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Historic Mānana Iki Garden Site Will Be Heralded this Sunday

(Hōu: Mālā-do; The Garden of Flowers)

Sunday, October 8th, 2008 2:00 PM

Hōu: Municipal Complex Frontage Road, South of Hualālai St

Maui’s longest running construction project on the Hā Mākou Highway will be completed this Sunday at 2:00pm.

Behind the main entrance of the Hōu Civic Center parking lot, the Hōu Mō‘olelo Department of Economic Development, Fisheries and Hawaiian Homelands will be the site of an über-customized community celebration and the continuation of a much anticipated public art project that has been in development for over six years.

On October 8, 2008, Maui County Construction will celebrate the completion of a landscape design and installation project to transform the area into the “Garden of Flowers.” (Hōu: Mālā-do; The Garden of Flowers.)

As the Hōu Civic Center Garden of Flowers begins to come to life, the beautiful hand-crafted garden pattern will be strung with shiny metallic ribbon, and large portions of earth will be hewn from the mountain to create carefully concealed and interlocking Lāhui village walls. The walls will be covered with locally made slate tiles that will be used to create our landmark, pillar-less kamanīpauhau (wāhiole) stand.

The Maui County Parks and Recreation Department will begin


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