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Note: Some antivirus applications might trigger alerts for Network Aware Printing. However, our tests have shown these are, in fact, false positives, which means that you can safely download and run his tool.
When working in an office with multiple networks and many printers, you might waste a lot of time choosing the preferred printer for your documents. Unfortunately, location-aware printing is no longer available on Windows 10 but you can resort to a software solution like Network Aware Printing that can make the switch automatically, depending on the current network.
Auto-switches to a preferred printer by network
It doesn't require installation, so you can double-click the downloaded .exe to start the tool right away. A dialog with instructions pops up one time only, in order to inform you that, besides the fact that Network Aware Printing doesn't need setup, it automatically creates a folder in the same directory as itself to remember settings, and it runs at every Windows startup by default.
The app creates an icon in the systray icon, where it remains minimized and non-intrusive when not in use. From its menu, you can prevent the Windows autorun, configure other settings, and gain access to the printing menu.
Make network and printer associations
There are three modes available: letting Windows manage your default printer, always using the same printer as default, and changing the default printer when switching to another network.
For the last option, you just have to pick a network and a printer to make the association. Networks you never use can get out of your way by excluding them from the list (don't worry since you can undo settings later if you change your mind).
Easy-to-use network-aware printing manager
The software application worked without error on Windows 10 in our tests. It remained stable throughout its runtime and had minimal impact on the computer's performance.
All aspects considered, Network Aware Printing offers a practical and straightforward solution for Windows 10 interested in automatically selecting printers depending on the network currently being used.


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Network Aware Printing Crack + PC/Windows

Network Aware Printing Crack is a network-aware printer auto-configuration tool. The software aims to simplify the process of choosing printers according to the working network.
In other words, when you connect to multiple networks, it selects the right printer for you automatically. Furthermore, the software can configure printers for the workgroup (default printer) and for a private network.

System Requirements:
Windows XP or higher

System Requirements:
Windows XP or higher

Network Aware Printing Screenshots:

Network Aware Printing User Interface:

Network Aware Printing in action:

Network Aware Printing System Requirements:

Network Aware Printing in action:

More Programs Like Network Aware Printing:

Dont have a chance to compare all the programs in the list? No problem! We have listed all of them here:

NetManager is a utility designed to handle the printing process in the network. The application provides all the features needed for easy operation and helps you to sort out which printer should be used and where.

NetManage works without installation, so it can be easily accessed via the Start Menu from any computer. In addition, the free version of NetManage can be used without limitations on the number of workstations in your network.

You need to define the workgroup and to make sure you select the proper option (e.g. Private, Public or Workgroup). In the next step, you can decide which printer and where you should use it. You can also set the default printer to be the one used in the workgroup.

The software is available in three editions: Standard, Professional and Pro Plus. NetManage Pro Plus is a fully integrated printer management and management system. The program also includes features such as global settings for workgroup printing, settings for automatic reboots, user accounts, printers, and network information, network discovery, NetManage control panel, print drivers, print queue, EFI settings, Zip/Unzip features, and shared printers for mobile users.

NetManage has no annoying ads.

It does not require installation.

It is absolutely free.

The application runs on any Windows version since Windows XP.

The Standard edition is available for download and evaluation purposes. The evaluations period is 2 months. If you wish to continue with the evaluation, you need to purchase the license. There is a list of the program features:

The program is compatible with XP

Network Aware Printing Free Download

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Network Aware Printing Crack Keygen PC/Windows (2022)

Network Aware Printing is a utility that will automatically change default printer when the network it is on changes.
It keeps your default printer on a list of your printers and when you change networks the first default printer will still be loaded. All other settings are configured from the main menu.
It has many nice features:
-Works with LAN or WAN network
-Saves everything in network cache so it will never forget the association
-Has a list of all network printers with IP, names and ports
-Windows allows configuration or restoring of configurations
-Used with large networks, because the whole list is stored in a cache that is deleted when there is no network connection.
-Easy to use

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What’s New in the?

Network Aware Printing is an application that allows Windows 10 users to automatically set a network printer as default when using a specific network.

How to download Network Aware Printing for Windows 10

Open the download manager of your browser and save file to your desktop. Right-click on it and choose “Extract to folder.”

Double-click the setup file to extract the setup archive and run the setup file. Follow the on-screen instructions.Billion-Dollar Wedding

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System Requirements For Network Aware Printing:

1) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
2).NET Framework 4.5
3) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition or Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
4) Visual C++ 2012 Express Edition or Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio 2015
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