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Developed as a beautiful and minimalistic Rainmeter skin, Minimal Series allows you to customize your screen with various small gadgets.
Minimal Series is a small theme that includes a digital clock, a calendar, a stack folder and an iPad clock. You can also use it to capture the entire screen and monitor the CPU / RAM usage.







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– Digital clock
– Calendar
– Stack folder
– iPad clock
– CPU usage graph
– RAM usage graph
– Open by default
– Fullscreen by default
– Fully touch support
– Small add-on packs
Minimal Series Activation Code
Is a free theme and you can use it to change your desktop, and use it for your desktop, laptop or any other computers.
– Digital clock
– 12 or 24 hour display
– 24 hour calendar display
– Colorfull, high resolution and customizable calendar display
– Fully touch support
– Automatically open in the fullscreen mode
– Fully compatible with Rainmeter 1.6.4 or later
– Stacks all the open windows. The window order is taken from the windows application. The order is as follows:
– Windows Explorer
– Firefox
– Google Chrome
– Internet Explorer
– File Explorer
– Microsoft Visual Studio
– Paint
– Windows Media Player
– Winamp
– Mac music player
– Windows Movie Player
– Windows DVD player
– Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Aviary
– Apple Mail
– Safari
– Photoshop Express
– Skype
– Create, edit and move calendar events.
– Automatic refresh of the calendar.
– Fully compatible with Rainmeter 1.6.4 or later
– You can define the color and size of the cursor.
– Fully compatible with Rainmeter 1.6.4 or later
– Show the time on the iPad
– Fully compatible with Rainmeter 1.6.4 or later
– Tap and hold on the screen to add the clock.
– Fully touch support
– Show the time on the web pages
– Fully compatible with Rainmeter 1.6.4 or later
– Display the CPU usage graph on the desktop.
– Fully compatible with Rainmeter 1.6.4 or later
– Display the RAM usage graph on the desktop.
– Fully compatible with Rainmeter 1.6.4 or later
– Customizable interface: change the color, font, background
– Fully touch support
– Fully compatible with Rainmeter 1.6.4 or later
This skin uses the term’mute’ in a different way.
With other skins

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– Personalization: create your own look and feel.
– LED Backlight: set the automatic brightness or the screen at a certain brightness level.
– Custom widget: the weather, the clock, the calendar…
– Notification LED: turn on/off the LED in the middle of the bottom or top bar.
– CPU/RAM monitor: the left side will show you the CPU & RAM usage.
– Display Settings: manage the screen brightness and rotation.
– Tablet mode: you can flip the screen to landscape or portrait mode.
– Restarting: of the theme will restart the computer or the Rainmeter.
– Auto-Refresh: time updates automatically when Rainmeter is run.

– Rainmeter is only available in english versions.
– You can only use the source of Rainmeter or the source of the skins.
– The MUI for Rainmeter is released under a free license.
– The theme is freeware, but we will not provide support for MUI (only for the source of the theme).
– No support for the mac and Linux.

## LATEST version of MUI 1.0
– Released May 7, 2016.
– Only the source code is available.
– Both english and german versions.
– Download:

– If you have any question or feedback, please contact me at:
– You can also request support via the support ticket in the forum at the site of Rainmeter:
– If you have a bug, or have found a bug in the theme, please send me the report on the following page:

– The MUI is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
– The source code is available on
– The MUI is freeware.
– The MUI is available in both English and German versions.
– You can redistribute MUI as long as you give the source code.
– There are no fees or registration for MUI.
– If you have a question about the GPL license, contact me at

What’s New in the?

Minimal Series is a small Rainmeter skin that includes a digital clock, a calendar, a stack folder and an iPad clock. It also shows the entire screen, and gives detailed information about CPU / RAM usage.

For an overview:

– Left side: Digital Clock, Calendar
– Top: iPad Clock (USB)
– Middle: 5x Folders
– Right: Stack Folder


– The entire screen is monitored
– CPU / RAM usage is displayed on the digital clock
– A huge ammount of tiny gadgets makes the theme look very nice.



[RmInfo.MinimalSeriesSkin] RainmeterVersion=2.12.2 DownloadUrl=

Rainmeter skin (see here for download links):

How to install/uninstall:

Uninstall by deleting folder in your Rainmeter folder.


1. Copy the folder into your Rainmeter folder.
2. Add RmInfo.MinimalSeriesSkin = “” to Rainmeter.ini
3. Restart Rainmeter.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Update (2016/02/26)

Version 2.12.4:

– added USB-Zune HD digital clock

Version 2.12.3:

– added Stack Folder

Version 2.12.2:

– added RmInfo.MinimalSeriesSkin = “” to Rainmeter.ini

Version 2.12.1:

– added Dark UI

Version 2.12.0:

– included support for custom skins

Version 2.11.0:

– changed RmInfo.MinimalSeriesSkin = “” to RmInfo.MinimalSeriesSkin = “”

Version 2.10.0:

– added options for showing CPU usage in the digital clock

Version 2.9.2:

– added DigitalClock.ImportTimeFormat = “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm”

Version 2.9.1:

– fixed the export settings window

Version 2.9.0:

– added 5x Folders

Version 2.8.0:

– added Digital

System Requirements For Minimal Series:

Game : Star Wars: Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire
Version: Current Update
Media type: GAME
Region: Region free
Size: – Estimated size 0.41GB
Release date: 17/01/2020
File size: 0.41GB
Minimum system requirements for Star Wars: Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
CPU: 2.4GHz, 3.8GHz, 4.2GHz

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