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MagPlot Cracked 2022 Latest Version is an open source Java charting library. This utility is used to create truly unique charts with an easy to use user interface.
MagPlot Cracked 2022 Latest Version is web and desktop compatible. It can be used to create rich charts on the web and for desktop applications. While for the desktop version it is based on Swing, for the web version it uses JavaFX.
MagPlot supports many kinds of charts, from pie-chart to bar-chart and scatter-plot. Also it is very useful to create tables, including extremely advanced data tables.
We (the MagPlot team) are very active in enhancing MagPlot and developing new features. Get involved in MagPlot!

MagPlot Version History:

MagPlot 0.9.7
February 28, 2018
Two new features have been added to MagPlot:
1. Table charts. Also for the web-version MagPlot can now generate HTML tables. Use the new Plot.getPlotTableSupport() method to enable table charts.
2. Support for the NoDataRenderer. It can be specified to override the default no-data color for the dataset.

MagPlot 0.9.6
June 04, 2016
added method Plot.getLegend().
MagPlot 0.9.5
May 31, 2014
Two new features have been added to MagPlot:
1. Introduced a new NoDataRenderer with the help of the ImageOverlayRenderer. That renderer can be used to display an image for regions that do not have any data in the dataset. It can be useful in some cases where you want to display only the background image of the chart.
2. Add support to use ImageFonts in the Export image command. The ImageFonts can be specified using the new ImageFontFormatSpecifier. It can be useful to set up complex font configurations.

MagPlot 0.9.4
March 02, 2014
Added support for more plot types.

MagPlot 0.9.3
January 23, 2014
Bug fix in the Export image command.

MagPlot 0.9.2
January 10, 2014
Bug fix in Export image command.

MagPlot 0.9.1
January 09, 2014
Bug fix in Export image command.

MagPlot 0.9.0
January 01, 2014

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Report from ScalaMag

Author: Anupam Verma

Latest download: Mar 2017

Latest version: 2.5.0

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You can find the MagPlot Cracked Version source code on GitHub:




Using MagPlot

In order to use the plotting utility you have to first install it on your system. For this you will need both Eclipse and Maven, which can be installed from the Eclipse IDE or from the command line

Via Eclipse IDE:

1. Run

2. Go to Help-> Install New Software and enter the following URL in the work box:

3. In the dialog that appears, accept the terms and click the Add button

4. Go back to the main screen, type the name of the new software and click the OK button

6. Start the Eclipse IDE and it will download all the necessary files

Via command line:

1. First run install command of MagPlot, to install MagPlot on your system

2. Go to the directory where you installed MagPlot

3. Now run the magPlot: install command to install the latest version of MagPlot

Community Support

Join the MagPlot community and get support on issues or to report bugs. You can subscribe to the mail list here


You can get support on MagPlot issues and new features here


MagPlot is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0


MagPlot documentation is provided under the Creative Commons Zero license


Use the MagPlot user support forum to report bugs and discuss MagPlot features or if you have found a bug.


If you want to contribute please read the contributing page first

Please report bugs in the Github issue tracker, use the issues list to discuss and file new issues.

MagPlot Knowledge Base

This wiki aims to help new and experienced users alike. Some of the pages in the community wiki are:

You can find MagPlot documentation in the help documentation section or on the MagPlot website

Frequently asked

MagPlot 2022

it’s a simple yet powerful tool for building 2D charting utilities. For a more complete demonstration of the tool features, see our webpage. MagPlot supports the following chart types: Line, Pie, Bar and Scatter. The chart templates built-in include Pie, Bar and Line chart, with 2, 4 and 6 sectors respectively.

MagPlot Tutorial:

MagPlot Download:


MagPlot Documentation:

Documentation is available via the help menu, F1 key.

This is the screenshot from my example:

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What’s New in the MagPlot?

MagPlot is a java 2D plotting utility. The output is a composite of many different elements- text, polygons, lines,
shapes, errorbars, etc. As such, MagPlot can be used as an alternative to an entire range of graphical tools. MagPlot
can be run as a standalone application or embedded within a Swing application.

Interactive plot that can be exported to a variety of raster images (C, Java, PS, EPS, X, Y, TIFF)
SVG support.
Plot configuration support.
Very simple to use.

MagPlot was founded in 1998 by Ian Breslin who is now chief scientist at Retina Interactive.
Here is an example how you can use MagPlot to plot this data:
import java.awt.Color;
import java.awt.GradientPaint;
import java.awt.Graphics;
import java.awt.Graphics2D;
import java.awt.Polygon;
import java.awt.RenderingHints;
import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
import java.awt.event.MouseAdapter;
import java.awt.event.MouseEvent;
import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;

import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JLabel;
import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
import javax.swing.JPanel;
import javax.swing.JScrollPane;
import javax.swing.JToggleButton;
import javax.swing.WindowConstants;
import javax.swing.border.EmptyBorder;
import javax.swing.event.ChangeEvent;
import javax.swing.event.ChangeListener;

public class MainFrame extends JFrame {

static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

JPanel plotContainer;
JScrollPane scrollPane;
JToggleButton svgButton;
JLabel svgLabel;

System Requirements For MagPlot:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Memory: 8 GB RAM
HDD: 40 GB available space
Graphics: DirectX 11 GPU with 1 GB VRAM
Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional: 12 GB of space on the Steam Cloud
CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition
Memory: 16 GB RAM

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