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How does one gather information about executable files? Going to their properties will fetch some data for you, but what if you wanted to delve deeper? Windows all but provides the rudimentary, more basic details about a file, such as its version, size, trademarks, and so on.
There aren't many programs that do what MiTeC EXE Explorer does. It's a specialized app, and it was designed to permit users to view detailed information about their executable files, from headers, sections and directories, all the way to Hex View and data interpretations.
An uncompromising app
This program doesn't balk at providing a full-blown power-user-oriented environment: you either know how to interpret the information, or you don't. It's all portable, which means that no installation is required to get it up and running — simply run the executable, and you're ready to go.
Right after booting it up, the software opens up its Process Browser, which prompts you to choose the executable that you want to inspect. After that, you'll notice the tab-based, functional design, which aims to provide users with a wealth of information.
The program is capable to analyze an executable's file properties and structure. Headers of a file are presented first, providing signature, timestamp, size, and other such properties. Seeing virtual addresses and raw data values is possible via the Sections tab, while the further ones offer data about the file's directories, imports, and resources.
Values to interpret
The later tabs contain details about the strings of your executable, as well as its certificates. There's also a Hex View tab, which is to provide users with the hexadecimal values of their files. Clicking a string will also update the built-in Data Interpreter, which deciphers the values and provides 8, 16, 32, and 64-bit readings of them.
MiTeC EXE Explorer is a program that was designed to provide users with thorough information about their executable files, and to that end, we'd say it's up to the task







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MiTeC EXE Explorer Crack+ Free Registration Code Free [Latest-2022]

MiTeC EXE Explorer is the ultimate Windows EXE File Expert, allowing you to check and analyze EXE files in almost any aspect. Let’s see what the program is capable of.
How to launch MiTeC EXE Explorer
MItec EXE Explorer is a free application, and it has everything that you’d need to get the job done. So if you have problems with executable files, you’ll want to check the tool over and over again.
To run the app, you’ll simply need to double-click on it in the Windows File Explorer’s ‘Open with’ list. After that, you can launch the app’s main interface.
References and resources:

MiTeC EXE Explorer reviews
A powerful user-friendly software that allows users to check and analyze their executable files

MiTeC EXE Explorer is a free software that is powerful, yet very easy to use. One of its major strength is that it allows users to check and analyze their executable files in almost any aspect. At the same time, it also offers users with some features like a hex viewer, a data interpreter, and an important process manager. It’s worth checking out if you ever have any issues with executable files.

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Description of MiTeC EXE Explorer:
You have to know your files, and MiTeC EXE Explorer’s…More

MiTeC EXE Explorer is a program that was designed to provide users with thorough information about their executable files, and to that end, we’d say it’s up to the task

How to use MiTeC EXE Explorer?

The program is available as a standalone application for Windows only. It should be noted that it requires a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows in order to be used.
Start MiTeC EXE Explorer, and you’ll notice a diagram of file types. If you don’t know much about your files, it’ll provide you with information about them, such as when the file was last modified, what its size is, and other such data.
In case you’d like to see more information about an executable, you can move on to the Tab, and you’ll be given the chance to see more specific details. It’ll present you with the process, headers, information about the sections, and some other information.

The program will open the browser, in which you’ll be given a list of executable files. After that, you’ll be prompted to select one of them. Once it’s selected, MiTeC EXE Explorer will get going. The program will open up a tab-based window, providing you with more detailed information about the selected executable.

You’ll be presented with a preview window, letting you know what the tab will display. You can choose one of the options on the top bar, such as Copies, Headers, Sections or Data, and any other related ones.

Right-click a string, and a popup dialog will appear. You can choose to choose between Data Interpreter (for 8, 16, 32, and 64-bit values), Imports Interpreter (for only values of 4kb-6kb), Hex View, and Trust/Signer Dialog.

If you’d like to get to the Hex View Tab, all you have to do is right-click on any string. A dialog will show up, letting you choose between Hex View, Data Interpreter, and Imports Interpreter.

MiTeC EXE Explorer Preferences:

MiTeC EXE Explorer Preferences:

When you first launch MiTeC EXE Explorer, you’ll find a diagram of file types, where you’ll be able

What’s New in the MiTeC EXE Explorer?

MiTeC EXE Explorer is a world-class software solution that helps users find information about all of their executable files.

It provides users with details about all of their executable files, including strings, certificates, headers, imports, resources and virtual addresses.

Visualizations are also included to interpret the data values and other binary information.

What’s New in this Release:

New Features:

Added support for signatures, timestamp, size and strings.
Added support for resources.
Added support for addresses.
Added help buttons.
Fixed bugs.

Updated Features:

Visualizations were updated and rearranged
Changed algorithm for additional information and better performance.


The software can be obtained from MiTeC EXE Explorer’s website.

For version History, please see [Release Page](

System Requirements:

MiTeC EXE Explorer by MiTeC is a 32bit and a 64bit software solution that works well on any Windows operating system that support.NET Framework 2.0 or later.

This software meets the following system requirements:

Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Minimum System Requirements:



80GB Disk space

Recommended System Requirements:


8GB Disk space

Setup instructions:

The setup for MiTeC EXE Explorer is very simple.

Download the software installer

Run the setup

Click the setup button and close it if prompted

The setup will install all the needed files on your local drive.

Start MiTeC EXE Explorer by browsing to your My Programs folder.

Click “Launch MiTeC EXE Explorer”

You are now ready to browse your machine to find any executable files.

Using the help button on the toolbar will show you what files are in your system

You will be able to click the file’s icon to view the detailed properties of it.

Compatibility issues:

This program is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

MiTeC EXE Explorer 64Bit Product Compatibility:

Windows 32bit

Windows 64bit


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 650 Ti
Hard Disk: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 10 Sound
DirectX: DirectX 9, DirectX 10
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
The installation is universal, it works on any type of Windows PC.
The game does not contain any hidden code

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