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*Change your daily computer life with radial menus:
– Transparent windows are a new environment of your computer desktop: you can see windows from ANY area of your screen and they respond to mouse clicks/pull down menus.
– Window click/menu bar are hidden: radial menus are a tool to you to manage windows, with a radial menu you can show/hide the window bar, make the window to always be on top, and so on.
– You can add a radial menu to any applications, you don’t have to install anything: you can add/remove as many menus as you want with just one key combo.
– Radial menus are handled with the keyboard, so it’s easier than using an icon bar.
*Radial menus are provided by default in most of the windows, but you don’t have to install them, if you don’t want them.
*Radial menus has a high accuracy like a mouse click, so you’re sure you’ll recognize any area of your screen where you want to put the menu.
*Set 10 different radial menus for every window with a mouse click.
*Use transparent windows to minimize files or folders: press the right mouse button and choose a menu, then the window will be minimized.
*Call a radial menu by moving the mouse while pressed a hotkey, that is preconfigured for it, and now you don’t have to use a mouse.
*Define as many commands and hotkeys as you want, you can use a button on your keyboard to initiate a radial menu(combo).
*Define custom key combinations with hotkeys: that means you can reduce and minimize the mouse movements by using a single command.
*Easy to setup, add, remove and change radials menus
*Full windows keyboard support
*Reset and restore prefs
*Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible
*Memory usage is very low: the main window is always on top, the radials menu is on top of the main window, the rest of the items are in a temporary area.
*You can have a 30 radials menus(with only 3Mb)
*Radial menu can be moved on any area of the screen, use a Radial Menu to manage your desktop
*Possibility to show a radial menu only in the target area of the mouse cursor
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RadialM Crack + Serial Key (Latest)

Radial Menu is an application to make your windows experience better: it can drammatically change your everyday computer life. Think you’ll be able to manage any of your software by using a radial menu(also known as pie menu), that cames from your cursor and shows you 8 items to select. Any item is a command that can be configured from a list of predefinied commands, like sending a key combination or runnig some file. Also any item can call another radial menu or a normal menu, to make you define as many commands as you want for a particular application. You can take an action with a little movement of your mouse cursor: call a radial menu, move the mouse and the action is taken. That’s all!
You can configure how a radial menu behaves, you can add as many commands as you want, you can add more radial menus or normal menus to any of your appliations, to make them accessible as you want.
Radial Menu can use your custom shortcuts, you can use buttons of your mouse or keyboard to define your actions.
Radial Menu can manage windows move, resize, minimize, transparent,
Other features:
This software uses an “auto” functions to make it as easy as possible.
A la queda and automatic hide of the radial menu, when it’s not needed.
Different ways to act with the windows: control by space(before/after the buttons), control by mouse button, control by modifier keys(Alt, Win,..), you can choose one or all of these, it depends on your mouse and your preferences, they are predefined in the config file.
radialM Torrent Download Config
To start as soon as you open/load the application:

go in the config file(config.ini) using text editor, and set it for your need.
TASK = radial menu 1

TASK = radial menu 2

TASK = radial menu 3

[1] = will launch it with a double click in the desktop
[2] = will launch it with a single click in the desktop
[3] = will launch it with a single click in the desktop

The config file is in the same directory as the application, you can change it as you want. All

RadialM Crack

> 2017.07.10
> * KEY: a. Click b. Open
> * SIZE: small(600×200)
> * CURSOR: radial(relative)


Version 3.2

New features

Global hotkey for terminal

You can now assign a hotkey to control a terminal window (PuTTy, Putty.exe).
You can use this hotkey to control the terminal.
It uses the two arrows of your keyboard (next to the windows shortcuts)

Show mouse position at startup

With this feature you can control the mouse in a radial menu or a normal menu.
It shows the mouse position in the menu.
It can be enabled/disabled from the Settings menu.

Mouse movement grab

Now you can manage your mouse.
It can grab the mouse movement, and you can use it to do some actions.
You can customize how it works (grip area, and sensitivity)

Mouse wheel grab

You can also control the mouse by scrolling the mouse wheel.
You can use the wheel to navigate through the menu.
Also you can use it to zoom in/out of the menu.

Mouse clicks and context menu

With this feature you can manage the click and the context menu.
With it you can define clicks for a menu, and act on a regular menu.
Also you can get the popup menu of a window, and show it in a radial menu.

Mouse keybindings

With this feature you can assign keyboard shortcuts to use the radial menu.
You can assign a key to call it, move it, to zoom, to exit the application, to get the previous menu and so on…
Also you can define a key to show the context menu for your main window or the focus window (of your main window)

Mouse also supports gravity system.

You can force a mouse click, if you press the button, the mouse is going to be fixed when you move it.
(When you release the button, the mouse is going back to free movement).

Input key support

If you want to use keybindings for radial menu, you can use the hotkeys when you press the Shift, Control or Alt key.

Mouse speed

If you press the mouse speed button you can change it.

Text in menu and positions colors

You can

What’s New in the?

■ radialM is a fork off ftp.openstreetmap.org/pub/nostalgia/radialM/.
It contains the following :
– radialM core.
– menu items for all supported applications.
– Menu items for windows: tab, drap & app, window name, window minimise, window change focus, window move, window resize, window close etc.
– Keyboard shortcuts for windows : My Computer, My Documents, My Games, My Torrents, My Videos, My Pictures, My Musics etc.
– Keystroke bindings for windows.
– hyperlink of window in menus.
– Where are the keystroke bindings of the application is defined in menu items.
– Support of X11/xcb_window.h.
– Support of X11 window ordering.
– Pie menu for applications.
– Support of transparent windows.
– Support of non-system windows.
– Support of host gdi.
– Support of double buffering.
– Interact with os service menu, like new or remove.
– Menu items for rdesktop.
– Menu items for vnc.
– Support of file association
– Support of shortcuts (global and per-application).
– Support of anchors.
– Support of both commands and window title.
– Support of aliases.
– Support of batch mode.
– Support of double click.
– Support of window lock.
– Support of drag&drop.
– Support of icon drawing.
– Menu items for titling windows.
– Support of context menu (ctrl+click) for new windows.
– Support of touch screen.
– Support of themes.
– Support of window colors, especially color of title and controls.
– Support of window shadows.
– Support of window titles.
– Support of popup menus.
– Support of sticky windows.
– Support of themes for windows and menus.
– Support of static menus.
– Support of toolbars.
– Support of drop-downs.
– Support of icon packs.
– Support of unity.
– Support of XCB-based extensions for other apps.
– Support of transparency.
– Support of hyperlinks.
– Support of gtk and others.
– Many bugfixes.
– Support for customization.
– Support for use with xcb.
– Support for x11/xcb_window.h.
– Support

System Requirements For RadialM:

SOMA v1.3 works on most Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit) computers.
Windows 8 computers with 32-bit hardware should also work.
SOMA v1.3 will run on the following operating systems:
Windows XP (32-bit) and Windows Vista (32-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit)
The following operating systems will work on a limited basis:
Windows 8 with AMD processors
Windows 8 with Intel


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