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The variable “bootstrap” applies the Bootstrap algorithm (described below) to a data set consisting of the ratings an individual listener gave to six video codecs.

Bootstrap Resampling Description:
The variable “resample” applies the Bootstrap algorithm (described below) to a list of listeners and their perceived values.

Algorithm Description:
The variable “algorithm” is implemented in the Algorithm package.



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The user’s data set is first split into smaller data sets, each of which corresponds to a different listener and has at least 2 copies of the original data, with each having a different randomization of the data.
For each of these data sets, a new bootstrap resampling technique is performed. In this technique, the listener is permutated randomly, and the original data set is cut into the same number of pieces as the number of splits in the original data set.
This is done for many randomizations of the original data set, each corresponding to a randomization of the listeners. A randomization of the listeners is performed by randomly reassigning the song lists between listeners. Within each listener, the randomizations are performed independently from one another. Thus, the randomizations are similar to that produced by a statistical test.
For each simulated data set, ANOVA is used to calculate a t-statistic with a p-value that corresponds to the proportion of simulations in which the resulting t-statistic was as large as or larger than the t-statistic calculated from the original data. The same p-value adjustment technique used for ANOVA is applied to the t-statistics in the bootstrap resampling analysis.
The user can view each of the plots produced by ANOVA, and the t-test results.
Bootstrap default Parameters:

*Permute listeners randomly
*Permute copy of data randomly
*Permute data
*Permute listeners


## Using the tool

After running the analysis, each graph, table, and coda can be viewed by clicking on the graph or graph element. One of the graphs (as viewed in the Bootstrap GUI) is shown below:

The remaining graphical elements are described in detail on the Bootstrap website:


* The charts show how listeners differ in their rankings, expressed as means and standard errors for each individual. The standard errors and z-scores are shown for each comparison, so the user can determine whether a result occurred by chance based on how much the listeners differ in their rankings.

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Bootstrap is used to re-sample listener ratings. A classical bootstrap uses the entire set of listeners, which may contain a large number of listeners (millions) but which do not necessarily resemble the listeners used in the experiment. The classical bootstrap approach does not take into account that the ratings from different listeners might be correlated (as the viewer ratings may be correlated).
With the blocked bootstrap, each of the listeners is resampled, so that a new set of listeners is created. This new set of listeners is obtained by sampling from the original set of listeners. The new listeners are slightly different, because sampling without replacement (i.e., without identical numbers of listeners) tends to produce a certain degree of randomness. One effect of this randomness is that a subset of pairs of listeners may repeatedly be selected, but none of these pairs will be selected more than a certain number of times. This situation is analogous to the fact that a shuffling technique does not necessarily reshuffle all data items a given number of times.
Like the classical bootstrap, the bootstrap method can generate distributions which converge more or less quickly. From a technical standpoint, the most powerful method is the unrestricted bootstrap, in which all listeners are resampled without replacement. The optimal block size is a trade-off between convergence speed (as it may be slowed by a large block size) and the need to use a large number of blocks. Because the optimal block size is only a rough rule of thumb, the blocked bootstrap is likely to outperform the classical bootstrap on most data sets.
Finally, the bootstrap method adjusts p-values to take into account that the repeated measurements increase the chances that a significant result in a single comparison between two codecs may not be significant in the context of the overall experiment. This adjustment is necessary for comparison of the different codecs with each other and it also accounts for the fact that the approach uses pairs of listeners and thus needs to take into account the correlations between listeners. The p-values are adjusted by taking into account that the probability of the p-value being equal to or smaller than some threshold is smaller than the classical p-value, for example if the recorded data provides a significant result in a single comparison, then the p-value for that comparison should be larger than the classical p-value.
 “refer” links to detailed explanations.
“`{r expect-test-table}

What’s New in the?

The Bootstrap application was created to perform a series of linear regression and correlation analysis tests between A-B on the VLC or MP3 codecs and several control variables, including MOS score, perceived quality (Spearman rho), and number of previous participants rated. The test is currently blocked by listener, a parameter which is determined by resampling the data to generate a new list of participants.
Bootstrap basic parameters:

Number of bootstrap resamplings:

Number of bootstrap iterations:

Cells in an output table:

Table size:

Correlation table:

A-B pair’s coefficient to be tested:



The parameters used to create the output table, cells, and the correlation coefficient may be modified.

Example 1: Test the A-B relationship between VLC and MP3, and the perceived quality of VLC compared to MP3 on a subset of listeners (n=100), controlling for previously rated codecs (shown in the correlation table).

Example 2: Display the coefficients and confidence intervals for the correlation between VLC and MP3.

Bootstrap [parameters]

Allowed parameters:

Parameter Description
——– ———–
LISTENERS List of listeners to use in the experiment. To specify multiple listeners, separate them by comma

LISTENER_NAME Name of the listener to use in the experiment. To specify multiple listeners, separate them by comma

RESAMPLING Perform bootstrap resampling on the data set of the original or test parameter to determine the distribution of a given bootstrap variable. Default: blocked (per listener).

System Requirements For Bootstrap:

CPU: Intel® Core™ Duo CPU or better
RAM: Minimum 2GB (6GB for Windows Vista, Windows 7)
HDD: 50GB+
Please note:
Our software is not compatible with Windows 95 or Windows 98.
2. How to download and install the software?
You can download and install it in three easy steps:
1. Download and extract the software files
1.1. Download
You can download the software from the download page on our website.

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