I was able to find a working version of Street Fighter EX 3. The original ROM that I had was in JPG format. I downloaded the MAME ROM that you can find at this site and it worked perfectly.
You can then install MAME into your USB Stick, boot the device, and play the ROM.

Politics & Media

Oct 30, 2016, 06:24AM

The Twilight of the First Amendment

American life has evolved into a relatively symbiotic relationship between politics and press. And without a doubt, the Trump phenomenon has forced the media into a role of reactionary reflex as opposed to thoughtful examination of candidates’ substantive proposals. The mainstream media, rather than serving as the Fourth Estate in our democracy, has actually become an arm of the Republican Party.

Liberals have long been critical of the major media for its overwhelmingly liberal bent. The media’s endorsement of a favored candidate and the coverage of that candidate’s unverified allegations, regardless of their veracity, is a disgrace. And on a daily basis, reporters seem to willfully ignore facts that would undermine the narrative they’re selling to readers. This is evident in the drumbeat of articles and panels featuring Chris Matthews that argue Hillary Clinton is a good and likable person. It’s also seen in the uncritical coverage of the Trump campaign’s charges that Barack Obama and his administration have a close relationship with Islamic terror groups.

The campaign of Bernie Sanders, by contrast, has been almost totally ignored by the press. The Vermont senator’s positions on issues like campaign finance reform and his calls to break up the banks have been consistently ignored by the mainstream media. His support from millennials and black voters, his focus on income inequality, and his belief that working people should have decent incomes and opportunities have also been brushed aside by the reporters who cover him. It seems that most of the media are ignoring him because their political perspective is heavily tilted in favor of Hillary Clinton.

These biases are even evident in a number of pieces that have discussed the subject of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Several well-known sites—such as Vox.com, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Post—have been critical of the FBI for letting Hillary Clinton off the hook. At the same time, sites such as CNN, the New York Times, and NBC have frequently implied that the real criminal is


Don’t keep up with the world, don’t leave the house, stay at home! the taito type x2 is based on the type x but has a certain modification in the game board.


Informazioni dettagliate
For the service given

Type-X: Taito Corporation
Development environment: Red Flag software
Taito Type-X board: Satellaview (image)
Type-X hardware: Playmore/NEC (image)
Taito Type-X2: Playmore/NEC (image)
Type-X3: Playmore/NEC (image)
Type-X0: Playmore/NEC (image)
Type-X4: Playmore/NEC (image)


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MySQL: Get records ordered by number of votes

I have a table posts which stores posts and their vote counts. I would like to have a view which, for each post, shows the latest 10 with the most votes. I’m using MySQL and PHP.
Is there a way to get the result of this, using SQL only?


If you have the votes in a new column, which is actually a pointer to the row with the original post, you could use the following:
FROM table


Tutorial: Repeat a Rug

I know I have mentioned this here on the blog before, but I am so excited to have the opportunity to post this. I’m thrilled to share this tutorial with all of you today. I hope that I can inspire you to take a look at your rug and see the potential in it. You can even find this tutorial on the Skimfit Facebook page.

The rugs I’m using for this tutorial are from Mill Hill Rugs. They offer an amazing selection of rugs from around the world. I’ve had my eye on these for a while, but I’m just so happy that I got them. The photo below is one that I had a hard time choosing. It’s what I think will be a favorite.

I started with one of the black ones. I wanted to add contrast with a different color. I had seen this pattern done in one of their (admittedly pricey




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