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Tired of mouse click many times?

Do you want have 3D image rotation and zoom feature?

You can use this tool for custom picture design.

It is lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of disk space.

It is free, easy to use.

Not only 3D, but also very easy to do any 2D picture editing work.

Apply all standard picture editing features as well as 3D picture design, such as rotate, flip, zoom, resize, crop, color balance, saturation, brightness, contrast, hue, and so on.

Adjust background color when your photo has transparent area.

Give the transparency effect to the area you want to edit the object.

You can create your own animation with the frames you choose.

The program has a powerful batch image process function, so you can use it to batch rotate, flip, resize, reduce brightness, contrast, saturation, lighten/darken, merge and more with the pictures that you have.

You can import photos from folders and not only from web browser.

Work on the picture directly by dragging the corner of the picture into the open window.

The picture is aligned with the edge of the window.

You can choose a photo as a wallpaper.

It is really easy for you to take a snapshot and make it into a template.

The object of any size can be rotated, flipped, zoomed, reduced or increased.

You can zoom in and zoom out.

You can export picture as animated GIF, BMP, or JPEG

Capture the moving pictures or objects in your system.

View the movie file in a preview window.

How to scan for open photos from your computer

When your computer is turned on and you can find a new window of Double Window Notification or e-mail pop up, you can hit the Scan button on the Keyboard to open the Camera. Scan the open image, you will get a list of all open photos like this:

You can even make this kind of scanning scanning in the other programs you use, like taking pictures, viewing images and documents.

These pictures can be saved into a file that is easy to open, for example, you can use a file in a.GIF or.BMP file format, JPG file, a.JPG file or a.TIF file. The picture can also be scanned by

Kuadro Crack

Kuadro Serial Key is a standalone image viewer with picture management functions. It is easy to use and has no user interface. The application runs in the system tray in the background, allowing you to open images on your desktop.

A fresh start
Kuadro is a new, free and powerful image viewer. On the one hand, it runs as a background window, allowing you to open several images on the desktop. On the other hand, it features a variety of image management tools and lets you set the pictures in any way you want.

Allows you to view, open, flip, zoom, rotate, resize, arrange, compare, resize, copy, duplicate, move, display a picture in Windows Explorer, make picture transparent, and maintain and save the configuration in a reference file.

With Kuadro you can import pictures from Windows Explorer, VCD, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and RAW files.

The application is easy to use and requires no user interaction.

Requires Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.


What is a reference file?

A reference file is an XML based file that keeps all image information (e.g. name, size, filenames, order, zoom factor, and transparency). You can open the reference file at any time.

Why is Kuadro a standalone image viewer?

In most graphic apps, that feature a frame for images, it is easy to arrange the picture frame by dragging its corners. Unfortunately, even though there are plenty of applications that are designed to import and manage multiple images, they cannot export the picture management information to a file. Because of that, you cannot simply open the resulting picture file in any graphic app you use. Moreover, most other picture viewers also support the import and display of multiple images, but they do not provide any picture management features. Therefore, for a comprehensive image management, Kuadro is a better choice.

What is the difference between Kuadro and other free picture viewers?

Kuadro is a pure image viewer and not a picture app, which enables you to easily view and organize your pictures. Also, other free and paid-for picture viewers are all designed with a frame for images. As a result, you have to drag the corners of the picture frame in order to arrange and zoom in on the picture. Moreover, some picture viewers, like Scratchpad


Kuadro will not only make your desktop a thing of beauty, but also provide a handy tool to have at close hand. The application allows you to open several images on your desktop and arrange them in any way you wish. Similarly the rotation, flipping, and cropping can be done without opening a new window.In the case of pneumatic tires, such as truck tires, a large volume of the tire design resides in the sidewalls, for example, where a depth of cord reinforcing the sidewalls can be no greater than about 1.00 inch, the weight of the sidewalls being about 50% of the total weight of the tire. The sidewall weight makes the sidewalls about 40% of the overall weight of the tire, when a pneumatic tire for a large size truck tire is considered. Accordingly, reduction of sidewall weight of the tire can increase tire performance and lower the cost of the tire.
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What’s New in the?

Kuadro is a different type of image viewer, which allows you to easily open multiple images on your desktop and arrange them in any way you wish. The application can come in handy for painters and graphic artists who need their reference pictures at close hand. Zoom in, resize and rotating tools are available.

Turn your desktop into a workspace

Much like you can import several images into a photo editing program and arrange them in any way you wish, Kuadro allows you to open several images on your desktop. The application does not feature an interface, instead runs from the system tray, allowing you to open multiple images on the desktop.

Simply click on the icon in the system tray, in order to access the context menu and open images stored on your computer. The picture configuration can be saved in a reference file, as well as set to stay always on top of other windows. Simply drag each image in order to relocate it and use the scroll button in order to zoom in or out.

Image editing tools at close hand

Right-clicking on either of the pictures prompts the context menu which contains the picture managing functions. You can flip an image (vertically or horizontally), rotate it by 90 degrees, zoom in/out, set it to its original size, fit it to the window or to another image.

Moreover, you can increase/decrease its transparency or toggle background opacity; similarly it can be duplicated, set to stay always on top or opened in Windows Explorer.

Export the configuration

Each image you import is set into a frame that you can resize by dragging the marked corners, then zoom in on it. The configuration can be saved in a.REF file, which you can open at a later time; the imported files, the order, size and image transparency are maintained. While the software supports multiple input formats, it cannot export the visuals to a picture file.

Kuadro Description:

Kuadro is a different type of image viewer, which allows you to easily open multiple images on your desktop and arrange them in any way you wish. The application can come in handy for painters and graphic artists who need their reference pictures at close hand. Zoom in, resize and rotating tools are available.

Turn your desktop into a workspace

Much like you can import several images into a photo editing program and arrange them in any way you wish, Kuadro allows you to open several images on your desktop. The application

System Requirements For Kuadro:

Mac OS X 10.10
Core i3/Core i5/Core i7
Intel integrated graphics (Intel HD 4000 or Intel Iris Pro)
Intel integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 6000 or Intel Iris Pro)
Minimum recommended:
Quad-core processor
AMD Radeon R9 M370 or Nvidia GTX 660
2 GHz+ system
Maximum recommended:
AMD Radeon R9 M375 or Nvidia GTX 760


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