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Decorative Shapes Brushes Download Photoshop Crack + [Win/Mac]

* Photoshop is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

5. **Double-click Photomerge to open it.**
6. **Choose File⇒Open to open an image file, such as A.tif.**
7. **In the Basic tab, scroll down until you see the word Merge.**
8. **Click to select that word.**
9. **Click the Merge button in the Basic tab.**

Photoshop suggests starting with the Paint Bucket tool to set the background color.

10. **Click the Paint Bucket tool to select it, and then click and drag the background color out of the image.**

This is usually a good way to get your point across if you are beginning.

11. **Change the Blend Mode to Screen and select OK.**

You need to select the text layer, because you won’t be working with it. Selecting the text layer allows you to select the entire text.

12. **Choose File⇒Open to open the Text document, which is inside the Text folder.**
13. **Select the text layer, and then click and drag to rotate the text.**
14. **In the Text panel, click the Lock button to lock the rotation.**
15. **Use the Sponge Bucket tool to paint the background color into the texture section of the text.**

Press the spacebar or select the Sponge Bucket tool to open it and start painting.

The Paint Bucket tool is similar to using any standard ink-jet printer. You select the area you want to paint, select the Sponge Bucket tool, and paint.

16. **In the Text panel, click the label, and then click to select it.**
17. **Click and drag the label off of the image.**
18. **In the Text panel, click the Free Transform tool and rotate the label.**
19. **In the Text panel, click inside the Free Transform tool to activate the tool.**
20. **Click the Trash can icon in the tool’s Options bar (the wrench).**

This opens the options that control how the Free Transform tool works.

21. **From the Align menu, select the Dynamic option.**
22. **In the Align drop-down menu, select Top Left Corner.

Decorative Shapes Brushes Download Photoshop Crack +

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Decorative Shapes Brushes Download Photoshop Crack [Latest-2022]

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