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Pidgin-Twitter is the best twitter plugin for Pidgin Instant Messenger. You can easily chat with new contacts from Twitter, Twitter Search, and Twitter clients like TweetDeck and others.

How can you install Pidgin Twitter?

First of all you have to install the Pidgin-Twitter plugin from here
After you have installed Pidgin-Twitter you will have to update your Pidgin as follow.
After you updated you have to add the Pidgin-Twitter Twitter to your contacts. For that go to Settings – Accounts – Add twitter account – Where you have to add the Pidgin-Twitter settings

In addition to all these go to Settings – Accounts – Configure – For “Preferred server for im services” select “twitter”
Go to Settings – Accounts – Remove all accounts, except Twitter Account
Go to Accounts – Configure – Add your accounts
Then you will have to Set your Twitter settings. And you have to add your Twitter username in Twitter account.

If everything is OK then you will see your Twitter Username in Pidgin-Twitter Settings where you can chat with your new friends or twitter users.

What is the Use of Pidgin-Twitter?

There are mainly two reasons to use Pidgin-Twitter.

#1 – You are a frequent twitter user and you are tired of having to type your full twitter username again and again. Pidgin-Twitter helps you to link your twitter and chat with your twitter contacts via Pidgin. It also saves your twitter username from typing again and again.

#2 – You are a new twitter user and you don’t know who all those twitter users are? Who are they?? With the help of twitter search you can find who are all your twitter contacts.

#3 – Your twitter contacts are connected with different applications like TV, iPad, iPhone and computers. So you can use one application to chat with all the different twitter contacts.

#4 – You have a facebook account and you don’t use the facebook twitter plugin. So you can add facebook also as twitter account.

What is the Difference between Pidgin-Twitter and Twitter?

Pidgin-Twitter has Twitter Search, Twitter User accounts, Twitter and Twitter Web and both type of messages.
Twitter only supports Twitter Web and messages.

Pidgin-Twitter Crack+ [Win/Mac]

Pidgin-Twitter is a Pidgin plugin which provides a lot of useful features to the users who use Pidgin as a front for Twitter or similar microblogging services.

Pidgin-Twitter allows you to:
1) Tweets to Twitter;
2) View your twitter stream within Pidgin;
3) Set the number of lines Pidgin displays on the screen when there is a twitter update;
4) Track the number of unread tweets and display the number in the Pidgin tray icon;
5) Fetch tweets from several accounts, and display them in an easy to read format;
6) Disconnect from accounts that have gone silent.

As a Python programmer I would love to know if anyone has the Pidgin-twitter package already created, but it seems it’s not available. It’s a big package with only very few examples on how to use the features, which makes me wonder if there is a kind person willing to create it for us!

Important: Before you do anything, please read the two-line copyright notice:

**Pidgin-Twitter is Copyright 2006-2007 by Skeletonz. All rights reserved.
This application has been released into the public domain. This application is released under the GPL (GNU General Public License). You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, published at

Please report bugs to the #Pidgin IRC channel on, not to the Pidgin forums.

Note that Pidgin-Twitter is not open-source. Please help Skeletonz cover his costs in creating Pidgin-Twitter by making a donation.

1) While you may use Pidgin-Twitter as a standalone application, it also has a dependency on the Pidgin-plug. I’m not aware of anyone who’s written the Pidgin-plug at this point (last news on the Pidgin-plug I heard was “when”), so it’s basically useless now.

2) Not all accounts support twitter, and even for those that do, theres some extra stuff (e.g. failed authentication attempts, tweet-queueing, etc) that I don’t think the plugin account for.

3) Pidgin

Pidgin-Twitter Crack+ For PC

The Pidgin-Twitter extension provides a list of recent tweets from Twitter and other Twitter-like services, so you can easily find out when your friends posted a message.
For each twitter user, Pidgin displays, next to the user’s name, a link to his Twitter account, so you can quickly visit his profile.

The extension has two tabs. The first tab, Message List, shows a list of recent tweets from the Twitter or any other Twitter-like service you add as a preferences.

You can also view the list of recent tweets from another twitter account in the Twitter tab. In this tab, a list of all twitter accounts has been maintained and a twitter account is displayed next to the user’s name. This is helpful, if you want to visit the profile of that particular twitter account.

Pidgin Twitter Extension Hot keys:
The hotkeys are:-

Global Hotkeys-

Alt+0 : Text view-

Alt+1 : Profile view-

Alt+2 : Message list-

Alt+3 : External list-

Alt+4 : Reply view-

Alt+5 : Add to favorites-

Alt+6 : Option view-

Alt+7 : Message view-

Alt+8 : Save view-

Alt+9 : Delete view-

Alt+10 : Search view-

Alt+11 : Access settings-

Alt+12 : Show imap account-

Alt+13 : Settings view-

Alt+14 : Show twitter settings-

Alt+15 : Show help-

All Pidgin icons :-

Pidgin has a set of larger and smaller icons, which you can use for different purposes. You can use these below hotkeys. The order is based on the position of the hotkey.

Alt+1 : Open the message list-

Alt+2 : Open the profile-

Alt+3 : Open the dialog box-

Alt+4 : Reply view-

Alt+5 : Add to favorites-

Alt+6 : Option view-

Alt+7 : Message view-

Alt+8 : Save view-

Alt+9 : Delete view-

Alt+10 : Search view-

Alt+11 : Access settings-

Alt+12 : Show imap account-

Alt+13 : Settings

What’s New in the?

Pidgin-Twitter is an extension that turns Pidgin into a full-featured microblogging client and replaces the Twitter client that comes with Pidgin.


This is beta version and may be subject to change without notice. It is highly recommended that you install this package only if you have a few free hours to play with it. Installation/uninstallation of this package on a system with no customization will result in a system crash. This will happen at startup of Pidgin. Please uninstall it to have a more stable system.

== Using Pidgin-Twitter ==

== Pidgin-Twitter ==


Pidgin-Twitter is a Plugin for Pidgin, the free multi-platform instant messaging client. Pidgin-Twitter provides a basic but a very functional interface for:

→ Watching and interacting with your Twitter friends,

→ Sending and receiving messages to and from your Twitter friends and reply/forward them to other users,

→ Viewing users’ Facebook status updates,

→ Sending tweets,

→ Receive a list of tweeted messages from your friends,

→ Sending tweets that will be subsequently posted on your Twitter friends’ news feeds.

Pidgin-Twitter works very much like other instant messaging clients, e.g. MSN, Google Talk, etc. – and this means that you can use it together with other Pidgin-based instant messaging clients.

Pidgin-Twitter is designed to be easy to use:

→ No configuration is required to start using it.
→ The interface is very simple and easy to use.
→ Your Twitter friends’ news feeds are updated when you receive a new message from them.
→ You can interact with your friends just as they do with each other.
→ The broadcast feature saves you the hassle of sending numerous messages to your Twitter friends.
→ You can add a URL to your friends news feed to quickly view their updates.


The search feature is built into Pidgin-Twitter. It makes it easier for you to look for your Twitter friends or Twitter friends you have chosen to follow/be followed by.


This extension makes it possible for you to follow/be followed by multiple Twitter users. Just start following or being followed by the Twitter users and Pidgin-Twitter will handle the rest for you.

System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems:
Mac OS X v10.11 or later
Windows v7 or later
Minimum Specifications:
Processor: Intel Core2Duo E8400 2.4 GHz or faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11-compatible GPU with Shader Model 5.0 or later
Hard Disk: 12 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card (optional)
How to Install:
Extract to your desired location.

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