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Clic & Capture almost sounds like one of those fast-food joints near your house, but it's not. This application, as the name suggests, is created with the purpose of allowing any user to capture the screen of their computer, laptop, tablet PC. It works quite simply, having the need to be deployed from the system tray area. It allows for multiple types of screen capture and can export the taken shots to many popular formats.
Doesn't really have an interface
The application does not include an actual window or assembly of menus and hubs. You can operate all its features from the system tray, by right-clicking its icon. The only available menu will pop up, giving you, the user, plenty of choices to think about. You can change the language, capture window color, include or exclude audio signals or decide if you want to save a copy of the taken image into your clipboard.
Four types of screen capture
In terms of the application's main purpose, you can choose between four presets. One can capture a full screen, an active window, a window selection, or simply have a cropped window capture. The choices are indeed sufficient. You can also use shortcuts to activate any of the above-mentioned capture modes. The program does not interrupt the user, sitting silently in the systray until it is required.
Clic & Capture is more of a capture toolbox that includes plenty of choices and options for that perfect screenshot. The fact that it is quiet and does not interrupt or nag the user, the various options that give this program a flexible feel and the simple and intuitive way of accessing all of its perks make this program a good choice if you find yourself constantly snagging pics of your on-screen activity.


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What’s New in the?

Clic & Capture is a screen capture tool that works quietly in the system tray. It will capture an active window, a full screen or a region defined by a window selection. It also allows the user to save the captured image to any supported format.
Clic & Capture provides four capture modes that can be used to create a screen shot that is up to date with the currently active application. It also provides a few shortcuts that can be used to quickly create a screen shot. The application is easy to use and you can export a screen shot to several formats.
So, if you are looking for a screen capture tool, that will be easy to use, quiet and offers a wide variety of features, Clic & Capture is the best choice. It is actually pretty good.


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System Requirements:

64-bit compatible processor
64-bit compatible processor Memory:
2 GB RAM Graphics:
DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
DirectX 11 compatible graphics card Storage:
4 GB available space Free disk space Free disk space
Windows 10
Display Driver:
Latest version
Additional Notes:
How to Install & Launch:
Step 1. Uninstall previous version by clicking on the below button on Control Panel.
Note: If you

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