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* Lightroom
Lightroom, an Adobe product, is primarily used for RAW image editing, but it has many features that work in the regular JPEG edit mode. You can use Lightroom to resize images, crop them, add text to images, and apply many other basic image editing techniques. It’s also worth noting that Lightroom is the basis for Adobe’s other image editing apps, including those for creating and editing color pictures. But because it has a limited selection of plug-ins (add-on tools), its reach has limitations compared to the other plug-in–based programs.
* Silver Efex
Silver Efex, formerly known as Nik Silver Efex Pro, is another well-known image enhancement program and one of the industry standard plug-ins used to perform similar effects. It has a small selection of plug-ins that offer only the most basic enhancements to the image. Because of this, you can use it to perform a lot of basic image enhancement and image editing, such as basic color correction, selective color changes, sharpening, and so on.

Those are the most basic of the plug-in programs. The other three discussed later in this chapter are the basic image editing programs designed to bring an advanced level of manipulation. These programs can be used to remove and add detail to an image, create special effects, and even make complex artistic changes.

Note: The following sections discuss image editing plug-ins. Also, see the nearby sidebar, “Wizards, palettes, and channels: The anatomy of your image.”

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When Photoshop was first released in 1989, it was a revolutionary graphics editor for professional graphic designers and photographers. It started the “Photoshop revolution” in the field of graphic design. Photoshop is not only useful for graphic design, but also for all types of graphics (vector, raster, logos, photography, etc.), web design, and multimedia editing.

Adobe Photoshop as many other software products are bundled together by a single company. The functionality that was used for one feature becomes a part of another feature. It is easier to use all the tools used in Photoshop in another Adobe product. For example, the features of Adobe Photoshop are used in Illustrator and other graphic design applications. In addition, the features of Adobe Photoshop are used for photo editing, web design, typography and multimedia editing.

When Photoshop was first released, it was useful for professional graphic designers and photographers. However, over the years, Photoshop has become more powerful and easier to use for graphic design and photography.

It is much easier to use Photoshop to edit and make photos as well as graphics, because everything is in one place. With graphic design and photography, you are always changing a photo on Photoshop before saving and uploading it to social media. However, if you edit photos on another graphic design software (GIMP, PaintShop Pro, etc.), you have to save the photo multiple times. Furthermore, with photo editing software like Photoshop, you are editing all the parts of the image at once, whereas with graphic design software, you are editing one part at a time.

Photoshop is full of features that are helpful for graphic designers and photographers. Below are some of the features of Photoshop that are extremely useful for graphic designers and photographers.

The painting tools

The tools for painting with brushes are extremely helpful for graphic designers and photographers. The painting tools come in different forms and features. The brush types are selectable (2D or 3D), selectable nozzles (for 2D brushes), pattern size, shape, pattern and size type (default, exact and free shape), angle, hardness, and pressure. The paint bucket tool is also selectable in various forms. These various paint tools can be mixed and matched with the blend tool.

Brush tools can be used for 2D, 3D and Photo painting. You can also make a selection from the color palette window

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We’ve reached a consensus, dear reader. Everyone knows that the best way to get the very best coffee on planes is by flying with United, which some of us have every day. The only downside to the chain of overpriced service? The fees for these glorified grocery bags of caffeine.

It’s a big industry. United rakes in $30,000 per aircraft on domestic flights, and these fees are only going to rise. Below, we’ve detailed exactly how United charges you for everything, from checking in to getting your bags to bringing in your bag when you’re done with it.

What are the prices for each service, and how do they compare to other airlines?


Depending on how and where you’re flying, the usual check-in fee is $45 per person (or $25 if you’re flying on a low-cost carrier). If you’re paying with your phone, it’s another $20.

The minimum fee is $15 (and it never drops below that), and because the airline appears to include an additional 5 percent charge for domestic flights, the maximum price tag for a domestic flight is $150.

Aside from United, JetBlue charges $20. Southwest charges $10. Southwest also charges $5 per bag.

Airport drop-off

United charges $75 for your bags, with a free maximum of four bags per flight.

Delta charges $75 for your bags as well, and $25 for the maximum four bags on a flight. Other airlines carry a combination of fees and discounts. For example, JetBlue charges $125, but offers a flat rate of $25 for bags up to eight.

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Express check-in (which, for the record, is not the same thing as express boarding) is available for $15 per person. If you’re flying on United Express, the fee is waived.

Airline fees vary. Delta gives a first-class express check-in for $30; Southwest charges $40 for a first-class fare.

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The flight attendant will usually charge between $25 and $45 per bag, with no hard limit.

“Oh, and there’s no limit,” is

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