Portable Win10 Spy Disabler

The way Windows 10 is configured to handle private user data has become a controversial topic even before the official launch of the latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system. Telemetry features have been criticized by many, as the software giant is suspected of spying on its users. As a consequence, more and more applications that modify the default security settings in Windows 10 have been released, some better than others. One example is Portable Win10 Spy Disabler.
Intuitive interface layout and straightforward options
Portable Win10 Spy Disabler is a special edition of Win10 Spy Disabler that does not require installation. Simply unpack the downloaded archive and double click on the executable file to launch it.
Its interface comprises the privacy and system settings this application can tamper with, alongside a set of buttons that offer one-click access to the most important system areas, such as the task manager, the registry editor, the Windows firewall, the hosts file, the Services, the system restore window, and more.
Deactivate services and settings that monitor your user activity
As for the privacy tweaks that Portable Win10 Spy Disabler targets, you can use it to quickly disable the so-called ‘spying’ services and scheduled tasks that gather user data and send it to Microsoft, automatically block telemetry hosts and disable the telemetry features in Office, or uninstall the default Windows 10 apps.
Moreover, this small app can clean the history files in Internet Explorer, disable recent files and folders, and the list does not end here. It can make all hidden files visible and bundles options for disabling certain services. It can also be used for deactivating remote assistance in Windows, prevent 16-bit apps from launching and more. Unfortunately, no matter the choice you make, a restart is required for the changes to take effect.
A way to block telemetry in Windows 10
While not as feature-rich as other similar applications out there, Portable Win10 Spy Disabler encompasses a set of options that can serve you right if you are sceptic about the privacy policy of Windows 10. It promises to disable the tracking capabilities of Windows 10 and protect your privacy, but its efficiency is not 100% trustworthy.







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Deactivate services and settings that monitor your user activity.

A way to block telemetry in Windows 10.

Protection against remote monitoring.

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The Shortcomings of Portable Win10 Spy Disabler For Windows 10 Crack
It would have been great if Portable Win10 Spy Disabler could offer more functionality than just blocking or disabling services or setting or changing options. It can, although its effectiveness is questionable. It only cleans the history files, it does not set the default and it can make some changes permanent. Besides, you have to uninstall it once you are done with it. Another important point to mention is that this application does not offer any form of auto-updating.
Another downside of Portable Win10 Spy Disabler is the fact that it can be used to alter settings in Microsoft Edge. This application is designed to restrict some Web Browser add-ons and applets. However, Microsoft considers some part of its Web Browser a threat and it wants to be careful not to forget any important security tool or service.
In other words, Portable Win10 Spy Disabler is a useful way to modify privacy settings and block the tracking mechanisms in Windows 10. However, some important features are still missing and not all settings can be changed.

What’s in this package

(1) Portable Win10 Spy Disabler

How to protect your privacy on Windows 10 Portable Win10 Spy Disabler;

6 ways to save your PC to protect against spyware and viruses Portable Win10 Spy Disabler;

Portable Win10 Spy Disabler Install Guide

How to block telemetry in Windows 10 Portable

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Portable Win10 Spy Disabler is a custom portable app that removes the software spyware features in Windows 10.
Key Features:
* Deactivate Windows 10 spyware services
* Block telemetry and adware hosts
* Disables telemetry in all Microsoft Windows 10 apps
* Block Windows 10 telemetry data from being sent to Microsoft
* Deactivate Windows 10 warnings about targeted ads and relevant telemetry
* Quickly block online search assistants
* Uninstall unwanted Windows 10 apps
* Disable Google search engine and microsoft
* Disconnect Windows 10 Updates and telemetry
* Stop device drivers from being uninstalled
* Block Windows 10 SDK and extensible helper apps from starting
* Reactivate blocked Microsoft widgets that were suspended
* Stop Windows 10 reset notifications
* Bypass Windows 10 password screens
* Reactivate the DEFAULT Microsoft Windows 10 app
* Quickly activate the system restore feature
* Easily eliminate the recent files in Internet Explorer
* Hide all hidden files and folders
* Disable network cards
* Reactivate restricted Windows 10 apps
* Restore the default Microsoft Windows 10 apps from scratch
* Bypass Windows 10 password screens
* Disable Windows 10 alerts
* Stop the Windows 10 download and installation option
* Enter the Windows 10 lock screen
* Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile phone.
Net Framework 4.6

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Portable Win10 Spy Disabler Full Product Key Free

Deactivate services and settings that monitor your user activity

Intuitive interface layout and straightforward options

Deactivate services and settings that monitor your user activity

Uninstall spy apps and disable the telemetry features in Office

Uninstall spy apps and disable the telemetry features in Office

An intuitive interface layout and straightforward options

An intuitive interface layout and straightforward options

Deactivate services and settings that monitor your user activity

Uninstall spy apps and disable the telemetry features in Office

Uninstall spy apps and disable the telemetry features in Office

Why should you deactivate Windows 10’s ‘spying’ features?

