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HydraIRC is a handy IRC application, written in C++ using modern programs as Visual Studio 7 or WTL/ATL for a very fast, streamlined and efficient experience.
HydraIRC features a nice looking, intuitive, and highly customizable GUI, dockable windows, MDI client area, event based core (with user definable events), DLL plugin SDK, multi-server support, and more.
HydraIRC is NOT a script, plugin or any other kind of add-on for mIRC. In fact it’s got nothing to do with mIRC at all.







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HydraIRC Free Download is a IRC client written in C++.
It’s developed by Alexander Woldan using the WTL/ATL framework and the Dev-C++ IDE.
· High performance and (customizable) speed in the GUI and core.
· Support for DLL plugins
· MDI/non-MDI flexible interface
· Client Area with transparent windows
· Menus, toolbars, popup menu and all the windows
· Customizable dialogs
· Multi-server support
· Customizable mIRC popup menu
· Customizable status bar
· Button customization
· Taskbar and icon color customization
· Zoom controls and status bar zoom
· Action button customization
· Justification of the text
· Automatic image detection
· Auto-updating resources
· Multi-colored text
· Optional, customizable
· Favorites
· Autostart
· Drag and drop support
· Support for multi language
· Configurable settings
· Support for autostart
· File associations
· Support for multiple themes (customizable)
· Support for multiplatform build
· Support for 64 bit build
· Full documentation

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HydraIRC 1.49 Activation Code With Keygen Free

HydraIRC is the only true-MDI based IRC client available for the Microsoft Windows platform. Though a very powerful IRC application, it was designed to be a lightweight and simple client.
HydraIRC takes all of the power and functionality of IRC and places it right in your own hands. The way that you interact with the program is simply pointing, clicking, and dragging. From within the convenient Docked Client you can cut and paste messages with the click of a button or simply drag one out to another window. The server list is threaded and all resources are managed from a central resource manager. There are built in network statistics and always nice and clear help screens for all of your needs.
HydraIRC Features:

-The core and GUI are completely event driven

-Unique Drag & Drop GUI

-Lightweight, clean, and easy to use

-Built in network statistics

-Built in server list

-Comes with more than 40 Key configurable events, this event based system allows you to define your own events to do whatever your want.

-User definable and easily configurable events

-Dockable windows

-CTCP support

-MDI Client area

-All controls are using modern technologies like STL and ATL so you don’t have to worry about backwards compatibility issues.

-Server selection

-A multi-server support

-Hosts file support


-SSL Support

-Customizable Toolbar

-Customizable Tabs

-Customizable Docked window list

-Undocked Window list

-Create your own standard mIRC dictionaries.

-MDI Client area is docked and undocked

-Help screens with additional help screen options

-Built in help key and easy to use help key configuration

-Customizable spell checker

-Auto complete suggestions and built in dictionary

-Built in Tooltip

-Connections are handled transparently for you

-A built in library of standard mIRC scripts

-Built in Server list provides an easy to use server list and update systems

-Resolution independent

-Server list fits neatly on any resolution

-Built in multi-server support

-Built in Scheduler

-Built in host file support

-Built in dictionary built into the program

-Supports all standard mIRC

HydraIRC 1.49 Crack Keygen Free

QuickStart Instructions:
Press F1 to open the Help window or read more info at
Built by:
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Interview by Amy Eaton.

The whole purpose of a convention like Fan Expo is to introduce fans to comic book characters they’ve never met and explain why they would enjoy them. How do you build a fan base?

Edina Jones: I do it naturally through Twitter. I really like Twitter, and I use it as a way to connect with fans and create excitement about what’s going on with the show.

James McArthur: We have our official Facebook, so we post all the fun news and dates and things like that. Fans can go on the show’s Facebook page and know as soon as we have something new.

How did you get involved in the TV series?

Jones: I met the series creator in Toronto. We went to a panel and got to know each other and it just turned into a meeting and a few months later it was just offered to me.

McArthur: It was a TV show that was on SPACE, a Canadian network. It was a small part, only 13 episodes, but it was a show that was based on this picture book I actually loved. It was a great book. I loved the show. In the first meeting, they wanted me to write the next episode and the show was getting cancelled. I asked the show’s writers, “What would you like to see if we kept it going?” And they wanted to continue the story of the girl and the white rabbit.

Jones: We had this dinner after the meeting and talked about what we’d like to do next and the fans through their Facebook pages and Twitter were asking for more. I was the one who was ready for the next episode. It was a really good sign.

McArthur: It was a small bit, but the feedback we got was pretty good. We felt we’d got to a good place with that.

What’s New In?

HydraIRC is a handy IRC application written in C++ using modern programs as Visual Studio 7 or WTL/ATL for a very fast, streamlined and efficient experience.
HydraIRC features a nice looking, intuitive, and highly customizable GUI, dockable windows, MDI client area, event based core (with user definable events), DLL plugin SDK, multi-server support, and more.
HydraIRC configuration is very simple and straightforward. Just include a single configuration file and point HydraIRC to that file at startup time.
HydraIRC installs easily in a matter of seconds without any prior experience. If you have never used mIRC before, you are in for a pleasant and efficient new experience.
HydraIRC can read.ini or.cfg file entries made with most popular configuration editors and tools.
HydraIRC has a friendly ActiveX control user interface with built-in wizards, scrollable windows, and preview windows, with most common useful functions like Server List, Open Server, Open Channel, Server Status, Message, Status, and even a nice little profiler.
HydraIRC gives you the power of command line tools for your convenience. You can use traditional MIRC syntax from the command line, and also you can launch programs from the command line.
You can also use any configuration file for HydraIRC via the command line, just the same way you use one of the included configuration files. The only difference between command line and configuration file configs is that you can use a shortcut character if you want (the ‘#’ character) to mark config line sections, and they’ll be ignored at that moment.
If you are new to IRC or to config files, you are also very welcome to go to for complete documentation and tutorials, FAQ, and sample configs that use the most common features that you can easily understand and use.
If HydraIRC ever gets popular, perhaps HydraIRC should get it’s own special version of IRC with its own nicknames, channels, colors, and methods to find servers, but that’s just a possibility 🙂
As HydraIRC grows it will have new user friendly features to make the configuration and setup process easy for new and old IRC users alike.
HydraIRC consists of the following components:
| Executable: |
| MainWindow : |
| MainWindowTitle : |
| MainLabel : |
| Icon : |

System Requirements For HydraIRC:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad CPU
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon HD 4800 (256MB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 50GB HD space
Sound Card: Windows compatible, or use DirectX Audio Device
Additional Notes:
Installed video driver should be v331 or higher for best performance
Leagues and Divisions:


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