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For anyone who needs a note-taking application that is focused primarily on Markdown writing, NoteKit could turn out to be something you'd want to keep.
We all know there are tons of note-taking programs out there, but not many of them come with the features that I will talk about below, combined.
Portable and simple to understand
NoteKit is structured in 3 panels, all in the same window. In the middle, you have the typing area, while on the sides you have two sections, one for organizing your notes in a tree structure and the other one for picking different pen tools, shapes and colors.
How does it work?
To create a new note, you just have to double click the + button from the left panel and add a name. To create a folder, you will perform the same action but must add "/" at the end of your chosen title. This way, it will appear as a folder in which you can add even more folders or notes.
A downside is that you cannot order them by drag and drop. Instead, they are auto-arranged by alphabetical order. A trick you could use if you don't want them ordered like that is to add a number before the name. At least that's what I did, and it worked!
It has potential but could use a bit more
One of the features that stands out is the ability to add hand-drawn notes, which can help people who use drawing tablets and touchscreens, or even those who simply want to draw notes with the mouse.
We also have the possibility to write notes in instantly-formatted Markdown language, and, of course, organize them in folders that can be accessed directly within the application.
Although it comes with many features gathered together, I think it could use a bit of work to become more stable and bring a bit of polish to its features, but with the planned additions, it can only get better.
Good to have for those who work with Markdown
As a structured note-taking application, NoteKit provides a way to write instantly-formatted Markdown text that can be easily organized and accessed throughout the app.







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-*It combines hand-drawn notes and structured Markdown text*-*Just add your Markdown text*-*Use the keyboard or touchscreen to write your notes*-*It offers a tree view to organize your notes in folders*-*Just organize by dragging notes in the tree*-*Draw notes directly with the graphics tool*-*A few icons on the sides to easily manage the tree*-*Markdown implementation*-*You can quickly access any notes from the main screen*

A great alternative to Evernote

-A great alternative to Evernote-Simple as day-care
-A note-taking app meant for those who need and want to draw notes on top of Markdown text-Great for designers, writers and others-Available for both iPad and Mac

You know, I’ve been playing with lot’s of note taking apps lately, and have used Markdown applications for years. I like how the way it is designed. I think it is a great alternative for those who wants to have a format that can be used both in writing and also when you want to draw something.
For the typography part, I think this is also great, because you can add symbols to your handwritten notes, and use it as a proof that you are a wordsmith.

There are advantages and drawbacks to the application, but overall, I think it does the job, and there’s enough for anyone who needs to take notes.

Please let me know if you find any particular issues with the application, or do you find it a good alternative?

I’ll be eager to see what the future brings as the developer plans on making more features available, as well as continuing the development on the application.

The Good
-Very intuitive, easy to use
-The tree view allows you to organize notes nicely
-You can access notes directly from the main page
-You can create folders just by entering the name
-You can select a pen and change colors without resorting to formatting
-A very simple text editor to use
-A simple interface
-Saves automatically
-The font sizes can be adjusted
-The font can be rearranged easily
-It has many features

The Bad
-No way to view/add notes individually
-No way to search notes
-It is slow to navigate
-The colors are not very well implemented
-No way to sort notes, only by date


A simple but powerful note-taking app that brings elegance and simplicity to anyone who wants to make use of Markdown for editing notes.
– Hand-drawn Markdown notes
– Markdown Editing
– Note Tree Organizer
– Pen Tool Organizer
– Shapes
– Colors
– Undo/Redo
– Move notes
– Go back a note
– Sort notes
– Sort Notes
– Delete note
– Export notes to HTML
– Pick font size
– Pick font color
– Fonts pack
– Rename notes
– Rename Folder
– Export PDF
– Search
– Custom keyboard
– Copy Markdown code to clipboard
– Undo changes in markup and formatting of notes
– Export notes to PDF
– Export notes to OpenOffice
– Automatic Markdown to HTML conversion
– User interface translation for 40+ languages
– Markdown Editor with syntax highlight
– Unlimited notes
– Search notes by name
– On-click editing
– Markdown formatting
– Markdown Undo
– Jump to any notebook
– Drag notes to move
– Delete notes
– Drag notes to move
– Drag notes to create new folder
– Rename notebook, notes and folders
– Markdown Editor
– Markdown Undo
– Markdown Reflow
– Markdown Formating
– Markdown Clear formatting
– Markdown Reflow
– Markdown Clear formatting
– Markdown Visible
– Markdown Invisble
– Markdown Selection
– Markdown Preview
– Markdown Move Element
– Markdown Minimize Element
– Markdown Expand Element
– Markdown Font Style
– Markdown Line Height
– Markdown Align Element
– Markdown Indent
– Markdown Underline
– Markdown Line Separator
– Markdown Wrapping
– Selection of different Formatting options (bold, italic, code, image etc.)
– XML Export
– Generate XML from Markdown notes
– XML Import
– Sort XML Notes
– Delete XML note
– View/Edit XML notes
– Delete XML note
– Import notes
– Export notes
– Markdown Notes Export
– Markdown Notes Import
– Copy Markdown to Clipboard
– Fill open note with Markdown
– Add Markdown underline between notes
– Add Markdown invisible line between notes
– Add Markdown LineSeparator between notes
– Add Markdown

NoteKit With License Key [32|64bit] Latest

NoteKit is a simple and easy to use Markdown text editor that allows you to take notes directly from your desktop.


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What’s New In?

Notetaking application

Simple interface

Hand-drawn notes

Structure notes in folders and enjoy instant formatting while writing Markdown texts

What is Markdown?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language for creating text documents that provides a way for authors to describe web documents and other types of plain text documents. Markdown defines its own text format, extending the syntax of plain text for reasons including new types of formatting, such as headers, lists, code blocks, links, and quotes. The syntax and writing process is completely different from any other HTML style formatting language.

I’ve been using NoteKit since… I cant remember. But, I am very impressed by the App. It’s simple and clean. Using it, I found myself taking notes more often and more effectively than ever before. (like, REALLY more often than before!) It’s ability to format notes as Markdown is a huge plus, and I also really love how you can easily edit and modify notes in bulk as they are located in folders.

You can now download NoteKit for Mac, Windows, and iPad from its official site.


Do you use Evernote, Simplenote or OneNote? If so, what makes them better than NoteKit? Why not try this note-taking app instead? For those of you who don’t know already, this is not a review. It is more of a feature comparison, although it does have a few drawbacks (as all note-taking apps do).

Should I try this note-taking app?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I thought I never needed any help, and I figured, “I can do that, I don’t need anything.” My phone has a note-taking function, but I just use that, and it’s free. Then I realized the phone can’t be the ONLY tool I use. I mean, I do quite a bit of writing, and it’s always been a chore. It’s nice to have a dedicated note-taking app. There are many, but we decided to go for NoteKit.

NoteKit is powerful, and its’ design is simple. You can organize, tag, and add styles to your notes. It has great hand-drawn notes support, and the features will get better. If you are looking for a simple note-taking app that comes with all the tools and functionalities you need, then you should give it

System Requirements For NoteKit:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3
Processor: 1 GHz Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 with 1024 x 768 resolution
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Disk: 100 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with built-in or external speakers
Remote Play Enabled Console: YES
Video Card: DirectX compatible graphics card

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