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In the eventuality that you need to work with multiple computers at the same time, then there is a chance that you may be looking for something that enables you to connect to the remote desktops smoother. Remote Desktop Plus is a lightweight application that provides you with a quick way to establish a connection with all the other computers you are working it on a regular basis.
Includes auto-discovery of the credentials and address
Even though the utility is a shell for the Remote Desktop command of Windows, it is worth mentioning that it uses local resources, more precisely the information stored in the command line autologin. Consequentially, once you launch the tool, you will be happy to learn that it already fills in the name of the other desktops along with their passwords and addresses.
Moreover, you no longer need to bother with accepting connections, as the tool allows you to overpass it. In the light of this fact, you may have some concerns regarding the security of your data. According to the developer, the app supports the single sign-on functionality provided by CredSSP if it is configured on your system. At the same time, you can encrypt the password you enter in the command line for an extra level of security.
Connect to several computers at the same time
A further noteworthy feature is that you can establish connections with multiple connections with just one click and hence you no longer need to do it manually and separately for each PC. You can achieve this by entering the servers' addresses separated by commas and hit the Connect button. The connection can be established via a remote desktop gateway and enables you to configure launching and autologin for various programs installed on the remote desktops.
All in all, Remote Desktop Plus is a reliable tool that enables you to access multiple remote connections and manage them more efficiently to suit your needs and preferences.







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3D Graphics Rendering is one of the most demanding roles within a game engine. It involves a lot of complicated math and calculations that are used to produce images that are as realistic as possible. At the heart of most game engines is a C++ class that handles these tasks for you: the Renderer class.
3D Graphics Rendering is one of the most demanding roles within a game engine. It involves a lot of complicated math and calculations that are used to produce images that are as realistic as possible. At the heart of most game engines is a C++ class that handles these tasks for you: the Renderer class.
The requirements for a good renderer are certainly high: the visual output is usually displayed on a high-resolution screen, using a pretty shader that can work with shaders to create other types of effects and even other screens (e.g. lighting effects).
Even though the Renderer class is the one handling all the math and processing for the Renderer, it handles it using a set of different methods that can be used to produce all sorts of effects, textures, lighting, shaders, particles, etc. Each method is able to produce the output as pixels on the screen or a file, just as we shall see now.
The methods available are:
* begin() – This method can be used to add the output to the screen as we did it previously.
* render() – This method handles the rendering of the textures that are added to the screen.
* glEnd() – This method is used to clean up all the objects that have been added to the screen.
* renderViewport() – This method is used to render the output to a specific area of the screen.
* renderFullscreen() – This method is used to render the output to the entire display screen, instead of a specific area.
* Render2dToFile() – This method

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File Launcher is a handy and reliable application designed to run commands with user-defined arguments.
Here’s how it works: enter the file name (command) to be run, together with the arguments, set the priority and window state (normal, maximized, minimized) and press the Launch button.
Ads can be annoying. If you do not want to be bothered by ads, you should know that you can remove them from Firefox.
To start the process, load the main Options window from the application’s main window. Next, click on the General tab and select Never show any ad or banners from the menu.
Firefox Advanced is a handy Firefox extension designed to improve your browsing experience. It can be automatically disabled in Settings.
It is a lightweight application that provides you with a set of tools that allow you to better manage your browsing. In fact, the application is capable of automatically detecting any ad that would appear on the screen, along with the related URL.
To start the task, visit the Firefox menu and choose Customize. Finally, select the Add-ons tab from the menu bar.
Adblock Plus is a lightweight Firefox extension designed to improve your browsing experience. It can be automatically disabled in Settings.
Running Commands Without Coding
There are thousands of commands available and you can, depending on your needs, easily create a way of executing them. However, some of the main commands that are capable of taking action without the need of coding are the following:
a *Automatically* brings back applications that have been closed as part of the background activity.
b *Automatically* brings back applications that were left open and were not displayed on the taskbar.
c *Automatically* applies the changes that were made to the open files on the current running application.
d *Automatically* launches the configured desktop on the specified time.
e *Automatically* lists the recent documents that were accessed on the current window.
f *Automatically* sends your current window to the specified virtual desktop.
g *Automatically* opens the first application that is installed in the specified path.
h *Automatically* allows you to quickly locate the leftmost or rightmost documents in the current application.
i *Automatically* allows you to automatically backup the documents to the specified path.
j *Automatically* launches the Google Chrome web browser on the specified URL.
k *Automatically* restores the settings and the preferences.
l *Automatically* clears

