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1. View selected/all sequence.
2. Analyze selected/all sequence with at least 3 tools:
b. Gene ID
c. Gene Name
3. Compare sequences with any tool you need.
4. Specially designed for sequence analysis with really poor hard-drives. So, feel free to try the program.
How to use:
1. Select which sequences you want to view with SEG, RGB or BGR sequence.
2. You can also select if you want the selected sequence or all sequences in seqview.
3. Specially designed to work on hard-drives with tiny resources. So, you can experience the application without any lag.
4. You will need the user manual to know more about the usage and features.
Supported file formats:
1. SEG format
2. RGB format
3. BGR format
Supported platforms:
SeqView will run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Server 2008 or later
SeqView is free of charge and you can download it from here:

Tall Grass (Arabidopsis thaliana)

From the Lab
Achilleas Kontis
Konstantinos Vassilopoulos
Department of Plant Biology, School of Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
This project was started in the frame of an international collaborative project funded by the European
Union, which has been performed in the framework of the H2020 program and its common research platform
BioStars ( aiming at the formation of the largest biological Open Access network
in Greece and Europe. The main objective of the project is to analyze and understand how complex traits, such
as the yield traits of crops, are determined. All the plants, under study, were provided by the
Specialized Biology Institute (SBI) of Thessaloniki, Greece.
DNA Library Preparation
DNA was isolated using DNeasy Plant Mini Kit (Qiagen, Germany). We used approximately 50 mg of the
tissues of the right

SeqView Crack

Provisional Abstract
– Sequence Viewer – analyze and view entire sequence file.
With a few mouse clicks you can get sequence information such as:
– Location of the sequence within the FASTA file.
– The sequence file size in bytes.
– Hit count for every sequence.
– Contig number.
– Start/End sequences number.
– Protein length and A/T/C/G frequency.
– Similarity with sequences in the RBL.
– Alignment length.
– Score.
– Sequence identifier.
– Primary accession numbers.
– Protein accession numbers and species.
– Display as SEG, RGB, BGR.
– Display as html/xml.
– Display as html/MS Word.
– Display as UNIX text.
– Display as IUPAC text.
– Hit Count for every sequence.
– Hit Count for every sequence with length below 70.
– Match count for every sequence.
– Match count for every sequence with length below 70.
– Position in the FASTA file.
– Hit position in the FASTA file.
– Start/End position in the FASTA file.
– Protein lengths.
– Protein Sequence IDs.
– Protein Accession Numbers and Species.
– Hit Count for every sequence.
– Hit Count for every sequence with length below 70.
– Match count for every sequence.
– Match count for every sequence with length below 70.
– Position in the FASTA file.
– Start/End position in the FASTA file.
– Protein length.
– Protein Sequence ID.
– Protein Accession Numbers and Species.
– Protein Sequence.
– Protein Identifier.
– Selected Sequence Data.
SeqView Features:
1) View File Type And Collapse By
– Sequence Directory
– Sequence Length
– Hit Count
– Sequence Id, Accession Number
– Length
– Sequence Position in FASTA File
– Number of Hits
– Hit Position in FASTA File
– Sequence Start and End Positions in FASTA File
– Hit Count Below 70
– Sequence Match Count Below 70
2) Supported File Types
– FASTA File
– FASTQ File
– FASTA Table
3) Display Types
– Word
– UNIX Text


SeqView Free Download

SQLite Database –
The SQLite Database is a self-contained, high-performance, embeddable, SQL database management system. It is designed to be used in a variety of situations such as:

To run this application, one need to have Sqlite Database plug-in (not installed by default).

You can find the plug-in for Mac OSX in the following forum post:

I assume it should work for Windows, Linux, and other platforms as well.
The main advantage of using Sqlite Database is that once installed, there is no need to compile SQLite. Sqlite Database needs no installation and no configuration.
To get the plug-in, a simple “sqlite3.exe” is the whole deal.
This application will make use of it.

What if I can do more?

You can do more. I will try to add it to this list one day.

You will also need the appropriate plug-in to view/analyze the sequences.


SeqView is an xxxinput tool. From a series of boxes you will find it a simple way to share and compare sequences.

You can use the arrows and enter to navigate through the sequence.

You can delete or insert (or edit) a sequence by entering the position and then hit the “Edit” button.

Hint: Edit window is to be used by double clicking the sequence ID.

Why does the “Edit Window” seems not to work?

This is a security feature. You should not edit other user’s sequences.

If you do edit a sequence belonging to someone else, you will get a security notification message.

Tip: Always use the Edit Window after opening the sequence from the browser.


SeqView is capable of opening and importing sequences from files.

Back up

Before running the program, you should make sure that your backup is ready.
This way you will avoid losing your work.
How to backup:

1) Create a folder for SeqView.
2) Put your sequence files inside this folder.
3) Create a backup of this folder.

Run the program

Now, back to the

What’s New In?

– View sequence file: It will open the sequence file with a feature view with a map feature. You can select the file, the feature view.
– Change sequence file: You can choose the option to see the sequence of the selected file or the sequence of all the files in the selected folder.
– Create a new sequence file: You can select the option to create a new sequence file, which, created will be automatically saved to the selected directory.
– Quit application: you will be asked to save the current position in the file, to the system to make any modifications.

Main features:

You can select/deselect the colors of the sequence map
You can select/deselect the side menu (Map, Sequence view, Quit)
You can change the color of the sequence file
You can change the position of the sequence file and the view of the sequence
You can select/deselect all the files in a directory
You can open/close the files and select/deselect the files
You can change the position of the current file
You can change the sequence file to a new one
You can create a new sequence file
You can save the current position of the sequence file to the system
You can choose the colors of the sequence view

You can choose the colors of the sequence map and of the map view.

You can save the colors from the sequence map to the system to use it with your new sequence file.

You can save the colors from the sequence view to the system to use it with your new sequence file.

Note: if you have an update for this app, give us some feedback and tell us how you like it. It will help us to develop apps in the future.

This is a multi-use tool to help you view and analyze genome sequences. Depending on the selection you make, it will show the complete sequence, the selected gene, or the identified sequence.

Genome Viewer is a simple tool, with which you can view and analyze your sequence files easily and quickly.

This tool is specially designed to make any analysis work fast with just a few clicks. No matter if you are analysing one sequence file or a number of files, this tool is what you need. You can select to view the sequence file, all the files in a folder (available sequences) or all the files in the entire directory.

To help you, this tool is divided

System Requirements For SeqView:

Full Version: 4.3.5
Dev (MULTI): 4.3.4
Local Server: 4.3.3
Others: Windows 7/8/10, 64bit, 1GHz+ CPU, 1GB RAM, 100MB free space, internet connection and DirectX9-compatible video card (Nvidia, ATI or Intel).
Full Version (Changelog):
Version 4.3.5:
Updated Base and Balancer
Updated Server system
Fixed some

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