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i have a logitech keyboard and a nice logitech mouse….I’ve read that I can input the dpi setting in the.ini file but I don’t know how and what I should enter.

thanks for any help

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this is something that is needed in win 3.11 also. how can I do it?
could you please tell me?

Win3.114 only full support for those keyboards which supports dpi setting by using change device setings.
SMI: Create a registry key
HKCU\Control Panel\Mouse\Caps: Send the message!#+{256}# to use Change Device Setting and select a Touch keyboard.
No other keyboards will work.
If you use a standard keyboard, it is not possible.


I have a question..
There are a lot of cool things available on this program, but it seems impossible to use in Windows…

I want to change the display contrast (shadows and highlights).

How can I do it?

Thank you for your help.

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New from computer hardware to software solutions…Replace hardware, recycle software…

WV: In WinVS (.ini file) if you change the “Monitor” section to “Non-DRM” the next time you restart the program, you should see a button at the bottom to adjust the screen.
Otherwise: the only way to do this is to add the “DPI_Adjust” line below the “Monitor” line (under the “Sensing” line)…

“DPI_Adjust” = “1”




I have a question..
There are a lot of cool things available on this program, but it

DiskImage Crack +

■ DiskImage Cracked Accounts Pro is the fully featured software, there are many useful features are included in the pro version like backup partition, entire disk and usb images, and many more..
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■ A disk image is a complete collection of formatted data, as well as the unformatted data on the device from which it was read.
■ Disk images are one of the most useful ways of backup. Using this, you can save all the important files on your computer.
■ Disk images can help you restore all your important data in case you have lost them.
■ With DiskImage you can create disk images for a number of different items and formats.
■ You can back up a disk image from one disk, or from a partition on a disk image.
■ A directory of disk images will be created on your machine, each one pointing to a different disk (or partition).
■ You can easily copy or move a disk image between your disks and partitions.
■ Disk images may be written to disk or saved to a file. There are three different backup modes;
■ full backup
■ incremental backup
■ backup mirror.
■ Disk images are created from an existing disk or a partition. If the disk is not currently present, it is created for you.
■ There is a comprehensive help file.
■ There is a help file in French, but there is no French language support in the program.
■ There is a help file in Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian.
■ You can’t restore a disk image, only a disk or partition.
■ You can use full, incremental, or in place backup.
■ For a full backup, all the files are backuped. For an incremental backup, only the files that have been added or modified since the last full backup are backed up. For an in place backup, all the files are backed up on the same disk or partition, without changing the size of the disk or partition.
■ You can test disk image integrity in several ways.
■ You can test the integrity of individual files.
■ You can compare an image to another.
■ As a disk image is a complete copy, you can use


In this paper we present the design and implementation of DuBaron DiskImage. The application is intended for users who need to backup and restore partitions, entire drives, and CD-ROMs without losing the original data.
It’s based on a simple, efficient and multi-platform technology, which is called “virtual hard disk”. In this technology, data is stored in a special file. During the conversion process, no data on the actual hard disk is modified.
DuBaron DiskImage supports formats like HFS, NTFS, FAT, XFS, ext2/3, VFAT, FreeDOS, Linux FS, ISO-9660, FAT32, UDF, AmigaFS, MFS, Quota, Sun CDFS, SAMBA, NFS. It is compatible with hardware and software RAIDs like on IBM AT, NAS, Linux, Mac, and Sun Sparc workstations.
The user interface is a win32 application, which runs on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista and Linux, e.g. SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake. It uses a “native” look, but is fully compatible with “universal look and feel”.
DiskImage is distributed under an open source license (GPL) and in the following formats:
Official Project Page:



Licensing Information:
DuBaron, DuBaron DiskImage, and XpDiskImage are the trademarks of DuBaron Software AS, registered in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, UK, France, Italy and USA.
XpDiskImage is registered in USA.
The project is also part of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) Register of Free & Open Source Software.
The official DuBaron project page (without commercial advertisement) is:

This download is just a selection and may or may not be representative of the overall quality of the download site.
DuBaron DiskImage should be a very simple and easy to use application. But due to the wide range of supported formats, Windows and Linux, we cannot say if all

What’s New In DiskImage?

DuBaron DiskImage is the new software tool used to backup and restore partitions, entire hdd, usb key, floppy drive and optical media.
DiskImage features built-in zip compression, it’s own compression method for data > 2Gb, MD5 and SHA1 checksumming, a hex editor, and various tools like drive speed and seek testing.
Dumping and restoring partitions, usb sticks, floppies, optical media, diskimage is the swiss army knife.
Here are some key features of “DuBaron DiskImage”:
■ A clear and convenient graphical user interface will help you learning the application quickly.
■ You will be explicitely warned and asked for confirmation before overwriting existing data.
■ Multi-purpose. Wether you simply want read or write floppy images, dump cd or dvd images, hex-edit your partition table, it is all possible!
■ Pro version with support for huge devices available on registration.
Partition Backup
General disk Backup
Save to archive.
DuBaron DiskImage Windows Version
Desktop icon, command line.
DuBaron DiskImage Mac Version
Small window, command line.
DuBaron DiskImage Linux Version
Small window, command line.
DuBaron DiskImage Server Version
Big window, command line.
DuBaron DiskImage
DuBaron DiskImage Pro Version
Big window, command line.
DuBaron DiskImage Compression
Two form of compression, this: ‘DuBaron DiskImage Compress for DiskImage’ and this: ‘DuBaron DiskImage Compress for archive’.
Two form of compression, this: ‘DuBaron DiskImage Compress for DiskImage’ and this: ‘DuBaron DiskImage Compress for archive’.
DuBaron DiskImage Compression for DiskImage.
DuBaron DiskImage Compression for archive.
DuBaron DiskImage Tools
Delete: delete partition or entire disk.
Delete: delete partition or entire disk.
Hex Hex editor.
Hex Hex editor.
DuBaron DiskImage for Dos.
DuBaron DiskImage for Dos.
DuBaron DiskImage Photo Recovery.
DuBaron DiskImage Photo Recovery.
DuBaron DiskImage for Floppy disk.
DuBaron DiskImage for Floppy disk.
DuBaron DiskImage for Floppy disk.

System Requirements For DiskImage:

Intel CPU:
OS: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
For Download, please follow this link
Windows 10 Update:
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
(Not Available for Vista, XP and Windows 8.1)
OneNote Note:
How to use this Free OneNote Video Tutorial by


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