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How Photoshop Works

The concept of layers in Photoshop is a concept that is often overlooked. The image manipulation program’s layers are similar to how the layers in some paint programs work, or how the layers in digital drawing programs work.

Photoshop’s layer structures are not only for the raster image that is being edited. Even the layers that have not been altered actually have a layer structure — for example, the layer with an existing background, such as a photo or scanned image. The beginning of a new session with Photoshop creates layers as empty canvases for all the individual layers that will be created during the session.

Each newly created layer is referred to as a visible layer or a hidden layer. A visible layer contains image data and is visible within the image window. A hidden layer is a layer with no image data.

Like other image manipulation programs, layers are nested and can be grouped into collections, or palettes, of layers with a single use. As the image is being edited and layers are added or removed from the image, the layers and their contents are contained within a Photoshop document.

A key difference between Photoshop’s layer structures and the layer structures of other image manipulation programs is that Photoshop’s layers can be created and altered with layers on top of each other. Layers in Photoshop are also much more visible than the layers in other programs. If the layers have different color backgrounds, you can see the individual layers beneath by displaying the layers in thumbnail mode in the layers palette.

In Photoshop, the layers palette can be grouped into collections of layers, which are also known as palettes. The layers palette is the main window from which you can manage the layers and their contents. You can create a new image, open an existing image, open a Photoshop document with a number of layers, or open layers in an existing document.

To open an image that has multiple layers, click Edit>New to open the New Document dialog box.

In the Name field, type in a name for the image. I usually type in the year and the month.

Click OK.

Click the File icon () in the top-left corner of the Layers palette.

The new image appears within the window, with no layers yet created, and the Files bar at the bottom of the window lists the files you have open in Photoshop.

Click the Open button to open an image file.

To open a Photoshop document with multiple layers, open the L

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Both are really easy to use and work exactly the same way. Even though you are an expert with Photoshop, it will take you only minutes to get the hang of Elements if you start from scratch.

Are these programs the same thing?

No, they aren’t. Elements is a very different program to Photoshop, it’s much simpler and easier to use, and a good alternative for amateur photo editing.

What can I do with Elements?

Elements has a lot of photo editing tools that you can use: retouching, cropping and resizing, watermarking, adding borders, frames and more. You can use it to resize photos, to apply photo masks, to create a collage from several photos, and much more.

How to open Elements in Mac?

If you are using a Mac, here are the things you need to do to get started with Elements:

Open Apple Store and search for Adobe Photoshop Elements

Download and open file (click to download and open on Mac)

Open the file with iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID.

Also, if you prefer to use a paid software, you can always get it from the App Store for a small fee. But if you use Photoshop, you will find that Elements may be a good option for you.

How to open Elements in Windows?

If you are using a PC, here are the steps you need to take:

Download and open the.exe file (click to download and open on PC)

Open the file using Windows Start menu

Connect your device to the computer and sign in as usual.

Connect your camera to the computer via USB cable

Elements supports most of the basic image editing and retouching operations, so you can use it to edit almost any picture. You can use it to correct lens distortions, change brightness and contrast, crop photos, adjust color, and to save/export images to your computer.

Before you open Elements, you need to connect your camera to your computer via USB cable. If you don’t do this, it will be impossible to use all of the advanced features of the program.

How to use Elements?

Even though the program has a simple interface, it has a lot of features. For example, with the right combination of tools, you can create a nice piece of artwork.


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if any PHP expert can check this for me, i would appreciate it.


Ok so let’s take a look at your whole code :

You seem to have a problem in your second page. You should not set a SESSION in an if statement, because it will be useless. This is why your SESSION doesn’t exists and why you get a notice.

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