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Ever wanted to create a server for streaming services for you and your friends, but you've been put off by the sheer difficulty of such as task? If so, read on because this might just be exactly what you were looking for all along.
Dubbed mStream Express, this passion-fueled application is the result of a stubbornly-imposed challenge of creating a music server which could be got up and running in under a minute.
Creating music servers has never been this easy ever before
Safe to say, the developer actually pulled it off, as we're sure you will agree if you decide to give mStream Express a quick try-out. So, we have a smooth-running and modern-looking, Electron-based and NodeJs-written application that allows everyone to access music via a RESTful web UI.
That said, just run the app's automated installer, launch its main GUI, choose the music directory and the port number, enter a username and a password (used for logging in with the web client) and hit the "Boot Server" button from the lower part.
Well-sorted application, both regarding looks and functionality
It should not take too many seconds until you will be presented with a direct link to your server. It almost goes without saying that you need to input the previously-chosen username and password in order to log in. Other than that, it should be all smooth sailing from here onwards, as the web client follows the same design pattern as its server counterpart, with the same philosophy of simplicity.
And it's quite versatile, as well. It allows you to stream your music in browsers of the likes of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and even Safari, with a small mention that web clients for mobile devices are currently in the works. Other noteworthy features include the fact that you can save playlists, download then, and even instantly share them with others. There's also the option to choose their expiration date.
Turn your computer into a private music streaming server in just a couple of seconds
There you have it, mStream Express – a cross-platform (also works on macOS and Linux), modern, and very novice-accessible app that allows you to create a music server in under a minute without anything more than a couple of mouse clicks. You can download both the installer and portable versions of the program from this page.


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MStream Express 4.31 With Key [32|64bit] (Latest)

Create a private music streaming server in just a couple of seconds

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MStream Express 4.31 For Windows

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MStream Express 4.31 Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code For PC (Updated 2022)

mStream Express is a lightweight, fast, high-quality, open-source music streaming server. Unlike other streaming solutions available, mStream Express is extremely simple to use and install. It is an integrated media streaming solution designed to be used with Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and also works on mobile devices (iPhone/iPad and Android).
Unlike other streaming solutions available, mStream Express is extremely simple to use and install. It is an integrated media streaming solution designed to be used with Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and also works on mobile devices (iPhone/iPad and Android).
You can choose to run the service locally on your machine or have a remote service running on a dedicated server. This service provides all of the basic functionality to enable you to play music on any device with a web browser. It allows you to stream music from a local music library to a web browser on the local machine or to another local machine or to any number of remote machines.
It can also be used to download music files from a local music library, create playlists and share them with other users.
Key Features:
• Run the service locally on your machine or have it running remotely on a dedicated server.
• It is a standalone service, so you don’t need to be connected to the internet.
• Add files to the music library, play songs from the library.
• Your music and playlists are automatically saved to the database.
• Share your playlists with others.
• Browse through your playlists and songs.
• Browse through your collection of music, search for songs, create playlists.
• Queue your songs and play them one by one.
• Change the song volume and the song repeat options.
• Ability to download your playlists.
• Set the album cover as the thumbnail for your playlists.
• Support of multiple music formats.
• Support of streaming using a web browser.
• Ability to share playlists with other users.
• You can browse through and play your music with full-screen mode.
• You can define the maximum length of your songs, add your own category for them.
• Use the mStream Express web client.
• It has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.
• It has a clean and modern design.
• When installing the service on a remote server you don’t need a database or a server.

What’s New in the?

Set your favorite music to play from your hard drive, network or local server. mStream Express is an easy to use tool that lets you create a web server on your desktop computer in no time, and it requires absolutely no setup.

Create your own music server and have a music stream in any browser or mobile device in seconds. Your music is always available even if you have no internet connection. No more missed song! No more empty tracks!

Make a playlist and select songs from anywhere. If you want to save a playlist, then use a single click to download it to your computer.

Share your music with your friends and family. Don’t download anything from the web. It’s very easy, so simple and fast to create and share playlists.

No configuration is required. Just open the app and choose what music you want to stream. Just that simple.

mStream Express Admin Panel:

Built-in admin panel


mStream Express Requirements:




mStream Express Screenshots:

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mStream Express Review:



Tuesday, May 09, 2017

With the rampant popularity of services like Spotify and Apple Music, most of us have been dreaming of building our very own music streaming service for our friends and family. Luckily, a technology we never thought about before is now available. mStream Express allows you to do exactly that – create a server on your desktop that will let you stream your music in as many browsers as you want.


mStream Express is a versatile music streaming server, that you can start creating in a couple of minutes. Just choose the music you want to stream and it will automatically start uploading all of your songs from the selected directory and even create a playlist for you, so you can choose from.

Once your music is uploaded, you will be able to stream it in as many browsers as you want, all from your desktop computer. With no more than a couple of clicks, you can start sharing your music with your friends and family and you can even create playlists on the fly.


– It only takes a few minutes to create a full music streaming server for free.

– Once it’s created, you can access your music via a web browser or a mobile device within seconds.

– You can choose your own music or create playlists and share them with your friends and family.

– It’s completely free to use.

– It allows you to choose

System Requirements:

-Supported OS: Windows 10
-Supported Languages: English
-Supported Screen Resolution: 1920×1080 or higher
-Version: Windows 10 x64 Pro
-Download Size: 3.11 GB
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