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May 04, 2022
Install the Final Draft Subscription and product key. The combination of a subscription and product key is required for all updates and new installations on your computer.
May 10, 2022
Go to and enter the Troubleshooting topic. If your issue is not listed, email techsupport@finaldraft.comĀ .
Jun 02, 2022
Send the list of files from your computer to The support team will perform debugging and will restore any lost files
Jun 03, 2022
Install a new version of Final Draft from the Web.
If you do not want to reinstall Final Draft, you can extract the content for a previous version of Final Draft from the archive to the location on your computer where you store your scripts.

General Features

Section the script into topic parts.
Live Script Links in Final Draft Pro. Live Script Links are cross-reference of where the main dialogues or blocks of the script. Live Script Links are both contextual and non-contextual. Contextual Live Script Links link text change with dialogues or blocks that contain the same contextual information. The context is defined by, but is not limited to. The topic of the script is also shown in text.
Sections are collapsible. Section is a manageable and printable unit that can be placed into a separate Final Draft Pro document. Sections can be grouped by color, style, shape, or any attributes that the section unit requires.
In a PDF, sections can be set to Hidden. Sections that are set to Hidden will not appear on the left side of the script.
Division, Blackline, and Script Options, in the Options dialog window. The main window also has Script Preview, Script Help, Script Sections, and Script Sections Plus. The Script Section Plus opens all the Script Sections from the selected script into a single document that can be formatted.

Dialog Panels

Panels are a container for a specific function of the script. We offer panels for: Camera, Dialog, Layout, Main, Locking, Menu, Search, Events, Text, Sound, Stage Properties, Media, and Script.

Panels can be moved into a different panel using the Move to Panel button. The Move to Panel button is shown at the right side of the script below the buttons

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