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If SZ are true, it’s gonna hurt the company and business relationship with the Kyoani group. SZ’s a criminal organization and the Kyoani group also has to come out to support Ayu. This is an uncharted territory for them. They definitely need a proper plan to handle it.

SZ is an organisation based around the personal business relationship with Kawazaki. They cannot run from the fact that he was a member of their group. They are forever linked with his shady activities. It’s not as simple as just getting a few people to sign something else and saying they are still ‘SZ’.



If MrKawazaki and his team felt SZ’s will is strong enough to survive this, they may have been conflicted about this from the beginning.

The condition of the gang was already in the process of decline even when he was still active. I believe that while Kawazaki was in the group, he was in total control and nothing can be done about it, at least for a while.

You would be better to check out the information from Kawazaki’s ‘past life’ before you continue with this argument.



It’s all about how SZ will respond to Ayu’s demand, but not about whether or not he was


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