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Version 3.0 – June 2018.
Ultraseps 3.0 includes many new features and enhancements and has a substantial upgrade in functionality
Version 3.0
Gold UltraSeps Full Version available for download.
Upgrading From Photoshop CS6 To Photoshop CC 2018 With UltraSeps (Windows Only). Scanning T-shirt screens has never been easier.
Screenshot of Word document linked from Image attribute. Discover why we’re so sure of this. $59.99 in the Demo.
May 5, 2018
Upgrade Solution for Photoshop from CS6 to CC 2018. Screenshot of Adobe document linked from Image attribute.
Version 2.5 is here. Key Features:
New Retina Ready Duotone Layout Preview
This new feature allows you to preview duotones on your 4K and Apple Retina screens before committing to the duotone adjustments.
Duotone Preview locked in. Preview a duotone with a prepress to see the duotone on your screen.
Duotone Settings panel for four-color separation adjustments. Adjust the duotone color separation settings and preview a duotone to see how each color differs.
Added “Duotone Selected” option to Color Picker. The “Duotone Selected” option in the Color Picker allows you to preview one of the dusotones selected.
Duotone Pattern Adjustment panel now includes a much larger preview window. Preview a duotone in pattern.
Duotone Pattern tool. One click for a duotone in pattern.
Duotone Typography tool. One click for a duotone in letterpress or calligraphy.
Resolved Duplicated Adjustment Options issue. Now you can use the Photo Filter adjustment panel in order to apply both Color Filters and Vignetting at the same time.
Improved Color Selection tool. Now you can use the Color Picker to select colors from the image.
New Duotone options for cameras. Duotone and RGB options for RAW images saved in the Adobe Camera Raw format.
New conversion modes. Added three to the Convert tab. Separate: Uses the Duotone option for black and white, color separations, and separate layers in Photoshop.
Invert: Removes the duotone and uses it as an RGB and black and white image.
Use Another: Converts to an RGB image but keeps the duotone as another copy of the


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