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Windows 8 users can download Photoshop for Windows 8, Adobe’s Windows 8 version of Photoshop. This version works well with the default Windows 8 interface.

Just choose File⇒Open, and the program opens in no time. (Note that when you open Photoshop, the program automatically stores the image that you were working with — the one you edited in that instance — in the Templates folder, as shown in Figure 5-6. By default, the image is named `orig.psd`.)

**Figure 5-6:** Photoshop opens the image you wish to edit in the Templates folder.

Setting the basics

If you plan to work in Photoshop as a pro, your first task is to create and save your own templates. Using these templates, you can improve the efficiency of your work and retain the power of Photoshop.

You can save your template in JPEG format or in Photoshop’s native.PSD format (short for Adobe Photoshop Document). Photoshop even provides a wizard for you to do just that. The instructions in the following sections walk you through the process of creating a simple image that you can then save in your template library.

Creating your first template

Follow these steps to create your first template. To create an image template, start Photoshop. On the left side of the screen, click the drop-down arrow, as shown in Figure 5-7, and then choose Edit⇒Preferences.

**Figure 5-7:** When it comes to creating your own templates, select the Edit⇒Preferences⇒Templates menu item.

The preferences dialog appears, as shown in Figure 5-8. Use the options in the Templates dialog (refer to Figure 5-8) to set the options that you want for your new template.

**Figure 5-8:** Choosing options for your template.

After a short time, the image is loaded in the Templates dialog (refer to Figure 5-8). You can then click to place the new template on your hard drive.

If you wish, you can load the image template into the toolbox. To do so, click the tiny camera icon on the bottom of the Photoshop menu bar and then choose Load Template.

You can save the template image in the same folder as the original image, or you can save it in a location in your `.Photoshop` folder, such as in the Templates

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The Photoshop and Photoshop Elements editor features include:

Move, rotate, resize, crop, copy, paste, clone, transform, heal, blur, sharpen, simulate, adjust levels, adjust hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma, copy as vector, clone as vector, undo, group layers, adjust layer masks, add text, add lines and shapes, create shapes, create bevels, create drop shadows, create emboss, create spot color fills, create ombre effects, create drop shadows, create gradients, create spot color fills, create blending modes, create spot color fills, create radiographs, create spot color fills, create spot color fills, create spot color fills, create a watermark, create a collage, create a montage, create a mosaic, create animation, draw with a pencil, create a linear gradient, color swatch, paint with a paintbrush, resample, simulate, draw with a pen tablet, simulate 3D, create a gradient map, create a gradient map, create a rotoscope, create a rotoscope, create an interactive timeline, add frames, take screen shots, add frames, change contrast, change colors, change image layout, add text, add a mask, add a background, adjust noise, change the selection tool, choose an image type, retouch images, add a 3D effect, change the renderer, create a 3D effect, combine multiple images, edit and save color profiles, filter images, add 3D, flatten image, add and remove shadows, add and remove highlights, red eye fix, sharpen images, add a cloud, add highlights, add a glow, change the look of the image, create borders, simulate a collage, create a photo montage, create a photo montage, convert to black and white, generate a photo montage, create a photo montage, add a backround, add a backround, crop images, change the color of the background, change the color of the outline, add a shadow effect, add a 3D effect, turn the image into a vignette, add geometric effects, apply blur effects, add a posterize effect, invert an image, add swirls and textures, add reflection, add a gradient effect, apply a filter, merge layers, adjust layer colors, adjust layer opacity, apply an overlay, apply a watermark, apply a graphic, apply a texture, apply a gradient, apply a layer style, color correct images,

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How can I get data from a single cell?

I have to code a basic search bar for my web application. It’s being written in RoR as a web interface to a database. When a user types in a search bar, how can I pass the data into a query that pulls data that matches their search query?
I want to be able to pull data from a single cell, for example, student name or school and return that data on a page. I’m also using the :remote => true option on the form_tag.


You just need to have the data you want stored in a variable that can be passed to the query.
something like:
#search page
:get) do %>

nil %>

and then you’ll have this in the controller:
def search
params[:query] = “#{params[:query]}*”;
search_data = Student.find_by_sql(params[:query])
# send back the data as JSON


What are the differences between the various mono-precipitating agents?

I know that the most widely used reagent for the Precipitation Reaction is Mono-Ethyl Ether (MEM).
I was wondering, do there are other reagents that can be used in place of MEM?
Are there any problems when using MEM instead of one of the other mono-precipitating agents?


There are many others. In order of popularity I think I would list:

Large quantities of water are added to form a supersaturated solution.
Hence, the success of this method depends on the volatility of the acid to the ether.
Can be used for alkaloids and amino acid analysis.


Can be used as an alternative to ethyl acetate for the quantitative extraction of

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Step 1) Install The Sims 4

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