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Jadex is a Belief Desire Intention (BDI) reasoning engine developed for programming intelligent software agents in XML and Java. The resoning engine is very flexible and can be used on-top of different middleware infrastructures such as JADE.


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Open source Visual Programming Language for developing intelligent Agents.
Intelligent Agents as contained within Jadex have the following properties:

BDI Property – can be used to communicate with other intelligent agents via the AgentXML protocol. An AgentXML communication can be monitored and controlled by the agent to protect itself and/or its deployed applications.

Modularity Property – the AgentXML agent can have multiple agents of different classes. The classes can be set to communicate via a remote XML interface when set to a deployment mode. The classes can also be inserted into the agent to be used in place of certain agents.

The agentXML standard can be used to write top down rules. The rule specification can only specify the intent that is to be followed by an agent.

A more flexible system is being designed that will allow agents to be written using a declarative programming language that will generate agents.

BlueSky is a project developed by Microsoft Research for building software agents. The primary goals of BlueSky are fourfold: 1. To provide a good test-bed for developing and evaluating software agents, 2. To provide a common methodology for building software agents, 3. To provide a reusable architecture for constructing software agents, and 4. To provide examples that can serve as templates for constructing agents. BlueSky offers many features and features are documented in separate web pages. A good overview of BlueSky is obtained from BlueSky Site, and a good overview of the BlueSky architecture can be obtained from BlueSky Architecture. The BlueSky documentation is written in the form of tutorials and series of web pages. Tutorial 1: BlueSky Tutorial 2: BlueSky Tutorial 3: BlueSky Developers Guide 4: BlueSky Tutorial 5: BlueSky Programming Guide 5. To bring together BlueSky, WSML and the Java Language

BlueSky (or WSML) is a programming language designed to develop software agents. It is based on the programming language Smalltalk. BlueSky is developed by Microsoft and distributed by Microsoft Research. BlueSky is a prototype language for developing software agents. The programming language does not have an interpreter yet, so it has to be directly run through Java. BlueSky also has a tutorial, but it is under construction. A good example of building BlueSky programs can be found on the BlueSky web pages, and an overview of BlueSky can be found in BlueSky Architecture. BlueSky has many features and is useful to develop software agents.

The Java technology offers a standard mechanism and framework

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Basic Structure
John Alexsandru is a relatively simple actor-oriented modeling language, used to
describe mental states of intelligent beings.
The possible states of the system are defined by a set of states
(or quarks) and transitions between these states.
A state may be a physical state or a mental state. All physical states have a
correspondent mental state.
is not a programming language, but a specification language for modeling
agents. It allows one to define abstract models which have semantic meaning.
is used for specifying goals (beliefs, desires, intentions) and for modeling
the behavior of agents.
A BDI architecture should have a set of goals. It may be an external or
internal goal. For example, a goal to “Drive to Las Vegas” is an external
goal. A goal to “I want to be 20 years old” is an internal goal.
You may use the same goal multiple times, by using different “attributes”
(unambiguous identifiers) and different transitions. For example, if the
goal “I want to be 20” is defined in two ways, once with the attribute “age”
and once with the attribute “height”:
I want to be 20 years old.
I want to be 20 feet tall.
If you write a goal in a textual form, it is put inside a DO statement.
You may also put one goal inside another goal in the same DO statement. The
new goal simply overwrites the old goal.
Tasks and Goals
A task is a goal which the system should choose to achieve. A goal can be
choosed to achieve many different tasks.
A task is just a goal. A BDI architecture may have only one task (called the
current task). A task includes an empty set of sub-goals.
When a goal is reached, a transition is made to the next goal in
succession. In other words, the task is chosen.
A goal may be a successor (or other goal) or a predecessor (or another
goal). That is, a goal may be linked to another goal, and the next goal may
be chosen as successor or predecessor. The link may be an internal link
(goal A -> goal B) or an external link (goal A -> “Drive to Las Vegas” ).

What’s New In?

Jadex is an XML based reasoning engine, which is based on belief-desire-intention (BDI)
model. It allows to program decision-making procedures on the fly, as a software
The resoning engine provides a mechanism for the integration of database and
knowledge bases. It can be used for the central ressioning of the middleware and
be used as a library for transparent BDI based ressioning.
Jadex Background:
The JADE (Jadex Agent Development Environment) is an open source BDI development
environment. It is an XML based modeling language for specifying decision-making
procedures. The JADE Model is based on belief-desire-intention (BDI) model.
Jadex Features:
This chapter contains a description of the features of JADEX.
1) XML Declarative Modelling Language
An XML specification language allowing to express the logical models.
The XML specification represents the logical model as XML documents, which can
be queried and manipulated by XML tools. The XML specification language has
been designed to be very close to natural language.
2) Elementary BDI
BDI is a general decision-making model. The BDI model is built by elementary
procedures using the rules of the BDI specification, and by the means of such
rules, the user can implement any logical model.
The JADE model is based on the BDI specification.
The Elementary BDI
3) BDI Programming
BDI can be used to program decision making systems without any knowledge about
the agent’s capabilities. The BDI model is a way to structure logical information
in a way that it can be used as a structure for programming intelligent agents.
The BDI programming model allows to use the BDI specification to the BDI
programming process.
4) XML Validation
An XML language independent tool for validating and generating code and XML
5) BDI Library
The BDI library implements the decision making model and provide the
BDI-based capabilities to the host programming languages.
6) JADE Library
The JADE library is an XML based library which can be used as an on-top BDI
7) Persistant Agent XML
XML is a machine-independent data format. It is used for the representation
of objects which are to be persistent, such as documents


System Requirements For Jadex:

OS: Windows 7 or newer.
Processor: 2.8 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: Any card with DirectX 11
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes:
All updates available are free.
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