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Handy for mobile phone repair shops.
Keeping a database of your repair jobs is simple with DilexPR. Whether you are just starting or your firm has been operating for years, this app is for you!
■Inventory management: keep a detailed list of all repaired phones and replace broken parts.
■Customize your own repairs: most repairs can be customized when using DilexPR. Simply create as many repair categories as necessary to keep track of all your work.
■Send money and get paid: you can send money to your clients and get paid at the same time.
■Keep track of your repair staff: add up to four employees. Each employee can be assigned a job.
■Troubleshoot your repairs: check the status of your repair jobs in real-time.
■No registrations: no login or password required. No credit card information is stored.
■Unlimited phone repairs for 12 months.
■Customer support: email and phone support.
■App stores for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
■6 language support.
■Extended support: contact us for more information.
■Bug Reports: we are constantly working to find bugs and resolve issues.

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Collect all the phones and device IDs you have in your mobile devices inventory. Identify them, keep track of the warranty status.
Instantly add and edit devices and warranty. Enter IMEI/ CID/ SN.
Use warranty tool to manage warranty, Tracking device, to manage devices and warranty.
Send Email reports
One of the greatest factors that make the application stand out among all its competitors is the extensive feature set they offer.

“Handy” is a must have app to use when running a business.
Keeping track of your employees, financials, clients, and inventory is so much easier with this incredible app.
“Handy” has apps for almost everything you could ask for in a business app.
you can plan events, employees, clients, inventory, and more.
“Handy” is the perfect app for any business that needs to add an extra level of digital tracking.
Handy apps are multi-faceted
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Aclaro is the most comprehensive, feature-packed contact manager for your contacts on your Android device or computer.
Proudly powered by Microsoft’s technology and native to the Android ecosystem, Aclaro is guaranteed to exceed all of your previous expectations.
Amazing features
More than just a contact manager. Aclaro is all-encompassing contact app. Possibilities are endless. You can synchronize all your contacts and appointments between your Android devices and computers, and even your web browsers via the Aclaro web app.
Synchronize between your web browsers and your contacts with Aclaro.
Aclaro makes it easy to access all your contacts from any device. You can share contacts with your family, friends, and colleagues.
Simply connect your phone to your computer and Aclaro will sync your contacts automatically. Add your Google Contacts, Gmail Contacts, Facebook Contacts or Outlook Contacts.
Batch Export Contacts
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DilexPR Crack Activator

Although RepairShop™ is easy to use, it can also be complex. If you want to use this application in a more complex way, you can install a more advanced version of this software.
Process of repair
Simple as ever, RepairShop™ gives you a way to record simple repairs. You can easily create an instance of a repair shop, including the user information, and the list of equipment available, along with a description for each device.
Setting up an instance of this application is very simple, especially since all the information you need is provided on the website.
This application also includes an inventory system, which allows you to keep a record of all the equipment you have in your repair shop.
Basic repair shop’s functionality
This application offers basic repair shop features, including a repair overview, tools, and the standard features you need to track repairs, including the repair order number, equipment to be repaired, the repairs done, and all the information required to enter an invoice.
Advanced repair shop’s functionality
If you want to keep a more detailed inventory of the devices you repair, you can install the advanced version of the RepairShop™ application.
This allows you to record a lot more information than the basic version, so you can keep a more detailed record of the repairs you perform, including:
User information
The state of each device
The user’s serial number
The duration of the repair
The specific repairs that were performed on each device
The invoice number
The amount paid
The total cost for the repair
Among other information
This application includes advanced features that you can record, including the warranty status, the make, model, revision level, and even the unique serial number of each device.
All the information you need for the service
As you log the details of each repair done in a repair shop in RepairShop™, you can easily retrieve all of the information you need.
In fact, you can easily search for the repair orders that you have entered by various criteria, including the repair order number, the repair performed on a specific device, or the specific user who performed the repair.
For the repair orders you have issued, you can easily find the information you need with just a few clicks.
With this application, you can also easily retrieve the information you need to invoices you create.
Along with the repair logs, you can use RepairShop™ to track the information you need to create invoices for the repairs that have been

What’s New in the?

Manage your customer’s phone repair requests.
• Create repair requests for customers (even in the cloud or online), assign them to an employee and customize the repair process.
• Manage repairs like receipts, employee hours and customer satisfaction survey results.
• Centralize all repair data in one location, in one place.
• Easily share repair requests with employees.
• Add unlimited repair requests and employees.
Customer Support:
The “Troubleshooting” page is a great place to start when you encounter problems. Many of the troubleshooting steps have been detailed there.
If you can’t find the answer to your question there, then email support@dilexpr.com for further help.
In-app purchases available:
* Reports
* Insurance/Exchange
* Push-to-Talk

Business model may change and is subject to change at any time, without notice, and may adversely affect DilexPR business.
Full DilexPR Review:

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Help email:
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published:03 Apr 2017


How to Inspect Your Phone’s Phone Network / IMEI/ CDMA/ T-Mobile/ GSM/ IEMI/ SIM/ IMEI/ IMSI/ IMEI/ CID

In the following video we will talk about how to find out your

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
1GHz processor
Video Card with Shader Model 3.0
2GB available hard drive space
DirectX 9.0c compatible
Recommended System Requirements:
4GB available hard drive space
DirectX 10.0c compatible
System Requirements:
Macintosh System Requirements:
Minimum Macintosh System Requirements:
64-bit capable PowerPC Macintosh


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