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edtFTPj/PRO is a comprehensive Java library that allows you to build file transfer functions into your developing applications.
The tool offers a large range of functions that you can implement in your program, via both FTPS and SFTP connections.
edtFTPj/PRO allows you to manage FTPS connections in both implicit and explicit modes, as well as implement FTP via SSH tunneling.
Moreover, you can also configure FTP file transfers using SSL/TLS protocols or access SCP-enabled FTP servers.
The tool allows you to generate batch file or folder transfers, as well as implement multi-protocol clients that you can switch between with a single method call.
The utility provides asynchronous APIs which permits several background transfers, at the same time. Additionally, you can generate edtFTPj/PRO functions which support FXP server-to-server transfers via FTP connections.
You can secure data, plus control the transfer channels and the server validation. The tool also allows you to implement OpenSSL certificates or DSA and RSA public/private keys.
You can manage zlib compression for the transferred files, or enable sending items in ASCII and binary modes.
The tool provides you with a scripting engine for running FTP scripts and supports handling FTPInputStream, FTPOutputStream. Additional functions that you can create are transfer pause, resuming or resuming according to a user-specified offset, particularly for downloads.
edtFTPj/PRO allows you to build advanced logging capabilities for your applications, especially integration with log4j.
The tool includes a comprehensive documentation, as well as several already compiled examples that can help you get the development started.
The pack includes punctual tutorials on how to connect to an FTP server, get a directory listing, use binary/ASCII codes or work with client/server validation algorithms.







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