If you have any concerns about Windows 10 and do not wish to be tracked by the software giant, you should deactivate ‘spying’ capabilities in Windows 10. There are several reasons why it is advisable to use Win10 Spy Disabler to disable spying settings in Windows.
Windows 10 is the current version of Microsoft’s OS. The software has been re-developed on the principle of privacy and security. As such, its primary focus has shifted from being only a personal system used by one single user. The software is intended to be a public system. Therefore, it should ideally collect and monitor user activity and share it with interested parties.
At present, many other applications are available that can monitor user activity. A few examples include the Windows 10 task manager, the Windows activity log, the telemetry hosts and others. Some of these features are part of Windows 10 by default.
Hence, you should use Win10 Spy Disabler to disable Windows’ spying features, thereby reclaiming control of your personal information.
Windows 10’s telemetry settings have become controversial
On the other hand, Windows 10 can tell many things about you that could be of interest to other applications and people. These features include what programs you use, how long you use them and how many times you access them, what websites you visit, what apps you use and how many times you use them, your browsing habits, who communicates with you and on what topics, and much more.
Intimidatingly, if you opted not to activate the default Windows 10 platform, you are missing out on more than just in-depth, easy-to-navigate privacy settings. You may also not be aware of several services that may be tracking your online activity and sharing it with third-party entities.

What’s New In Portable Win10 Spy Disabler?

– Disables Windows 10 telemetry.
– Disables Windows 10’s Keep and Suggested Apps.
– Disables Windows 10’s Automatic Cleanup.
– Disables all Scheduled Tasks: Start, Scan, Run, and Send feedback to Microsoft.
– Disables Windows 10’s Startup apps: Start, Suggested, and Devices.
– Disables the taskbar thumbnail previews.
– Disables recent computers access.
– Disables Wi-Fi Sense.
– Disables the Appearance and Personalisation Settings.
– Disables Windows Hello screen lock.
– Disables Cortana.
– Disables the Timeline feature in File Explorer.
– Disables MS Office Online feature.
– Disables Windows Troubleshooting, and more.
– Deletes history in Internet Explorer.
– Deletes history in recent files.
– Deletes history in recent folders.
– Deletes history in Send to OneDrive.
– Deletes history in Windows Search.
– Disables Windows Search enhancements.
– Disables Control Panel shortcuts and windows.
– Disables logging in as a guest.
– Disables new account logon.
– Disables cryptominer.
– Disables special URL’s.
– Disables URL’s where they add search terms.
– Disables touchscreen.
– Disables Your phone under lock screen.
– Disables Windows key.
– Disables right-click menu.
– Disables Text to speech.
– Disables Zoom.
– Disables app search.
– Disables app menu (Start Menu).
– Disables microsoft store.
– Disables mobile search.
– Disables your PC Help and System Information (from Control Panel).
– Disables the list of installed programs (from Control Panel).
– Disables Office Online (Microsoft account is required).
– Disables the secret toast notification.
– Disables Windows Media Player.
– Disables your favourite desktop wallpaper.
– Disables Windows Update.
– Disables your desktop clock.
– Disables Screen Saver.
– Disables taskbar wallpaper.
– Disables Last, click or tap, single tap, and slide to unlock (lockscreen).
– Disables Quick time for links.
– Disables remote desktop access.
– Disables Ricochet.
– Disables DVD video playback.
– Disables EFS encryption.

System Requirements For Portable Win10 Spy Disabler:

* PCRE library required
* Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or higher
* Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
* Works with Visual Studio 2010
* Works with Visual Studio 2015
* Works with Visual Studio 2017
* Works with Visual Studio 2019
If you are using Windows 10, please consider using the latest available version of the PCRE library.
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