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MPEG4 Modifier Crack Free Download [March-2022]

Changes the aspect ratio of the video file (up to 8 times larger or smaller than the original) with no loss of quality.

Easy to use. No special skills are required to customize your videos.

The program does not render the video file, but it changes the structure of the video fields. All data is saved directly to the video file.

The result is saved as a multi-frame folder, allowing the original video to be played without problems.

The program modifies the order of the video fields, thus, changing the video’s aspect ratio.

Resizes the video file (up to 8 times larger or smaller than the original) at any quality level in 4 or 6 times speed.

Interlaced video files can be properly modified with no quality degradation.

The application’s menu is very simple, which makes it easy to customize your videos.

Results can be saved to a file, but it is also possible to save them directly on the hard drive.

The original video file is not rendered, which means that the final result plays perfectly.

Supported formats:.avi.

File size: 700MB

3-Video: Any type

1-Frame size: 1920 x 1080

4-Video: Any type

1-Frame size: 1920 x 1080

6-Video: Any type

1-Frame size: 1920 x 1080


– Quick (1-2 seconds)

– Easy

– Customizable

– No quality loss

– Supports all aspects, ratios, resolutions and pixel-per-second rates.

– Built-in editor to edit the video structure.

– Ideal for editing videos, including adding text annotations.

– Resizable and editable.

– Allows a lot of time-consuming tasks to be performed without the need to touch the original video file.

– Updates

How to install and use MPEG4 Modifier?

Get the newest version from the official MPEG4 Modifier page (Click “Download” button).

Run the executable file.

Click “Yes” or “No” depending on your choice.

Choose the location you want the result to be stored, then click “Save”.

After the process finishes, click “Save” (or “Save To”).

How to uninstall MPEG4 Modifier?

Go to your Control

MPEG4 Modifier Crack + Full Version Download

Cracked MPEG4 Modifier With Keygen is a simple, yet reliable application designed to perform modifications on MPE4 videos and save them without performing an encoding process.
The majority of third-party applications that deal with video resizing or stream editing accomplish their purpose by re-encoding the original file. This is quite an expensive process, both resource and time wise. In order to modify video files, but skip the conversion process, you should opt for an application such as MPEG4 Modifier Crack Mac.
This program is made for the average user and carries out its job without taking a toll on system resources. In addition, all the files it needs are bundled in a ZIP file and no installation is required, which brings the advantage of portability.
Its interface is simple, yet well organized and easy to understand. The application is able to process only one video file at a time, supports only AVI formats and outputs the results in the same format.
Getting to understand how it works is not rocket science. Once you provide the source video file, the application makes available a set of options that allow you to change its aspect ratio (the custom mode allows you to set it to whatever values you want), modify its bitstream, edit user data and change the order of interlaced fields.
As soon as you hit the Save button, the video will be exported to a location of your choice with all the modifications you made included in the result. During our tests, the software carried out tasks on large video files in just seconds and subsequently, preserved the quality of the original.
In conclusion, MPEG4 Modifier is an awesome way to personalize AVI files without having to go through a time consuming conversion process. Its only downside is that it can’t process multiple files at a time.
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What’s New In MPEG4 Modifier?

– Preview video file with modification features.
– Modify video aspect ratio (custom mode).
– Define user data (create new user data, extract from existing file).
– Edit video timestamp.
– Change order of interlaced fields.
– Customize movie title, watermark text, and any other editable data.
– Resize a single or multiple MPE4 video file to specific proportions.
– Resize multiple video files into a single file.
– Extract into multiple files.
– Modify video quality.
– Enable video data extraction.
– Burn a DVD disc with video clips.
– Start the process for burning of DVD-Video discs.
– Restore from a DVD disc.
– Extract video.
– Modify video’s background.
– Colorize, convert, scale, rotate, crop, blur, or sharpen video.
– Flip video horizontally, vertically, 90 degrees, or 180 degrees.
– Convert between MPEG-4, MPEG-2, or H.263 video codecs.
– Disable video dubbing.
– Adjust audio volume.
– Create custom menu.
– Create graphic watermark.
– Fade watermark.
– Add background music to the video.
– Add custom icon to video file.
– Add an icon to clip art.
– Add text to video clip.
– Add custom text to video clip.
– Add text to video clip with delay.
– Add background animation to video clip.
– Randomize video clip.
– Add effect to a clip.
– Select video clip and set the fade in/fade out time.
– Select video clip and play it.
– Select video clip and set the speed of the clip.
– Select multiple video clips and merge them into a single one.
– Add video clip to playlist.
– Save the result into a new video file.
– Save the result into a new MPE4 file.
– Save the result into a new MPE file.
– Save the result into a MP4 file.
– Save the result into a MPG file.
– Save the result into a WMV file.
– Save the result into a QT file.
– Save the result into an AVI file.
– Save the result into an MOV file.
– Save the result into an MKV file.
– Save the result into an MPEG2 file.

System Requirements For MPEG4 Modifier:

Minimum System Requirements
Processor: Intel P4 or later
Memory: Minimum 2GB
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Hard Drive: 10GB
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Additional Recommended Software:
DirectX 9.0c
Additional Recommended Software
Game Demos:
Free Download: Official Humble Monthly Game Bundle
Strife Demo
Modern Warfare 2 Beta Demo
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Demo
Titan Quest Demo

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