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GetURL is a lightweight app that allows you to retrieve a certain file from the Internet and save it to your local hard drive. The entire operation is performed in command line mode without using a browser.
You just need to specify the file address or URL and the destination file in the console. It can also be used by creating batch files if you want to download multiple files with just one click.







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Size of the compressed ZIP file (if any)

The URL could be a local or an http (or https) address. You can also use mirrors in case the mirror hosting the URL changed.

E-Mail notification if the file is not found

Some websites (usually mirrors) do not allow users to download files. Sometimes even when the URL is correct, the file is not there.
If this happens, you get an e-mail notification to notify you that the file is not there.

GetURL Features:

GetURL supports multiple protocols and different languages, among them:

“dismembers“, “freespace“, “iunpack“, “mod_dump“, “mod_memdump“, “mod_dumpxml“, “mod_wbm“, “mod_hacked“, “mod_check“, “mod_checklog“, “mod_listfiles“, “mod_listsize“

“dlist2“, “h2x“, “js“, “bz2“, “gzip“, “zip“

“iso“, “rar“, “unzip“, “unrar“

“file“, “xcopy“, “xcopy.exe“, “xcopy.bat“, “xunzip“

As well as compression types (xz, bz2, gzip, lzma, lzop, zip).

We usually don’t support website mirrors, but if you need them, the website will have to be able to allow users to download the file.

One of the major features is to check websites for available downloads or to find out if the file exists in other mirrors.
Users should not have to get any software to download a file that is meant to be downloaded with the system’s built-in methods.

The GetURL program is portable and doesn’t need any installation or dependency on any installed files or services.
It’s safe and can be used to retrieve the following archives:


GetURL Crack + License Keygen [Mac/Win]

– Can easily retrieve a single file or multiple files
– Just need the URL or an address of the files
– The files are downloaded in the same folder as where GetURL For Windows 10 Crack is run
– Works very well for fast data transfer

A simple command line app, that allows you to set up recordable Hotkeys in Windows. It automatically detects Hotkeys you create and places them in a list for quick reference.
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A simple command line app, that allows you to set up recordable Hotkeys in Windows. It automatically detects Hotkeys you create and places them in a list for quick reference.
Simply add your custom Hotkeys or type them in the textbox, get a list of the Hotkeys and add them to your favorites. Hotkeys can be saved in the favorites list and recall via simple commands.

DBTools is a powerful GUI for MySQL database management designed especially for working with MySQL on Command-Line (CLI) and creating scripts. DBTools supports management of databases, tables and rows, as well as editing and saving MySQL query and MIM (MySQL Query…

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With ClaGo you can create program-command shells under Windows (command-line, line-mode, console) and access their commands from any GUI application.
For system-wide launching, you can use them as drop-in components in Windows dialogs or directly in the desktop’s Startup menu.
With.Net, it’s possible to add a ClaGo component to your project’s Project Settings tab.

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GetURL Serial Key Free Download PC/Windows

+ Download and save a file from the Internet
+ Allows you to browse and download files from websites using the command line
+ Download and save files from several websites
+ Save local files with a simple drag and drop
+ Very flexible: You can save files from websites without checking the content
+ Downloads and saves files in local directories
+ Supports most modern web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
+ Supports many languages, including English, French, Russian, Spanish and more
+ Supports several formats: HTML, XHTML, PDF, DOC, DOCX, DOCM, WORD, ZIP, GIF, MP3, MP4, DVD, MP4, MOV, ZIP, AVI, MPEG, BINARY, F4V, SWF
+ Gets file content: The file can be saved as it is retrieved
+ Get URLs of the following files: *.swf, *.mp3, *.jpg, *.avi, *.wmv, *.zip, *.zip.rar, *.bak, *.*, *.*.zip, *.*.rar, *.*.jpg, *.*.bmp, *.*.txt, *.*.swf, *.*.bin, *.*.jar, *.*.exe, *.*.dat, *.*.tlb, *.*.bat, *.*.dll
+ Supports proxy settings
+ Gets completed URLs
+ Download files from their URLs
+ Supports search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

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Disable/bypass the security checks of websites
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+ Hide your

What’s New in the?

GetURL is a lightweight command line tool that allows you to download files from the Internet and save them to your hard drive. Although it can be used to download files from the most famous sites, it can also download files from Google, Skype, Facebook and other smaller websites. It can be used to download up to a limit of five (5) files at a time.
1. It can be used to download just about any type of file including text, RTF, images, video, etc.
2. You can specify multiple URLs (URLs separated by commas) to download simultaneously.
3. All the operations can be performed in the command line.
4. You don’t have to specify the destination file, GetURL will automatically choose the best place for you to save the file.
5. In case you don’t specify the destination file when running the application, GetURL will save it to the specified directory.
6. You can also use GetURL to generate desktop shortcuts.
7. It can be used to generate batch files for repeatedly downloading specific URLs.
8. It is very light, requiring little memory and it can even be used on slow computers.
How to use the application:
You can use GetURL directly in the command line on Windows (either stand-alone or in the PowerShell console).
1. To download a file from the Internet, use the following command:
GetURL file_address
2. To download several files, use the following command:
GetURL file_address1 file_address2
3. When using the Stand-alone version, you can also access configuration options by entering geturl –help
Program Downloads:

GetURL Website:

File Downloader for DOS is an easy-to-use and free tool to download files from the Web.
The program supports saving all files to a folder on your hard disk or to a list of file names. You can specify the file extension you would like to download and the download speed.
The downloading progress display screen includes both progress information and a link to the destination. The link can be used to download a certain file from the Web. You can set the download URL address and specify a destination folder.
You can also use File Downloader to download multiple files at a time. One click will download all specified files. It allows you to download

System Requirements:

Supported systems:
Windows 7 64-bit or later (Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Premium)
DirectX version 9.0 or later
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 (2.4GHz or equivalent) or later
Memory: 6GB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5450 or higher
Hard disk: 1GB free space
Internet connection: Broadband Internet connection
The following browsers are not supported:

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