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Okoker Data Recovery Crack+ PC/Windows

The program is a 100% freeware tool.
It works on Windows platforms, so all users should have no problems while using it.
If, however, users want to uninstall the app from the computer, they will have to delete the folder. Please note, that the folder has a standard subfolder called “Program Files”.

Well designed and easy to use, Okoker Data Recovery is a nice tool for recovering deleted files. It is very simple and easy to configure. The setup phase is free of charge.
– simpel settings to configure
– restore files
– lets you select files before recovery
– starts the scanning process when the app is closed
– lets you select the type of files you want to recover
– lets you select the recovery location
– can recover deleted files that were lost due to the deletion
– can scan the whole drive
– it has automatic and custom recovery modes
– it supports all file types
– supports multiple scanning modes
– lets you create a restore file
– has a simple and intuitive user interface
– you can restore files up to 50 MB
– the app has no visible ads
– has a small size
– supports Windows all platforms
– has no registry
– lets you use the app on unlimited computers
– the program does not contain any bundled threats
– it is a freeware app
– no toolbars
– it has no history
– lets you create restore files
– can be used in offline mode
– it requires no user registration
– it is compatible with all versions of Windows
– it supports RAM drives
– lets you open and view recovered files
– has a shortcut on the Desktop
– you can open the app from the boot menu
– it opens up without the need to install it
– it has a clean, simple and intuitive interface
– it uses standard Windows icons
– it creates a Restore.ISO File
– has no spyware
– it does not have a CPU usage problem
– has no invasive ads

A free, extremely functional, easy to use, efficient and fast tool to recover data. Okoker Data Recovery can recover files from various types of partitions (both system and user).
– simpel settings to configure
– restore files
– lets you select files before recovery
– starts the scanning process when the app is closed
– lets you select the type of files you want to

Okoker Data Recovery Crack Download For Windows

• Recovery of lost files.
• Scan the drive and reveal lost files.
• Recover from both volumes (partitioned drives).
• Recover deleted files or folders from the Recycle Bin.
• Preview and recover images, audio, video, documents, source code.
• Supported file types: a wide range of files types, including those that are commonly used.
• Recover deleted files from: partitions (including fixed and dynamic, master and restore), USB, Android, iTunes, iPod, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Apple, NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, FTP, SMB, GPRS, JFS, NTFS, Linux EXT3, EXT4, HFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, UDF, BSD, HFS+, FUSE, Linux EXT2, JFS, ISO, VMware, VirtualBox, VmWare, Wubi, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, EXT2/3/4, CIFS, GPT, NTFS, Rockstar, UFS, SMB, CMCrypt, BTRFS, HFS+, EXFAT, Zip, ISO, F2FS, EXT3, EXT4, VxFS, Vfat, Unix, Vhd, Vhdx, Linux, NTFS MFT, UFS, loop, FAT12/16, NTFS NTSC, NTFS AT, Ext, FFS, FAT12/16/32/64/NSF/AFS, (NTFS/HFS/other file system for Linux), FAT16/32/JFS/XFS/UFS, ISO 9660, CD9660, AFFS, VMware VMDK, NTFS Alternate Streams, NTFS Link Streams, OS/2, ARJ, MS DOS, MP3, OGG, M4A, MP4, WAV, TWA, TAR, TGZ, RAR, VOB, AVI, MKV, PDF, DOC, ODT, CHM, ODS, OWL, TIFF, JFIF, TGA, IFF, TGA, JPE, BMP, GIF, PICT, PDF, PCD, TIF, DCR, JPG, PNG, PSD, SWF, XPS, DVI, EDI, XLS, XLS

Okoker Data Recovery Product Key Full Free Download

Data recovery is usually the domain of specialists that have a lot of experience on how such process should be handled.
Until about 5 years ago, it was impossible to recover files that have been deleted from the hard drive, such as the Recycle Bin. However, with the development of special tools, such as Okoker Data Recovery, more ordinary people were able to obtain previously deleted files.
Okoker Data Recovery is a free software that allows you to recover data that has been deleted from your hard drive. So, what you need to do in order to use it? First of all, it is necessary to prepare the scan of the hard drive.
However, before that, it is necessary to mount the hard drive where you want to recover your lost files.
Okoker Data Recovery lets you get started with the scanning process within a few minutes. The installation is really simple, so there are no problems with the setup.
The interface of the program is reasonably intuitive, and it is not too difficult to figure out.
Moreover, the program allows you to select a target directory where the deleted data will be sent.
Okoker Data Recovery allows you to save a file of the recovered data in your default browser.
The program is also available for Android and Mac platforms.
Okoker Data Recovery Technical Information:
Type: Data recovery software for Windows
Download Okoker Data Recovery
Download Okoker Data Recovery on Google Play Store
Download Okoker Data Recovery on App Store
Download Okoker Data Recovery on Windows App Store
Download Okoker Data Recovery on Mac App Store
Download Okoker Data Recovery for Android devices
Okoker Data Recovery latest version: 0.2.1
Size: 31.51 MB
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What’s New In?

Recovers documents, music, videos, images, multimedia, etc. from your partition(s) and specific folders on your computer.

Okoker Data Recovery is a program that can help you find deleted files.
The tool lets you scan your disk and look for the lost files to recover the most important ones from the deleted or corrupted partitions.
It has a very straightforward interface that should be very easy to use.
You can scan the disk and view the recovered files in a simple list view.
Okoker Data Recovery can look for lost files on all partitions of the hard disk, including bootable ones.
Regardless of the size of your files, this tool can find them.
You can set up a target directory to send the recovered files to.
This software is easy to use and it allows you to scan any volume, as long as the system is running.
Okoker Data Recovery is a complete tool that should be handy in daily use. It’s not a complicated program to configure, as the main window is very easy to understand.
In addition, it lets you list all lost or deleted files to look for them.
It can recover small files (as small as 50KB), medium-sized files (200KB), large files (1,44 MB) or a custom size.

Okoker Data Recovery Key Features:
* Powerful and Simple Scan Engine
Okoker Data Recovery is a simple to use program.
The interface is quite understandable and intuitive, which makes the application a real joy to use.
It just requires you to specify the type of files you want to recover. After that, you can set up a list of deleted documents, songs, videos, pictures or multimedia.
The program has an advanced option to look for deleted files. You can choose to look for specific deleted files or scan the disk for lost files by specifying their size.
* Simple but Powerful Features
Apart from simple scanning, Okoker Data Recovery can scan the computer’s disk to identify all the lost or corrupted partitions, as well as specify specific folders to scan.
It’s important to mention that you can scan any partition of the computer’s disk, including the bootable ones. The results are displayed in a convenient and understandable list view.
Okoker Data Recovery lets you set up a target directory to save the recovered files.
This can be either a specific path or a complete folder. The program also lets you specify the amount of files you

System Requirements:

Pentium III or better
256MB RAM, if you want to play with the options and enjoy all the sound effects, including the extra tracks, etc, you will need a good RAM, like 512MB, if you just want to play songs and not install all the extra options, it’s not necessary, but if you want to have a good experience with options, etc, a good RAM like 1GB RAM will be better.
Memory Card:
The best memory card is 512MB at


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