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Improve YouTube! For Chrome 3.600 Crack With Key Free Download [Win/Mac]

Improve YouTube! is a simple, powerful and much more complete Chrome extension for YouTube. It works simply by disabling all the elements that distract you when browsing on YouTube. There are two versions of the extension: a) the free version – if you decide to buy it, you will get additional features; b) a premium version – which is fully functional.

The free version of the extension consists of the following features:

* Ignore the channel’s description and comments.
* Disable the’subscribe’ button and the’suggested’ videos and the ‘video’ at the top of the screen.
* Add any video from the user’s Watch page as a bookmark in your browser.
* Add or remove you and YouTube account as favorite/preferred.
* Use any video as an external video bookmark in your browser.
* Remove any of the listed subscribed tags (video) from your view.
* Use/hide the highlighted text
* Choose any of the suggested videos.
* Control the number of votes for a video.
*… and a lot more.

The premium version of the extension works exactly the same as the free version, but some more features are included:
* Disable playbacks and banners, and control the text and images below the player.
* Choose between two themes: light and dark.
* Save videos as external bookmarks.
* Be able to view any other site’s embedded YouTube video (i.e. video embedded by other website).
* Keep track of all the mentioned channels, and the last 16 videos they have published.
* Choose which channel’s videos are marked as ‘favorited’.
* Choose which videos are marked as ‘preferred’ (the option will become available when you are subscribed to that channel).
* Choose which videos are marked as ‘banned’ (only if you are subscribed to that channel).
* Choose the number of comments to display on each video.
*… and a lot more.

Latest Tweaks:

* The interface is now smoother, and the logo is moved.
* New color scheme: blueish-green
* New features:

Customize the YouTube player – Configure any of the added settings or remove them completely.
Change the theme of your page – Choose between light or dark themes, customize the colors and find what you like.
Hide the channel description – Hide or show the channel description at the top of the video.

Improve YouTube! For Chrome 3.600 Crack [Latest 2022]

Improve YouTube! is an open-source web extension.

The Chrome extension provides simple but effective management of YouTube.
The extension shows you the app’s player, player, videos, and everything in a clean user interface.
Select your preferred theme, change the player’s font, and manage all the options in the YouTube app.
You can also customize the YouTube Player style in any way you want, customize the player’s background, disable/enable the video’s comments, and more.

What’s new in the latest version 1.0.22:

YouTube’s layout was modified for a better experience.
The video player now has a dark shadow that is a bit different from its interface.

How to Install and use the extension:

Open up the Chrome Web Store

Go to ‘Manage Add-Ons’

Scroll down and click on ‘Search’

Type in ‘Improve YouTube!’

Click ‘Add to Chrome’

That’s it, the Chrome extension is installed.

How to use the extension:

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Improve YouTube! For Chrome 3.600 Crack + Full Version (Latest)

The extension is the perfect solution for creating a YouTube focus mode. This allows you to take advantage of the Chrome browser’s focus tools.
Basic options:
-YouTube Player
-YouTube Extras
-Settings and options
-Favorites and Recommenders
-Blocking and blacklisting
The extension has a lot of nice extras and features.
Improve YouTube! for Chrome Review:
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What’s New in the?

YouTube is a mega-platform with over a billion users around the world. However, video on Youtube is cluttered with unwanted distractions, such as popup comments, unwanted comments, unwanted ads, and more. They are the things that actually block your view from a single video. With this add-on for the Chrome browser, your view is always free from all those distractions
The extension will bring new and surprising changes on YouTube. It is programmed to monitor the YouTube browser and offer useful and interesting new options and features, such as:
– Blacklist videos
– Get rid of ads
– Play videos without suggestions
– Fix privacy settings
– Change the font in your player
– Get rid of video thumbnails
– Hide the search bar
– Customise YouTube’s player
– Customise the theme (with a custom colour for your player)
As always, Chrome extensions are easy to install directly from the Chrome Web Store. However, given the fact Improve YouTube! is an open-source project, you can always check its GitHub page, download the new version’s resources, compile the code, and stay tuned to the community’s news and announcements.
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March 30, 2017

Terminate YouTube! is the perfect solution for deleting all the videos in your YouTube account. As the name suggests, it is an easy to use YouTube chooser for selecting all the videos that you would like to erase.
Let’s start.

How to install Terminate YouTube!

Terminate YouTube! is a simple extension, so, unlike other extensions, you don’t need to go through a complex installation process. Rather than go through tutorials, I’ll provide you with some useful links below.
Once you have downloaded the new version of this extension, double-click the file to install it. Then, type the extension’s URL and click the Add to Chrome button. Finally, click the Options tab, the first time.

Select the videos you would like to delete

The extension’s interface is pretty straightforward, you’ll only need to type the name of the video you would like to delete.
With this extension, you can either select a specific video or select all the video in your YouTube channel (in this case, all the videos will be removed).
If you select a specific video, you will also have a possibility to get rid of it’s comment section. You will get a ton of options for that.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later
Dual Core CPU (2GHz recommended)
Couple GB of HDD space
In short, it is a shoot ’em up game. If you’ve ever played any of the various Star Wars first person shooters of the past, you’re gonna feel right at home in this game. However, the impressive visual effects, intuitive controls, and great atmosphere might make you feel like you’re playing an old-school Star Wars shooter.

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