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You can add layers and layer-based text to images in the program; modify and transform selections; draw shapes, lines, and other features; create artwork; and do extensive image cleanup and retouching. You can do almost any image manipulation imaginable in Photoshop using several toolboxes such as the Layers panel and the Filter panel.

Photoshop is a good program to learn because of its comprehensive toolbox of options. The new features in Photoshop CS6, Version 16.0, enable the toolbox to work even better than before.

Check out `` for information about using ImageMagick — a free, open source, command-line image manipulation software — with Photoshop CS6.

Photoshop CS6 has a new ‘Create Photo Map’ feature that enables you to map out images based on a grid system that you define. You can use these coordinates to export or print the image. The tool also enables you to create your own photo maps and map out the highlights and shadows within a particular image.

Getting Started with Photoshop CS6

When you open Photoshop for the first time, you’re prompted to create a new document or open an existing file. If you choose to open an existing image, it defaults to the last image you were working on when you closed Photoshop; that file is then highlighted in the menu of open files. However, this doesn’t apply to Mac users who are used to opening files with the Finder instead of through the Photoshop application. Either way, choosing to create a new document or open an existing file is a simple matter of selecting the desired option from the Open dialog box shown in Figure 2-1.

**Figure 2-1:** Photoshop offers multiple file types as well as multiple ways to open files.

In addition to regular images, Photoshop includes a variety of formats and image types, such as the following:

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format: Compressed picture files to share on the Internet or e-mail

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) format: Compressed files for storing images on a hard drive

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) format: Compressed picture files for sharing over the Internet

BMP (Bitmap File Format) format: Compressed image files for storing images on a hard drive

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format: Image files for sharing over the Internet

Choosing the Image Type


Blank Business Card Template Photoshop Free Download Free [Updated]

**How to use these free video tutorials to learn how to edit images in Photoshop (and in Photoshop Elements)**

1. Download Adobe Photoshop Elements (or Photoshop) and install it

2. We’ll be teaching you how to use Photoshop Elements along with the Photoshop program, it’s almost the same so you can learn easily.

3. Now navigate to your images and images using the following folders

Resize An image using Photoshop Elements

4. First start Photoshop Elements and open the image you want to edit

How to Zoom In and Zoom Out using Photoshop Elements

5. Now, you need to scale the image down

How to use the Zoom Tool

6. We’ll be teaching you how to make the image bigger

How to use the Zoom Tool

How to use the Move Tool

7. You can now resize the image into any size you want

How to use the Resize Tool

8. You can also resize the image into any size you want in Photoshop Elements

9. How to resize the image even more in Photoshop Elements

10. All you need to do now is to get rid of all of the unnecessary items and only leave the contents of the image

How to use the Magic Wand Tool

How to use the Lasso Tool

11. We’ll now be teaching you how to crop out the unwanted parts of the image

How to use the Crop Tool

12. Here, we’re going to make a square out of the image

How to use the Rectangular Selection Tool

13. All you need to do now is to make the image as small as possible

How to use the Pen Tool

14. We’ll use the Clone Stamp Tool to remove the leftover items

How to use the Clone Stamp Tool

15. It’s time to add extra details to the image

How to use the Airbrush Tool

16. Here, we’re going to use a 3D effect to give the image a 3D look

How to use the 3D Tools

17. Here, we’re going to add some extra details to the image

How to use the Refine Edge Tool

18. Let’s add some background colour

How to use the Fill and Stroke Buttons

19. Let’s add some white edges to the image

How to use the Shadow and High

Blank Business Card Template Photoshop Free Download

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