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Getting the Year with Month with Date

I want to output the current month and the year that month belongs to based on a selected date. I can get the month with this:

But I can’t get the year with it.
For example, if I select December, and the time is 12:00pm, the output would be:
and the year it belongs to is: 2013

How do I get the year as well?


You need to use strtotime to convert the format to unix time
echo date(‘Y’, strtotime(‘December 12’)). ”


Bilateral acute varicocele in adolescents: timing for treatment.
To review the literature pertaining to the optimal timing for surgical treatment of adolescents with acute varicoceles and to give evidence-based clinical guidelines for the selection of candidates for this procedure. By using MEDLINE, the literature search yielded articles dated from 1990 to July 2001 on the timing of varicocele repair in adolescent boys. A major criterion used to determine the success of surgical treatment of varicocele in the treatment of these patients is the postoperative testicular size. Three other major criteria used to determine the success of varicocele repair in adolescents are sperm quality, time to fertility, and, rarely, varicocelect


. Akhirnya selesai.
صور و تسجيلات مساوية بـ. Please note that the terms “Cdr”, “Cdrw”, “CdR”, “Rip”, “Emf”, “Mp3” and “Wav” may be used for any type of data on the CD or DVD.
Undangan Aqiqah Dijamin saat ini. Faktisk, det s. Hidden Protected Files.Q:

File added to log4net not showing up in file system

I have the following code in my Program.cs:
public static void Main()
ILog log = LogManager.GetLogger(typeof(Program));
log.Fatal(“Fatal Message”);
log.Fatal(“This is a Second fatal message”);
log.Error(“This is an Error message”);
log.Fatal(“Third fatal message”);
log.Fatal(“Fourth fatal message”);

In Visual Studio, I have the following settings:

My log4net log file is created in App_Data as “Log4net.log”.

However, the log file is empty.

Any ideas?


I got the issue to work, but it is not the way I had expected it to work. When I ran my program from Visual Studio, the log was created, but when I ran the program from a console, it created the file but did not have the log output. I had assumed that would have worked, but since this was an early development project, I am not going to bother to debug.

Susceptibility of Dictyocaulus viviparus larvae to encapsulated vaccines based on lactic acid bacteria.
Development of a vaginal vaccine against Dictyocaulus viviparus using lactic acid bacteria was investigated. It is possible to use immobilized organisms as carriers for in vitro vaccine production. In the present study, the effects of selected lactic acid bacteria and co-culture on the in vitro growth and viability of D. viviparus eggs were investigated. When only cells of the lactic acid bacteria were used, the culture medium



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