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Bates Motel Icons is a resource for all the fans of the popular TV show “Bates Motel” that was created by A&E Studios. The icons are created with the same high quality standards as all products from the brand.
The icons are available in 6 different sizes, with the possibility to choose between 256 and 512 pixel pixels. Also, you can combine several icons in one folder.
How to get started:
1. Download the zip file
2. Open it
3. Choose the size you need
4. You’re done

Full Spell and Grammar checker for mobile devices. If you’re looking for a simple, yet sophisticated spell checking and grammar checker application, then Grampoline is what you need. It will check your writing with just a few taps!
With our easy-to-use spell checking and grammar checking technology, you won’t need to spend hours researching the proper words for your phrases or checking the spelling over and over again.
We know how frustrating it can be when you realize that even a simple mistake is keeping you from your goal. We’ve tried to eliminate all the guesswork by adding several tools for checking even the smallest detail.
First, there’s our “Bucket” feature that lets you quickly and easily check the spelling of all the words in your email.
Next up, our automatic Spell Checker takes the hard work out of finding the proper words for your phrases. All you need to do is select the words, then press the check button.
Finally, we’ve also added automatic grammar checking to help eliminate most of the errors that are made without even realizing that you are doing it. With automatic grammar checking, you can quickly go through your paragraph and identify the correct words for the phrases.
We know it might seem a bit confusing, but if you give it a try, you’ll see how easy it really is.
Why choose Grampoline?
– 50+ million words
– 80+ different languages
– Grammar checker
– Spell checker
– Check words in contacts
– Choose a method to check words and phrases
– Comprehensive grammar checking
– Easy to use, convenient
– Top-notch and intuitive
– Automatically checks your emails
– New, improved grammar and spelling checker
– Automatic checking
– Spell and grammar checker
– 50+ million words
– 80+ different languages
– Grammar checker

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This program is intended for the portable segment of the market that wants to edit photos in their mobile environment. It is a simple and intuitive app that requires minimum efforts in order to operate, making the editing task efficient.
App’s functions
The main feature of this simple program is its ability to perform basic image editing tasks. Image transformation, rotate and resize pictures are all available to the user, although it cannot perform complex operations like cropping or color correction.
Image processing is a more complex subject than expected, which is why the user manual is only available in the program’s support section.
Immediate preview
Image Processing Wizard comes with an obvious and unobstructed preview window that allows you to obtain an instant and detailed idea of the results of the whole process. However, you cannot actually preview the image if you have not yet pasted the picture into the window.
The preview window can be hidden. This does not affect the user’s ability to perform edits in the image editor, since hiding it simply blocks its visibility. The image preview also keeps the auto zoom function enabled.
The user manual is simple to understand and feature-rich
Readable and informative user manual
The manual can be accessed through the Help menu, a button available in the edit window. While it is a good idea to read and study the manual, it does not provide any explanation of the tasks or show how to configure the program’s interface.
The manual is very simple and does not involve any technical jargon, making it easily comprehensible to all users. Its text is accompanied by icons, thereby making it easier to understand and navigate.
The user manual is interesting and makes the app accessible to all
Customer Support
Image Processing Wizard is a basic image editing app that can be of help to users who want to improve their general knowledge of the subject. It features a simple and direct interface and a helpful user manual.

In this article, we will see Free Excel to Word Online Help, It’s the best tool to Convert Excel sheet into Word sheet. Word files can be viewed in PDF or HTML without the need to install any software on your PC. It’s easy to convert any Excel sheet to the Word file.
Can open any Excel file and copy the data into the Word file
Excel to word online help is the best solution to convert Excel sheet into Word sheet. By using this tool, we can open any Excel file and copy the data into the Word file. If you are having problem about Excel to word conversion, you can

System Requirements For Editor:

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, AMD Athlon X2, AMD Athlon X4
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection


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