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JBM SPaCer Crack For PC [Latest] 2022


– Built in Compressor that will compress the sound to the lowest possible level (lowpass filter, attack and release time), before applying the Super Nintendo delay.
– Controls the speed of the Left and Right Delay at individual speed for each channel (slider)
– The Filter can be set to High and Low pass filter
– Feedback for more delay


– VSTPlugins are required to use the JBMSPaCer. There is a Freeware version that works with 64 Bit VST Plugins. There is also an ActiveX version.
– Shader Model 2 is required for the delay effect in the compressor.

How to install it

Just download the JBMSPaCer_v1.0.0_for_VST_v1.0.0.zip package and extract it to your VST plugin folder.

Note : If you are using a 64 bit plugin just rename the folder from JBMSPaCer_v1.0.0_for_VST_v1.0.0_32Bit to JBMSPaCer_v1.0.0_for_VST_v1.0.0_64Bit. The plugin will run on both 32 and 64 bit plugins.

More information can be found in the readme.txt file inside the package.

You are welcome to make a donation via paypal.com


Jamal Barrahou.

Version 1.0.0 is available for free. You can buy the full version for $9.99 US Dollars

There is a stand-alone version of the plugin that is in the works. For those who don’t want to use the freeware version, there is an alternative version of JBMSPaCer for $9.99 US Dollars


File history

[v1.0.0] Fixed a bug with the feedback sound.
[v1.0.0] The 1.0.0 beta version is available as freeware.
[v1.0.0] Release the plugin to the public.
[v1.0.0] Fixed the bypass sound.
[v1.0.0] Fixed the compressor attack time.
[v1.0.0] Fixed the compressor release time.


JBM SPaCer Download With Full Crack’s delay are easy to use, very fast and are designed for almost all samplers like the Ableton Jitter, Avid Pro Tools and the LE 1.5 & LE 2.0.
• Customizable delay times
• Delay spread (left right)
• Individual delay times
• Feedback

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VirtualDJ Plugin Guide

With the increasing popularity of virtual turntables and DJ software, many people are now seeking plugins to add additional features to their existing software. VirtualDJ plugin guide was started with the idea of bringing all the information about virtual DJ plugins in one place. We also handpicked the plugins we feel are the best possible, so if you see a plugin that you think is better, simply leave a comment below and we’ll be more than happy to include it.

VirtualDJ shows all aspects of a plugin, including the name and description, download links, a description of what you can do with it and it’s common issues with customer support. We will keep the plugin guide updated, so make sure to check it out on a regular basis.

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JBM SPaCer Activation Free Download

SPaCer, an easy-to-use VST plugin for the Windows platform. Main features:
– New hardware emulation for the SNES onboard delay effect in the form of the SPaCer delay effect
– VST interface
– Delay emulator speeds for left and right
– Feedback mode enabled
– New feature to modify VST Delay value to use a custom sound card
– Zwinky-compatible
How does SPaCer work:
SPaCer uses the Zwinky emulator chip to emulate the SNES onboard delay.
This chip provides this emulation by outputting analog signals that the SNES uses to control the delay.
The plugin relies on Zwinky’s clock speed to process the output of Zwinky.
To reduce the processing time needed to emulate the SNES onboard delay, SPaCer doesn’t use the entire Zwinky clock signal.
Instead, the effect uses a portion of the Zwinky output while the SNES is in the off state.
By activating the Zwinky in the SNES off state, the delay buffer is not used by the SNES.
This mode is activated through the SPaCer effect settings.
SPaCer’s emulation of the onboard delay is hard to beat. The emulation speed is far higher than a generic VST effect.
SPaCer Plugin Settings:
SPaCer allows up to four settings, each one is a percentage value, controlling the amount of delay.
For example, a delay value of 50 would emulate the SNES onboard delay.
You can choose the amount of delay using the sliders in the editor window.
The plugin will handle the delay levels automatically.
To change the settings, just click on the effect color. The settings will be available after clicking.
The effect also features settings for speed left and right, feedback, and frequency.
Activating the Zwinky in the SNES off state will disable these settings.
There is also a special setting that will require setting the Zwinky clock speed to 0.2MHz.
This can be found under the effect settings.
Note: To use the special setting, you will need to use Zwinky emulation mode.
To use this mode, click on the settings (below) and turn off the Zwinky on setting.
Note 2: You can also set the delay settings in the SPa

What’s New in the?

JBM SPaCer can be used in many situations, such as for video games, movies, fighting games, or anything that needs to emulate a SNES sound.
This includes NES, NES Mini, and a lot more.

JBM SPaCer has a very friendly interface. You can change all of the settings and your delay is ready in no time.

Here’s some screenshots of the delay effect in action with the feedback and individual delay speeds.

– Screenshots


Download link:

Unzip and open the “JBM-SPACER-Plugin-V1.0.zip”


Drag and drop “JBM-SPACER-Plugin-V1.0.exe” into the program folder of your VST/VST3 host.


Drag and drop the “JBM-SPACER-Plugin-V1.0.dmg” into the program folder of your VST/VST3 host.


Drag and drop the “JBM-SPACER-Plugin-V1.0.tar.bz2” into the program folder of your VST/VST3 host.

To remove the samples from the host

Go into the folder “JBM-SPACER-Plugin-V1.0”

Right click “host_samples”

Delete “host_samples”

Installing Black & White Mixer

Purchase Black & White Mixer here:

You should follow the instructions from the website.

Black & White Mixer is a multiband EQ with non-destructive round robin analysis.

It includes all the tools needed to create a kick-ass compressor, expander, and noise gate, with de-click effects for warp and glide.

It includes a variety of common modulation algorithms, starting with audio rate modulation to simple fixed rate, and ending with time stretch, pitch bend and drive effects.

Here’s a few screenshots and videos of how Black & White Mixer sounds

*Drum Sample

*Guitar Sample

*Bass Sample

And here’s a quick video.

System Requirements:

Trial version:
Multiplayer mode is closed.
Game mode – All non-time challenge.
Can use friends list.
Graphics settings – minimum: 1024×768
Recommended settings: 1280×720
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
Windows 10 (all editions)
Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD Processor
NVIDIA GeForce or equivalent AMD Radeon graphic card
3 GB RAM or more (4 GB is recommended)
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, also recommended


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