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GPU Observer provides you with a very useful Windows Vista and 7 gadget for monitoring your graphics adapter in real time. Although its development is currently stopped, this witty gadget supports NVIDIA cards up to GTX 600 series and, supposedly, AMD cards as new as the HD 7000 series.
While it does not feature the same technology as RivaTuner, AIDA64 or GPU-Z use, GPU Observer does a pretty well job at displaying the temperature of your VGA adapter as well as other information regarding its fan speed, core and memory clocks. Optionally, the gadget also shows the GPU, VPU or even memory loads.
Due to the beta testing version of GPU Observer, all of these features have the “if supported” note, so you shouldn’t really ask for much in case your graphics adapter’s statistics cannot be monitored. In all the other cases, this gadget does a very good job by constantly notifying you of the current state of your video card.
Windows 8 users can also run GPU Observer by tweaking their system with available utilities that bring back the Gadgets item in the context menu of their desktop. The interface of this particular application is neat and well-designed. The values are clearly painted on top of its background, while the dump file creation option can log the values within a file stored on the desktop of your PC.
GPU Observer has the advantage of being an independent program. Other gadgets from its category usually require additional software in order to be able to display the needed information. On the downside, GPU Observer lacks support for multi-card display as well as resizing. For each and every GPU you might have, you must run separate threads of GPU Observer and select the one you want to monitor within their corresponding configuration panels.
The bottomline is that GPU Observer proves to be a rather interesting gadget for mainly monitoring the temperature of your VGA card(s). Supporting the majority of non high-tech adapters, it may prove to be one of your most trustworthy desktop companions, if not the only one.







GPU Observer Crack+ Activation Key (April-2022)

Monitor and measure the temperatures of your graphic card on a daily basis, on your desktop!
Monitor and measure the temperatures of your graphic card on a daily basis, on your desktop!
Provides diagnostic information regarding the temperature of your card, including core, memory, VRAM, and fan speed.
Supports the following graphic adapters:
NVIDIA: up to 600 series
AMD: up to HD 7000 series
Btw, it uses the same program to display your current card state in games as many CAD applications like, but it does not support at the moment all the features
Core temperature is displayed
Memory temperature is displayed
VGA fan speed is displayed
VDD load of your graphics card is displayed
GPU core state (in case of game)
GPU memory state (in case of game)


Btw, it uses the same program to display your current card state in games as many CAD applications like, but it does not support at the moment all the features

In this case it’s really no different than any other gaming utility. There’s a configuration panel that lets you choose which card you want to be monitored, and then it polls the GPU core, memory, and VRAM as needed, and plots the results. It does not have a single unified interface for multiple card monitoring, that’s a totally different program. All that is possible here.

That was a typo, I meant to say it’s using the same program to display the core/memory status as the program you linked to, which only shows the status of one card.


I want to use on my pc

So you’re talking about running a 3d card at the same time?

Not sure how to do that from the description, but it does state that you can monitor the core/memory on a single card. I’d think it’s more of a problem that you want to use multiple cards at the same time.


Vishal wrote:I want to use on my pc

So you’re talking about running a 3d card at the same time?

Not sure how to do that from the description, but it does state that you can monitor the core/memory on a single card. I’d think it’s more of a problem that you want to use multiple cards at the same time.

I am talking about 2D card only. Thats the way

GPU Observer Crack Free

* Supports GeForce 6200 and newer

* Supports GeForce 3 or newer, with GeForce4 or newer, with Intel i8x00 or newer, with nVidia 6xxx or newer

* Requires Windows Vista SP2 or newer, Windows 7 SP1 or newer

* Requires C Compiler compiler and libraries. CPU-Z related are required to be installed.

* For Windows XP, you need to download a compiler separately.

* Requires 99.9% CPU usage on computer and no other programs running.

* Supports all common and uncommon video cards, only a small chunk of the GTX and Radeon are not supported.

* Limitations:
* It currently supports: Nvidia GeForce 6xxx (and newer)
* Currently not works if you have multiple GTX cards
* Currently supports: Direct X 9 or newer, OpenGL 1.2 or newer
* GeForce 6xxx (and newer)
* GeForce 4xxx (and newer)
* GeForce 3xxx (and newer)
* Nvidia i8x00 or newer
* Intel GMA chipsets
* 1-click automatic loading, no log files to be logged
* Automatic adaptation to the currently running process
* No automatic resizing

* Updated 09-10-08

“GPUzInterface is designed to allow you to plug-in an external monitor to your system’s video card in order to display live system information and graphically represent the status of your system’s hardware and the current temperatures of the VGA adapter.”

Intel HD Graphics DriverOverclockingDescription:
Intel® HD Graphics Driver For Windows 7
If you want to play games with high framerate on Intel HD Graphics, then you need to use best GeForce drivers! Some games have more performance with best NVIDIA drivers, such as World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, Starcraft II, etc.
Intel HD Graphics driver includes a built-in overclocking function!
* The new Intel HD Graphics driver allows you to enable or disable the overclock feature, without requiring a reboot.
* The Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7 comes with a GUI overclock tool, which can be launched from your Start Menu, just like other popular Windows 7 utilities.
* The Tool adjusts the clock frequency of the Intel® HD Graphics hardware during gameplay.
* In certain games, the overclock feature is completely independent of the

GPU Observer Crack+

This is the free non-commercial version of the GPU Observer application. See the purchased version for all of the additional features.
* Shows GPU, VPU, and Memory clock, Core, temperature, fan speed, PCI-E bus activity, PCI-E memory activity, as well as additional information, such as memory controller errors, actual CMOS settings, drive activity, and more.
* Displays the current values of clock, temperature, fan speed, as well as other values of every monitored GPU or VPU
* Encrypted support for most graphic card models
* Encrypted support for all VPUs on any GPU
* GPU – VPU switch – Requires separate monitor but displays multiple measurements per GPU
* Multiple GPUs can be displayed on one PC monitor
* Displayed values are converted to the system/driver/hardware local time. User time is always 0.
* Displayed values are updated in the background
* Preview image is available for monitor that does not support separate multiple GPU settings
* CPU and memory values are shown as well
* Full support for 64-bit Windows 7 or newer
* Full support for 64-bit Windows Vista
* Multiple VPU and GPU configurations are supported – one per monitor
* Preview image is shown for all VPUs and GPUs
* Minor display glitch on some video cards
* Displayed values can be saved to a text file and the file can be opened in any text editor
* Easy to use, install, and configure
* Highly customizable in appearance, size, and layout
* Configurable per monitor, monitor type, monitor resolution and refresh rate
* User-Configurable color scheme
* Color Scheme – Match color theme / colors for VGA device (usually a Color LCD backlight)
* Settings to change the LED backlight
* Fonts to use
* Settings to change the date format
* Settings to change the time format
* Settings to change the unit format
* Different text font sizes to use
* State options – Active/Excluded/Auto
* State options – Active/Excluded/Auto (up to 64 GPUs)
* State options – Active/Included (up to 64 GPUs)
* State options – State
* Support for VGA cards with all video outputs (CRT, VGA, DVI)
* Support for dual monitor systems
* Support for HDCP
* Support for monitors that do not support multiple GPU settings
* Support for

What’s New in the GPU Observer?

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