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Photoshop Elements is a basic image editing program with a user-friendly interface and great tutorials; it is meant to do the simple image tasks that non-professionals can do (see Chapter 13 for more).

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a full-featured image-editing program for serious photographers who need to be able to easily view, edit, and manage their images in the professional context of a large online photo library. It combines image editing with cataloging, printing, and sharing, and is the fastest and most efficient way to share digital photos.

The following sections provide an overview of the most important features of Photoshop.

Including people and objects

Photoshop is known for its ability to create and manipulate images. It enables you to change a picture’s size, color, and, most importantly, its content. You can change color — even transpose it — and add and move objects. You can work with layers to let you create different effects on the same picture. You can easily control the intensity of the color you work with, and you can even destroy images that are not properly organized.

Creating your first image

After you download the software, you need to open an image file. You also need to have a graphic tablet or drawing pad attached to your computer, as well as a digital camera.

Open your graphic tablet or drawing pad with your image. The image should be on your computer or camera. Click to bring up the menu and select Open.

Follow these steps to create your first image:

1. With your object selected, click the New Layer icon in the Layers panel (as shown in Figure 2-5).

The new layer icon is a black triangle with a plus sign at the bottom. (Check out Chapter 7 for more on working with layers.)

2. In the Layer palette, shown in Figure 2-6, you see the layer of your object. In the lower-left corner of the Layer palette, you see a bounding box that displays the bounds of your object. The background color is transparent.

3. In the Layer palette, shown in Figure 2-6, you see a bounding box that displays the bounds of the object.

This bounding box is transparent, which means that you can see your background in the Layer palette.

4. Choose the Marquee tool from the Tools panel, shown in Figure 2-7.

The Marquee tool is

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With this guide, you’ll learn how to use it for creating your own memes, graphic designs, thumbnail images, and much more.

1. Search for websites

You can use Photoshop Elements to search Google, web pages, images, your computer, and so on.

Open Photoshop Elements and go to the “File” menu. Then, select “Search.”

2. Find Web Pages

Open a web page that you’d like to search on and click on the “Search” tab. Then, enter a search term or open a web page. You’ll find the results in a new window.

3. Find Graphics

Open a graphic or image and click on the “Search” tab. Then, enter a search term or open an image. You’ll find the results in a new window.

4. Find Images

Open a folder or folders and click on the “Search” tab. Then, enter a search term or open an image. You’ll find the results in a new window.

5. Edit Pictures

Find and open the file or files you’d like to edit. Open Photoshop Elements and select “Edit.”

Use the tools that allow you to make any changes you want. Click on “File” and then “Save” to save your changes.

6. Make Memes

You can make your own memes using a variety of tools and techniques. Photoshop Elements gives you the ability to quickly and easily create an memes from your images, videos, and more. You can even combine images, graphics, and text.

Create memes using an existing photo or existing graphic and add text or stickers.

You can also use a sticker design tool to add stickers to images. You can even add your own stickers to an image.

You can download premade templates and create memes using Photoshop Elements. You can also use a variety of tools, including advanced features, to easily use tools.

7. Make Graphics

You can create graphics using a variety of techniques, including paint, drawing, and drawing tools. You can use Adobe’s drawing and drawing tools, or you can use your own brushes and pens.

You can create a variety of graphics and graphics designs. Some tools make it easy to create different effects, including grad

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (64-bit) / Vista (64-bit) / Windows 7 (64-bit) / Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz or higher
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics with 512MB video memory
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: At least 3.6GB free hard drive space
Additional Notes: A

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