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The use of the ‘has been’ in this article is to make it clear that the image below is not representative of a photoshopped image. The photo below was actually taken in a non-destructive manner, the reason for which will be made clear further down. This article focuses on the how-to aspect of the photoshop process.

Photo editing is getting more complex with things like Split Toning, liquifying, layer masks, content-aware, cloning, etc. Today we will be focusing on the simplistic, yet still important aspects of Photoshop, specifically how to use the Clone Stamp tool.

We’ll start by creating a document containing a still life background of a few objects from the HomeGoods store. We will add some textures and a few objects to layer on top, and then we’ll remove the objects from their layers and save the image.

In this article, I’ll focus on creating a photoshop document containing a few objects and various textures, and then we’ll use Photoshop’s Cloning tool to quickly remove those objects.

If you are looking to quickly remove background objects from your image, the Cloning tool will come in handy.

If you’re looking to learn about Photoshop’s Clone Stamp tool, then this tutorial is for you.

What you are about to see is an example of a process that a novice photoshopper could use to learn more about the Cloning tool and the techniques used to perform some clever work with it.

If you’re a novice Photoshop user, then you’re already familiar with layer masks. They are a very powerful tool in Photoshop, a tool that can be used to remove objects from images, replicate them, and apply effects to them.

Let’s start by creating an image of a cluster of seeds with a little simple text.

We want to make the text “transparent,” so that we can add a layer mask to the text to apply some design features to it.

If you look at the right pane of Photoshop, you’ll see the three basic categories of tools.

Draw: All of the tools that you use to make any marks and create shapes. These tools can be found on your toolbox.

Tools that you use to make any marks and create shapes. These tools can be found on your toolbox. Paint: Tools that make it easy to make shapes. You can easily create bold shapes by painting with a solid-color brush.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 comes with Photo Fixer tool for repairing photos to make them look better. With each tool that is added to Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is very easy to edit images.

The program is equipped with a variety of tools that can be used for creating new images. On the left side, you will see a number of icons. These icons open and close settings tabs that affect the tool. Some of the most common icons are:

Window/Open Menu Bar

Frame/Free Transform


Align/Align To

Whip/Whip To




Magic Wand/Magic Wand








Channels/Channel Options

Colors/Color Balance

Magic & Photo Effects/Photo Effects







Adjust/Brightness & Contrast


Adding layers is a step that is similar to the step in Photoshop. Layer functions and setting are like every one of the layers in Photoshop.

In the upper left corner, there are a total of three icons. These icons are for photo editing, image search and measuring.

The Add new layer icon is the icon used to add a new layer to the image. The next icon opens a new window in the same order as in other versions of Photoshop. In this new window, you will see a number of new items:

Add new layer/New Layer


Layer Options/Layer


Layer Styles/Layer Style


New from Clipboard/New from Clipboard

Smart Objects/Smart Objects



Gradient Type/Gradient Type

Bullet List/Bullet List

Ink Sketch/Ink Sketch





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Kino (video game)

is a 1997 action-adventure video game released for the Sega Saturn. It was developed by Video System Corporation (formerly known as Perfect Sound Studios, which was a subsidiary of SEGA) and published by SEGA, and the second title to be produced by the company, the first being Superstar! Ishin no Mage. The main protagonist of the game is a boy named Kino who was left on the Earth by his space father, who had been watching the Earth for a long time and fell in love with it. He comes across a strange girl named Keiko in a forest, and after getting her out of a troublesome situation, they both go on a journey together with him.

During development, Kino was originally called, but this was rejected for a character in the Dendrobium genus of orchids. The Kino character who appears in the title screen was designed by Masayoshi Ōkura.

The player controls Kino, one of the most beloved action game protagonists who has been making his way through various action games for years. Kino will do various things, such as jumping, attacking enemies, talking to other characters, and looking at interesting things around him. Furthermore, while still traveling through the worlds that he has been through in the past, he must complete various quests. These quests involve things like hacking, racing, and being kind to people.


Set in a scientific fantasy world, Kino is an alien with a spaceship crewed by a talking dog named Silo. Kino has been sent from his home planet to investigate his father, who had been keeping track of the condition of the Earth for a long time. However, he, along with a girl named Keiko, suffers an accident and loses consciousness. The two end up in a forest called “Primeval” which has started to slowly regain an unnatural kind of life. Kino, having regained consciousness, breaks into a restaurant and starts to search for clues that he can use to identify his mother. One of these is Keiko, who is going through some trouble because of a genius-level computer called “Cybernoid” who just happened to have kidnapped her. Upon finding Keiko, Kino changes her paper bag clothing into “Micro Dress” so he can get the “Computer Card” she came by. Then they leave for a trip.


A boy who uses “Awoken powers”

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Stephen Shankland/CNET

In a move that could have severe implications for traditional game design, Microsoft this week announced that it will allow anyone to use its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) — the software for the new Windows 10 operating system — to develop 3D game apps for consoles and PCs, as long as such games are built using native Windows APIs and plug-ins.

The news should put to rest what was an increasingly troubling issue for game makers: Microsoft has been staunchly resisting game developers from cross-compiling Windows games to consoles.

That may be a fading concern for now. There are all kinds of problems associated with making a game that runs on Microsoft’s Surface tablets, Amazon’s Fire tablets, and other Windows devices, and there are limits on what 3D game engines can do with the current Surface devices.

But it’s unclear if Microsoft’s new policy will be good news for PC gamers. In the past few years, developers and publishers have done so much to push PC gaming forward, including emphasizing inclusion, accessibility, and experimentation. So perhaps the fact that developers will be able to make games for PC and consoles will give indie developers a louder voice. (And if Microsoft’s recent gaming efforts are any indication, that may be a good thing.)

I don’t know. In the past few years, Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program — which lets users buy a game and play it on any Windows 10-based device — has been a better experience for PC users. (And it’s been a better experience for Xbox owners because it allows them to play games from the xCloud cloud service on the Xbox console.)

Microsoft’s now extending the Play Anywhere program to games from third-party developers. That may be great news if it will allow more people to play the type of games — like the indie hit Cuphead — that are unique to gaming on PC. If those games can be made available to more people on other devices, that’s a good thing.

So, we’ll have to wait and see.

Windows 10: The changing mix

Play Anywhere is one of a number of significant new features in Windows 10, which is nearly a year old. Beyond game-making possibilities, it’s also the centerpiece of Microsoft’s new, unified Windows Store. Here’s what’s new in Windows 10.

Windows 10: The new PC gaming

Let’s start with the biggest news. Some months ago, Microsoft pulled the plug on

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