary Files Clean: It’s a simple tool, but with a very high usefulness. Every time you click a temporary file, it is automatically cleaned.
– Temporary Files Clean Check: Just like the above mentioned app, this one also checks if one or more files of the same type have been left on the computer.
– Temporary Files Clean Delete: It’s yet another powerful tool that lets you easily delete a temporary file.
– Temporary Files Clean Rename: Just like the previous function, this one is able to rename a file.
– Temporary Files Clean Move: Another handy feature that lets you easily move one or more temporarily files to another location.
The Temp Cleaner main window also includes a system tray icon.
Additional Information:
Temp Cleaner is a very small program that doesn’t need a lot of system resources and offers easy and fluent navigation.
It can be useful because it checks both the local and network drives for invalid or unused temporary files and deletes them.
It’s also a handy tool because it lets you clean those files by simply renaming them.
With this program, you can save time and effort since it’s an effective solution for clearing temporary files.
How to remove

Temp Cleaner Crack+ Keygen For (LifeTime)

Temp Cleaner is a software application developed by SoftClean that helps you to optimize and clean the performance of your computer at one click. When you purchase the application you can get it as a beta version which you can test and try it out on your computer in just two minutes. This is a time-saving solution which is useful for all types of PC users. Furthermore, you can get into your data at any time without the need to connect your PC to a PC monitor.
This application does not include any additional costs to your computer, or any other hidden charges. You have the ability to remove unnecessary files and defrag your hard drive and PC memory to get maximum performance.
The utility is designed to ensure the optimum performance of your PC. It works as a temporary performance booster for all your applications. All that you have to do is just install the software on your computer, launch the program and perform a few clicks to get the best possible performance of your computer.
If you think that you need to clean your system before you perform a new installation of your programs, the application will do it for you at the same time. On top of that, the application has an uninstaller function so you don’t have to clean the unused files each time you uninstall the application.
It also has an auto-installer function, so you can install it on the computer, as well as a server function, so you can access it anytime from anywhere from anywhere.
What’s more, it has a built-in help function where you can find the list of all the working features. When it comes to the pricing policy, the application is completely free and does not include any hidden charges. If you want to purchase the software you can do it through the website of the application.
Temp Cleaner is a software program designed for Windows.
Daily maintenance of your PC is essential.
Temp Cleaner 2.0 is another program that everyone must have on their computer.
It is used to keep your computer free from errors and viruses.
The program runs in the background and works to keep your computer free from errors and viruses.
In addition, it optimizes and defragments your files. The program also runs much faster than your previous program.
You can download this program from its developer’s website for free.


Users Guide 2010-11-16 10:04
Users Guide is a very important application for any Windows user. In fact, it is an essential application that has become

What’s New in the Temp Cleaner?

Temp Cleaner is a utility software designed to help users clean up the temp files stored on their PC. With its help, the temp files are deleted in a couple of seconds as the program removes the temp files and provides the option to choose the storage location in case you don’t want the deleted data to be saved on your PC.

It’s a standalone utility software, which you can run without any other additional software that might interfere with it. Also, the Temp Cleaner works perfectly with no issues or problems, which means you can comfortably rely on this program to automatically clean up your temp files.
In addition, it shows a log where you can watch the activities of the utility.

There are some interface languages associated with this program, including English, Czech, Russian, Spanish, and German.
Temp Cleaner works with Windows versions ranging from Windows 7 to Windows 10, including the Windows XP.

With this utility you can’t just clean the temp files. You can also quickly find out what type of files you have stored in the temp files.
The temp files can include documents, photos, music, videos and many more.

If you check the details of the file, you can also choose how to access it. Most of the time you don’t have to worry about having temp files. You can be pretty sure that the temp files are created by malware and other risk sources.
If the access to the temp files is required, you can try and delete them with this program.

It is a really good software. The interface is quite simple, and you will not face any trouble while using it. However, it could be better if you could go for more options like automatic deletion option that would make it easier to remove the temp files. Overall, it is a nice program that should be included in your Windows computer.

If your computer receives many infections, then you should remove all the junk files from it. Junk files are temporary files used by software programs for some purpose.
These temporary files often contain viruses and other malware. So you need to find a reliable cleaner software for your PC.

You can download the Temp Cleaner application for free from the official website at Technoblogy. The file is ready to install. It requires only a few seconds to get the software downloaded.

With a clean and well maintained PC you can enjoy a smoother experience. Malware and other junk files cause your computer to slow down and sometimes even damage the hard drive.

System Requirements For Temp Cleaner:

Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8 (64-bit)
Minimum 2 GB of RAM
1 GB of available hard disk space
DirectX 11
Additional Requirements:
Minimum System Specifications:
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