PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder (formerly PC-HFDL)


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Download >>> https://tlniurl.com/2mwhqt






PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder (formerly PC-HFDL) Crack + Activation

PC-HFDL is an active mode-based software-defined radio (SDR) decoding application that uses ANT+ and HF data protocols (HFDL) allowing for the reception of commercial aircraft data.
It supports several modes of operation including Mode-7, Mode-9, Mode-11A, ATIS, Mode-A, Mode-S, Mode-C, Mode-S and Squitter with the possibility to work on streaming data. PC-HFDL can be used to collect a variety of data including lat, lon, airspeed, altitude, heading, and APD.
PC-HFDL is Freeware for use in non-commercial and non-classified ISR/PRI applications. Please see for details.
New Features:
added Mode-9 support
added Squitter support
added support for Mode-A streaming data for DxAtlas
added full support for Mode-S / Multilateration streaming data for DxAtlas
added direct support for Squitter streaming data for DxAtlas
added Mode-C support
added Speed Dampened: Assumes speed dampening effect is being used by the Mode-C transmitter.
added Mode-11A support
added enhanced Mode-9 support
added TLS support
updated to BSP 3.1.1, new DdeBug fix for the Windows 10 Anniversary update
Added modes:
Added codecs for:
APN99 – Mode 7
ATIS – Mode 9
ATIS – Mode S
CIMV – Mode B
D8N – Mode 11A
D3D – Mode S
DBOW – Mode C
DTPZ – Mode A
E8D – Mode S
EATR – Mode A
ESUB – Mode 11A
E5E – Mode A
EADT – Mode A
ETR – Mode 11A
EZC – Mode S
F4F – Mode 11A
FMTR – Mode A
G3V – Mode S
GDTE – Mode A
G8L – Mode 11A
GFAE – Mode S
GRNU – Mode A
HRD – Mode A
HVAB – Mode A
J3V – Mode S
J5G – Mode 11A

PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder (formerly PC-HFDL) Keygen Download [Latest 2022]

PC-HFDL is a software program that you can use to decode packages received through the ARINC 635-3 HF data-link protocol. PC-HFDL is optimized to work on the Windows operating system. This package includes the keygen and the full version of the application.

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Getting Started

An introduction to the game

Before we go into the details about the game, let’s see what it is about in general.

Keep in mind, you are running a game server and not a downloader.

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● No account system, just join when you want and leave when you want, no permissions are needed.

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You can also check out the different available aircrafts, maps and game modes from the lobby.

Getting Your Account

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PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder (formerly PC-HFDL) Registration Code [April-2022]

A powerful application to decode many packet types
Application features:
Extremely lightweight
Huge database to sift through
Can decode different types of packages
Very user-friendly interface
General guidelines:
1. You don’t have to own expensive equipment to listen in
PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder provides full spectrum scanning capabilities using such frequencies as B330, B1200, B2400, B300 and B200. You won’t find a better solution than this application, even when you count on expensive radio stations.
2. It consumes low CPU resources
There are many decoder applications on the market, but they are of common use. PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder, on the other hand, is a powerful application you can use to decode many packet types
3. Various frequencies can be used
Depending on the packet type being decoded, you can use different frequencies to connect to the aircraft. Now you can decode B330 packages in air mode, B1200 packages in coast mode and B300 packages on both coasts.
4. Listen to different aircrafts
There are many decoder applications on the market, but they are of common use. PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder, on the other hand, is a powerful application you can use to decode many packet types
5. You don’t have to be a flight instructor to decode packets
PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder decodes packages in automatic mode. You won’t need to purchase expensive radios to be able to listen in on all your favorite aircrafts.
6. It creates a database with all decoded information
You can view all the decoded information in the application’s main window. You can copy the information to another application, save it or delete all of them. However, you can also download it to a website. It’s as easy as that.
7. It’s easy to use
This application has a large database of aircrafts, so you don’t need to sift through all of them. You can choose which information you need to decode and all the aircrafts will appear in a list. You can also make calls to them. When you do that, you won’t need the radio equipment.
8. Standard DDE interface
You don’t need to worry about the equipment. Just turn the radio on and all of it will be displayed in the application. You can start the aircraft decoding process from the application itself

What’s New in the PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder (formerly PC-HFDL)?

PC-HFDL is the new name for HFDL Decoder that has been around for at least two years and is the only freeware application that can decode HFDL packets. Since the original application would only decode the first 4.3.0 and 3.0.0 HFDL frame types, it is no longer compatible with newer protocols (standard and extended) that use 4.4.0 frame type, thus the new name.
The HFDL protocol is used on HF radio systems (10-30M) between air traffic control towers and aircrafts using the Mode S and ADS-B protocols.
* HFDL decoding (3.0.0-4.3.0)
* Decodes to text
* Autoselects DDE info to be displayed
* Mark non-HF related info as ignored
* Autoselects data units to be displayed
* Mark other generic info as ignored
* Supports all ARINC 635-3 frame types
* Includes support for ADS-B, Mode S and Squitter protocols
* Supports ADS-B version 2
* Compatible with ARINC 429 and 640-3 HFDL frame types
* Included in the sample software to demo the program.
The software has been tested with the following devices:
– ADS-B enabled HAM-10 20MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled ICOM 7.0 10MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled ICOM 7.5 10MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 10MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 12MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 14MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 17MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 21MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 29MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 31MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 35MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled Sirius One 37MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled X-10 8MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled X-10 12MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled X-10 20MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled X-10 24MHz transmit
– ADS-B enabled X-10 28MHz transmit
* Supports F3, F6 and F8 as well as unformatted frames
* Supports F4, F7 and F9 as well as unformatted frames
* Supports F5 as well as extended (LAP

System Requirements For PC-HFDL 635-3 HFDL Decoder (formerly PC-HFDL):

RAM: Minimum 2 GB RAM
Processor: Dual Core 1.6 GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT (or better)
Input Controller: Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
DirectX: Version 11
Resolution: 1280×1024 or greater
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 300 MB available space
Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
System Requirements:
Video Card


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