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Method 1: Using the data contained in the link you gave, the code below should help you identify the relevant DOM nodes and append them to the body of the HTML document. It will then give you all the information you need about the HTML elements using the second variable.
def scrape_my_links(url):
html = get(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(html.text, “lxml”)
a_links =“a”)
b_views =“div[itemprop=hasVideos]”)
c_html =“iframe”)
d_title =“[itemprop=name]”)
e_images =“figure”)
f_description =“div[itemprop=description]”)
g_courseid =“div[itemprop=courseId]”)
h_finalrank =“div[itemprop=finalRank]”)
i_reservedseats =“div[itemprop=reservedSeats]”)
j_maincourse =“div[itemprop=mainCourse]”)
k_exam =“div[itemprop=exam]”)
l_band =“div[itemprop=band]”)
m_bio =“div[itemprop=biography]”)
n_seaschool =“div[itemprop=seaschool]”)
o_credits =“div[itemprop=credits]”)
p_graduation =“div[itemprop=graduation]”)


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Donald Trump Responds to the Presidential Debate: Watch the video

Donald Trump responded to the second presidential debate on Wednesday night in what was arguably his most in-depth response to Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate.

Democrats and the liberal media have been scared about President Trump since he was sworn in as President. But watching Trump fire on Mrs. Clinton during the debate, as he was forced to do on a number of occasions, is proof that he has the ability to be as powerful as anyone.

The second presidential debate was one of the two in which Mrs. Clinton was allowed to cheat and lie. This debate showcased how she could. Clinton had the debate in the Philadelphia suburbs, which is her usual base of support. She campaigned in the area in 2008 and in 2012. This time around, she chose to campaign in the Philadelphia suburbs and have a Philadelphia television station stage the event.

Trump, on the other hand, chose Cleveland for the debate, which is his base of support. This gave Trump a chance to have a national audience watching his performance. This is something Clinton did not have. Trump knew where his audience was and he knew what he wanted to say. Clinton, on the other hand, had nothing but Pennsylvania to rely on for a victory. Trump’s debate showed just how dangerous he is.

Clinton had her talking points for the debate ready. Trump had one too. But his was clearly superior. Trump knew exactly where to go with the base of supporters that have been so reluctant to back him.

Trump was able to keep his cool, despite the fact that Clinton was repeatedly talking over him. She would not let him answer because she was talking over him. It made Trump angry. He snapped back and repeatedly interrupted Clinton. He never let her finish her point, forcing her to re-enunciate it.

This is what Trump supporters live

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