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Figure 1. AutoCAD logo

AutoCAD users create models, lay out floor plans, render 2D views, and design 3D models. A 3D model consists of both graphical and textual data. AutoCAD models can have an interactive, 2D viewport or can be completely immersed in 3D. Other CAD programs, such as CATIA and 3DS Max, also have modeling capability.

Figure 2. AutoCAD users model a 3D model of a corrugated steel shipping container

An AutoCAD project can involve a single document, multiple documents, or an entire building or data center. Multiple documents may contain components of one project or related projects. For example, one AutoCAD project may involve laying out a floor plan, preparing construction drawings, creating 3D and 2D views, and planning site and project management.

A feature called linked files enables AutoCAD users to store multiple sets of drawing elements and attribute data in one file. For example, a user can have an AutoCAD drawing file for a home design and another for a 2D architectural rendering. Another linked file could store multiple views of the building, with each view labeled with a viewpoint description and attribution. The separate linked files can be edited and re-linked.

In AutoCAD, you can easily save your drawing to a common format for emailing to others, posting to a web page, and printing. You can also store your drawing in a non-editable format, such as a DWG or PDF.

Layout Tools

AutoCAD is a layout tool. A layout tool helps you to arrange objects on a drawing page. The most common layout tools are called Browsing, Construction, Text, Dimensioning, and Arranging.

Figure 3. Object tools for locating, naming, selecting, and arranging objects


AutoCAD’s Browsing tool is primarily used to find specific objects in a drawing file.

Figure 4. Browsing is used to find specific objects in a drawing file

One example is finding the curb of an intersection where a street is to be connected. In this example, the curb is a separate entity from the intersection. To find the curb, a user selects the intersection and then clicks on the curb.

In this example, the user locates the curb by using the Browsing tool and identifies the object as a



Early in the product’s development, Autodesk had licensed the AutoCAD technology to the UK-based computer graphics division of Electronic Arts, who were the developers of the original 1990 release. These services included technical support and royalty-free distribution of the AutoCAD software, including the company’s own first-release-of-AutoCAD product, 2D CAD Solutions’ 3D Builder, and the paperless modeler, Dimension. When Autodesk later sold 2D CAD Solutions, it continued to license the design software to Dimension, which then developed AutoCAD as it became increasingly successful. Autodesk later stopped licensing the product to Dimension, but Dimension now licenses AutoCAD as a proprietary product.

Filename format

The filename extension used by AutoCAD is the standard CAD file format with the.dwg extension. For instance, a drawing of the skyscraper Neo, entitled “Neo,” with a scale of 1:25,000 would have the filename extension.dwg and a filename of Neo 1/25000. Most modern file formats include their own proprietary extension, with the.dwg being the de facto standard for CAD/CAM.

Design and modeling

AutoCAD is a parametric CAD system designed to handle parametric modeling and 2D and 3D design of products and buildings. It is available as a standalone software package and as a plug-in to other CAD packages. Unlike most other CAD programs, AutoCAD is optimized for large, complex drawings, which are often as much as 40 times larger than in the US AutoCAD product.

Unlike other CAD programs, AutoCAD allows the viewing of the internal structure of the design model, including its assembly, design intent and parts. It features a BOM, or bill of materials.

AutoCAD can build a parametric model of anything, even machines, and is often used by designers to create the internal structures or assembly details of a design.

Design animation
AutoCAD has an animation feature, which allows users to create computer-animated illustrations of their designs. An animation can be created by running a trace-motion along a path, or animating a 2D shape using other methods, such as key frames. Most of the animation tools in AutoCAD allow the creation of new animation files that link two other files together, or sequences of steps in which one 2D shape can be animated to

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Follow the instructions provided by the software.

The installation and activation process in a step-by-step manner is shown in the following image:


The software is very simple to install and use. There are several documented procedures that can help users to troubleshoot common problems in Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk AutoCAD LT.

Installation problems
The Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT may be installed incorrectly if the following problems occur:

The installation folder is not specified.
The Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT path is not specified.
The user is prompted for license keys that are not valid.

Incorrect installation folder
The user does not specify the installation folder.
The following path is not specified in the registry:

Incorrect installation path
The user does not specify the installation folder.

License key problems
The user is prompted for license keys that are not valid.

The user attempts to activate an old version of Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT without valid license keys.

Old version of Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT
The user attempts to activate the same old version of Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT.

It is not possible to move between Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT versions without activating the new version. If you want to use the old version, you must activate the old version.

When a user moves from one version to the next, the new version is activated. For example, if the new version of Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT is version 2013 and the old version is 2010, then you must activate 2013.

The user attempts to activate a 2012 version of Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT using a license key for a different version of Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT.

Corrupted license keys
The user attempts to activate Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk AutoCAD LT using license

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Edit and annotate multiple drawings in a single session. The editing process is seamless—without requiring you to reload each drawing individually, you can edit everything from the drawing. (video: 1:33 min.)

Add markups and changes to a drawing, even when drawings are part of a master document.

Manage BOM’s and parameters in the BOM editor

Get an up-to-date, visual picture of your project’s status, even when your team members are not on the same site or in the same office.

Improved Access to AutoCAD 2023

Improved Access to AutoCAD 2023

Faster and more reliable AutoCAD for cloud users with a 25% improvement in responsiveness and auto-reload time, and support for Office 365 and G Suite.

Install AutoCAD without requiring an Internet connection.

Set up a fully supported AutoCAD environment on your local PC or Mac with an installed or online subscription. (video: 1:54 min.)

Integrate AutoCAD and Autodesk 360. This allows you to view drawings in 3D in Autodesk 360 and add and edit CAD content on your local PC or Mac. (video: 2:08 min.)

Create a complete product packaging solution with AutoCAD and Autodesk 360.

Install AutoCAD without requiring an Internet connection.

Work with Multiple Rasters

Use four different raster resolution raster tools. (video: 1:13 min.)

Scale and draw your image with precise control and animation, and quickly view them in the drawing. (video: 2:14 min.)

Copy and paste rasters with ease using the Drafts and Draw tools. (video: 2:13 min.)

Simultaneously edit and render rasters in the same drawing, so you can easily view, analyze, and work with multiple rasters in the same drawing.

Additional enhancements and new features

Save, restore, and open up to 200 DWG files at once. (video: 2:42 min.)

New Save, export, and import options for easier backups and sharing of drawings. (video: 1:57 min.)

Select your text format and language for the command line. (video: 1:41 min.)

Check spelling of AutoCAD commands, menus,

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Nvidia GTX 970 4GB or AMD R9 290 4GB
Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11 (recommended)
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